Read This Before Giving Your Dog Melatonin!

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Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that helps with insomnia. It’s fairly effective and has a good safety record.

But does this also hold true for dogs?

Generally, yes!

Animals can be given melatonin, but it should be conservatively dosed and without a certain risky additive. Keep reading to learn all the details…

Can I Give My Dog Melatonin?Dogs Can Take Melatonin

More often than not, it does the trick!

Just be sure to play it safe by getting melatonin that’s been designed for dogs (all safe ingredients).

The thing is…

Some melatonin supplements contain potentially harmful substances. Xylitol, for example, is a toxic artificial sweetener that should be off limits to dogs.

So carefully read the product’s label before attempting to trigger sleepiness!

The Results of a Study

The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) published a study of 5 Beagles given various amounts of melatonin.

Behavior, vitals and urine were examined for excreted concentrations as well as serum levels. 

Based on the results, the following was concluded:

  1. The hormone’s distribution phase is 3.5 hours with a half life of appropriately 5 hours
  2. From a pharmacokinetic standpoint, dogs and humans response the same to melatonin

The above is great news!

However, this does not mean dogs can handle the same amounts of melatonin that people can.

Dog Dosing of Melatonin

Talk with your vet before giving your dog any mood altering drug (especially for sleep medications).

For Reference Only: A typical melatonin dose ranges from 3 to 6 mg given not more than two times daily.

3 milligrams is a sufficient amount for small breeds (body weight of 25 pounds or less). Larger dogs could benefit from as much as 6mg.

Both a trusted melatonin brand as well as proper dosing are key for safety and optimal results.

When It Makes Sense

Compared to conventional sleep aid drugs, melatonin is an excellent choice for dogs.

It’s good for regulating restfulness, but it works well as a canine calming aid and for reducing the effects of separation anxiety.

Some pets have trouble getting sleep due to fear and anxiety. So these symptoms often go hand-in-hand.

Melatonin’s soothing effects will help most dogs to relax and feel less agitated. As a result, they’ll be more likely to sleep soundly.

You may find that melatonin, given in moderate amounts, also helps for thunderstorms or other disruptive loud noises such as fireworks.

What You Can Expect

Melatonin’s effects do not always materialize which can be frustrating. Results vary from dog to dog as it does with people.

When it does work this hormone can last up to 8 hours!

The half -life does not typically begin until long after the dog is fast asleep.

Here is our recommendation:

Give your dog melatonin at around 10:00pm to facilitate restful sleep up to around 6:00am.

Tranquilizer Alternative

There are other ways to handle an agitated dog. Tranquilizers are an option if things are particularity bad.

However, negative side effects include depression and even hallucinations.

OTC melatonin, by comparison, is a much more attractive option though getting your dog a Thundershirt should also be considered. In fact, that would be the safest solution of all.

Puppies And Pregnancies

Pregnant pets and newborn puppies may not be good candidates for Melatonin.

Consult with a trusted vet if these factors apply to your dog because this sleep supplement is not always completely harmless.

Make no mistake: Your dog can overdose on Melatonin.

The Bottom Line

Melatonin is pretty well-tolerated and can help your dog to feel relaxed.

It’s a great sleep aid, but it is also useful for anxiety.

Just be selective when choosing a melatonin product. Xylitol, a known ingredient in supplements, can easily cause your dog harm!

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  1. I have an 18 year old, 5-6 pound Yorkie. He gets Selegiline, Gabapentin, and 8ml of Melatonin (liquid with no Xylitol). The problem is he’s staying up at night again. Can I increase the Melatonin and up to what amount?

  2. I have a Poodle that’s 16 years old. She’s been sleeping on my bed all her life and that’s just fine, but recently she’s been pacing the night away. She sleeps fine during the day. Even when I sleep on the couch she won’t jump. She just won’t settle at all.

    I’m up all night. She has also gotten quite thin because she doesn’t eat much. At night she goes outside and just wanders. I think melatonin would be great. Where do you get it from? Health food store or a pet store?

    1. Sounds like it could be canine senility. I had a dog doing the exact same thing, sleeping during day, up pacing at night. A vet prescribed Selegiline. It helped her return to near normal. It is pricey, but we order from overseas and our vet is great about helping with the prescriptions.

  3. Our vet prescribes Melatonin for my dog who gets motion sickness. Would this be correct?

  4. My dog’s sense of smell is remarkable. What would be the best way to give him melatonin? I would appreciate any help that anyone can give.

    1. To give your dog any pills put some butter on it and insert it through back teeth. They slide right down.

    2. I’ve found that putting some peanut butter on my finger tip, the dog will eat with glee and want more.

  5. I am giving my Border Collie phenobarbital twice a day for seizures. He is sometimes restless during the night. Can I give him the melatonin at night so he can sleep better? He takes one tablet, half in the morning, half at night, (64.80mg total a day). The pheno does make him uncoordinated and he falls.

    1. I had a Shih Tzu who had seizures. I found that 500mg of Taurine daily helped her prevent more seizures.

  6. My dog had a severe case of IMHA. He was taking Melatonin twice a day. He is much better and off all meds but Melatonin because he seems to scratch and chew his paws a lot in the evening. I only give him a once a day, 5mg.

  7. Has anyone ever heard of using melatonin for dogs with Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA)?

    1. My vet just recommended that I give my dog 3mg at bed time. I am on the first day of it. The vet is hoping to bring my dog’s blood platelets up by next week.

  8. What is the best and safest brand of Melatonin? Also, can it be given while my Lurcher is taking Tramadol for his arthritic hind legs?

    1. Hello Jan. Be sure to get low dose melatonin without Xylitol or other additives. We recommend this one.

  9. Be very careful with melatonin. My dog immediately started getting severe nosebleeds afterwards. She’s been off of it for over a week but is still getting them. I can’t wait until it gets out of her system. Melatonin may be natural but has some nasty side effects.

  10. We give our dog liquid Melatonin to combat her fear of thunderstorms, fireworks, etc. We use Finest Nutrition brand, Extra Strength Liquid Melatonin, which has a strength of 5mg per tablespoon. One tablespoon is just under 15cc, so 5mg in 15cc works out to appropriately one milligram per 3cc. She weighs 12 pounds and we usually give her about 3cc.

    She’s receiving roughly 1mg of melatonin per dose. If there’s a severe storm, we can increase her dosage up to as much as 2mg.

    This is a lightly lemon flavored liquid and, after dosing her, she actually wants to lick the rest off of the dosing syringe. It is easier to adjust the dosage using a liquid form and it works much faster than waiting for a pill to go to work. This does not knock her out, but it does calm her down.

    She will interact with us, eat and drink, etc. We have found that this has dramatically improved the quality of our dog’s life. No more hysterics, no more running frantically in circles or running headfirst into the wall.

  11. I have an 8 pound Yorkie that’s about 14-15 years old. A couple months ago she suffered from seizures and was given Phenobarbital and Valium which has helped prevent the seizures. However, starting about 4 weeks ago she has been going around in circles non-stop. Some nights she’ll get very anxious and will circle and pant for hours. Other nights she sleeps through till morning. Will Natrol Liquid Melatonin 1mg work the same as the pill form? What would be the right dosage?

    1. Please take your dog back to the vet for an evaluation. Panting and going in circles for hours is also a sign of a brain tumor.

      1. I had a Chihuahua/Italian Greyhound mix who started doing the same thing. Our vet said it was a form of doggy dementia.

        1. My dog did the same thing. We thought it was pain or dementia. Finally after numerous expensive tests, the vet gave us Xanax and she slept through the night perfectly. So, it was anxiety. I am going to try the melatonin to get her off Xanax. I don’t want you to think your dog is sick when it could just be anxiety.

    2. My Boxer did this for 5 days while he was treated for anxiety, which he did not have! A new vet told me in 3 minutes, based on an x-ray, that he was in pain and had a disc pressing on the nerve in his spinal column.

      My dog had a seizure about 2 weeks before but returned from the vet very normal until the panting and circling.

      I beg you to get another opinion. I had to put my dog down and will never forgive myself. The panting and circling was simply pain and he wasn’t properly treated. Good Luck!

  12. Can I give Nature’s Bounty cherry flavored Melatonin to my dog?

    1. Xylitol is sometimes used in flavored melatonin. It is toxic to dogs.

  13. My 5 year old Frenchton just had her first litter of puppies yesterday and has been a frantic nervous wreck, constantly licking. When she finally comes up for air she can’t breathe. She has literally been panting for over 30 hours, nonstop. All the doctors I’ve talked to tell me this is normal. I have been trying to think of anything I can do to help her relax and I just thought of Melatonin. I looked it up, called the ER vet, and it’s a go. I just gave her 1mg.

    She seems a little more relaxed but that could also be the essential oil I rubbed in her ears 30 minutes ago. Praying this will work so she can get some very much needed rest. We have 5 beautiful and healthy pups and we couldn’t be happier. I’m just hoping mama gets some rest soon!

  14. We tried melatonin on our Bulldog who had been diagnosed with Cushings disease and was losing her fur in patches which were calcified. Melatonin was described as a calming hormone and it helped to the point that her coat came back, albeit a much softer hair than the rest of her coat. But she looked and felt so much better. Our vet was so impressed that he started using it with some of his patients.

    1. How long did it take for the new hair to regrow?

  15. My 4 month old Rat Terrier was spayed yesterday. She was fine due to a pain med that was given before she left. But today, she’s like nothing has happened to her. I am so scared she’s going to bust her stitches. I am going to try Melatonin, 1.5mg, and see if this will help keep her calm. Only for 7 days!

  16. My dog took my 3mg of Melatonin by accident. She is a 24 pound Poodle. Should I be concerned?

    1. It’s not an issue with our 17 year old 8 pound Shih Tzu. We give her 2.5mg nightly. Her 17 year old brother is 25 pounds and he gets 10mg. We’ve given him that dose for the past 5 years.

  17. I have a small Cocker Spaniel that is going to be 10 this year. She has, in the last couple of weeks, began pooping a lot in the house. She doesn’t eat that much but has a lot of poop, though solid. About that time my 5 year old German Shepherd began picking on her and I think perhaps the Cocker is anxious and nervous because this now happens quite often. Since this has started, it was recommended that I give them both this medicine. What are your thoughts? Right now I do not have the finances to take the Cocker to the vet.

  18. We rescued a 7 month old Australian Cattle Dog from the Humane Society. He came in as a stray and spent 2 months in there. He had absolutely no training so he was out of control. I have raised and trained Cattle Dogs my whole life and have actually worked my dogs. I understand the breed and the energy level. I work during the day so the puppy is left with my 11 year old female Heeler. They have a huge backyard and I work him in the evenings.

    The problem is still getting him to settle at night and sleep. He gets up to potty in the night and thinks it’s playtime. My husband gets up at 2:30am and myself at 5:00am. Is it safe to give this guy Melatonin at night to help us all get a little rest until we can get through this stage of training? He is 7 months and 30 pounds.

    1. We adopted a little rescue Chow Chow that was reactive. For the 1st year and a half I gave her Melatonin 6mg in the evenings which seemed to help. This is our second year and I no longer give it to her. An interesting fact that I found out is that Melatonin can stave off dementia in dogs. I would also say that you should check with your vet.

    2. We have a 50 pound Husky who is 13 and takes 2mg of Melatonin every night. Sometimes she sleeps for several hours, but often she wakes every 45 minutes and wants to go out and come back in after an hour. She has often pooped in the house this year, so I have to take her out on demand. Our vet at Boston’s Angel Memorial told us to start at 2mg and go up to 4mg if needed. She does go to bed and sleeps right way after 2mg dosage but wakes later.

  19. I have a 75 pound Boxer who got into a baggie of Melatonin that my girlfriend gave me. I have no idea how many pills were there but probably 15 or so. He ate them about 6 hours ago and seems totally fine. Should I worry? Does anyone know?

    1. I was originally recommended Melatonin by a vet friend of mine to cure my Boxer’s skin disorder. He also said, in low doses, it is great for anxiety and for long car trips. I am sure your dog will be fine. It’s a very mild drug with little or no side effects.

      1. Melatonin is a precursor to serotonin in the brain. Too much serotonin also known as Serotonin Syndrome can lead to coma and even death. The proper dose of melatonin is mild. An overdose is not. I hope Sheri called her vet.

  20. I have a Golden Labrador who has severe allergies to quite a few things and I have to give her vaccine injections every month. The vaccine is made from her blood. She’s been getting this vaccine for the last 5 years but still has itchiness. She’s a senior now and has some major sleep issues at night.

    As a result of her insomnia, the husband and I are only getting 3 hours max of uninterrupted sleep. A recent annual check-up from the vet says she’s extremely healthy and a happy girl. But her waking at 1:00AM and pacing, scratching, drinking, pacing, poking me (I’m her favorite person) is causing us issues and lack of sleep is slowly killing us.

    She’s a rescue dog who had many phobias when we first adopted her, but she has overcome them all and is well behaved and happy. She’s never left home alone, as I’m always with her. Would Melatonin be suitable for her to take and would I just give it to her at night before bed? Thanks in advance for any advice, from a family who is desperate for sleep.

    1. Sounds just like my Black Labrador. I am at my wits end with licking, scratching, pacing at night. Even after a 5 mile walk.

      UPDATE: I gave my dog 3mg of Melatonin with 25mg of Theanine last night and we both slept great.

  21. I have an 11 pound, 11 month Chihuahua/Terrier mix. What helps me give her a bath is this:

    Go into the bathroom (making sure the lighting is not too bright) and let my puppy feel the water with her paw. I slowly put her in the tub. I also give her treats once she is calm.

  22. Small dogs under 35 pounds can safely take 1mg 3 times a day. Medium dogs between 35 and 50 pounds can take 3mg 3 times per day and large dogs, 50 pounds and over, can take 6mg to 9mg 3 times a day. Even though it is safe to give your animal friend Melatonin, always start off with a small dose.

    For example, cut the 1 pill in half for small dogs. If it’s fine then next do a full pill. For medium dogs, 1 and a half if it’s fine then give full dose next time. Same with larger dogs, 2 full pills if it’s fine then continue. You know your pet better then anyone else. Good luck everyone!

  23. My German Shepherd is extremely thunder phobic. How much Melatonin can I give? He is about 85 pounds.

    1. He’s the same weight as my female dog. I give her 2 of the 3mg. You may give it to your dog in a treat form as well.

  24. I have a 60 pound dog who gets anxious at night. During thunderstorms he can’t sleep. We also have a hard time grooming him and cutting his nails. We haven’t cut his nails for a year now because he has attempted to bite us. He is not otherwise aggressive unless he fears something.

    I would like to try Melatonin. I was wondering since it says to give 6mg maximum for a large breed, can I give the 6mg all at once? Also, how many times a day if I give 6mg each time? Does this med create dependency?

  25. Try lavender oil instead. Dilute it in water and spritz the dog, or you can even put a few drops of food-grade lavender into their water dish. Melatonin supplementation can throw off a puppy’s natural sleep cycle and ability to produce and self-regulate their own melatonin.

  26. I have a 12-15 pound Terrier/Yorkie mix, 1 year old. I need to calm her down so I can groom her. How much Melatonin should I give her? If I’m reading the information right, I should give her 1.5mg, but I want to be sure. Can you help me?

  27. Any Melatonin containing Xylitol is extremely deadly and toxic to dogs.

    1. Are you talking about the Natrol brand?

      1. Yes, you should check the labels of anything that you give your dog, even if you know it’s safe, because it could always have a dangerous ingredient.

        1. The Natrol brand (5mg fast dissolve) does contain xylitol. After my dog accidentally ingested one, I tracked down the xylitol content: 250mg. For most dogs, except maybe Chihuahuas, that’s not a toxic dose. Still, this should obviously be avoided.

          If anyone freaks out looking for the answer to this, your dog will probably be okay. The white melatonin tablets by Natrol do not have xylitol, but the purple sugary ones do.

    2. Cody’s vet specifically suggested we get Nature Made Melatonin, 3mg. That’s what Cody is taking each evening and has been doing so for, I think, a couple of months now.

      1. How has the dog been with this? I was looking at the ingredients and it says that one of them should not be taken by dogs, even though it’s found in most dog food.

  28. I have a 15 pound 16 year old Pekingese mix with canine dementia. Will Melatonin help to get him to wind down and sleep through the night? I just bought 3mg Melatonin but haven’t given him one yet.

    1. Hi Jane. Yes, it will likely help to calm him and it’s certainly worth a try. Good luck to you and your dog.

    2. Just give 1.5mg since the dog is old. The liver and kidneys need a lighter dose.

  29. I have an 8 month old Goldendoodle pup who weighs 22 pounds. She goes to sleep around 11pm and wakes up around 4-5am everyday. I would like to give her Melatonin to help her sleep longer and give us a break so we can sleep in until 7am. What dosage is appropriate? Thank you for any suggestions.

    1. I have a 15 pound Peke that’s 15 years old. I give him 3mg each night as prescribed by his vet. However, I’ve had to vary the time I give it to him to find the best time-frame for maximum sleep at night. Before Melatonin, Cody would be awake and hyper half the night. Now both he and myself get some sleep. Good luck with your little 8 month old pup.

  30. My 7 year old German Shepherd keeps waking us at 5am. It’s happened the last 5 weeks for no reason we can see. We all work late shifts so we need to sleep in longer in the mornings. We are with her till 12.30 at night. Will Melatonin make her sleep longer? Can I order online?

  31. I have a 20 pound Pug. She never wants to sleep if my teenage kids are still up on a Friday or Saturday night. She sleeps with my husband and I because she doesn’t like to sleep with anyone else. What dosage would be safe for her to take? I keep 5mg on hand because of my kids.

  32. My 5 year old male Pomeranian lost a lot of his fur and has a skin problem. My vet did a blood test on him and confirmed an imbalance. He was neutered 3 months ago but I’m not seeing much improvement with his fur. Can I give my dog Melatonin?

    1. Two years ago my Pekingese was diagnosed with an autoimmune skin disease called Sebaceous Adenitis. Symptoms were loss of hair, flaky, etc. You might want to Google it. If current treatment is not successful, have your vet check it out. Good luck.

  33. I have a 5 pound Chihuahua and was wondering if 1.5mg of melatonin is too much. Should I give her less?

    1. For a 5 pound Chihuahua, I think I’d check with my vet first. 3mg of Melatonin, once each evening, prescribed by our vet for my dog works but he’s about 10 pounds. Good luck with it.

  34. Last week I gave my Pekingese dog Xanax, prescribed by a vet, and Cody was awake all night with what I describe as anxiety or panic attacks (restless, panting). I’m going to try the Melatonin this evening.

  35. I have a 14 year old Shih Tzu that weighs 11.6 pounds. She gets very stressed when being groomed. The vet prescribed 1/2 of a .25mg of Xanax. The first time I tried it, it seemed to work but today she was still somewhat stressed. I would like to try Melatonin. How much would you recommend I give her?

  36. I have a small dog, around 10 pounds. How much should I give her, per hour, using 1mg of Melatonin pills?

    1. I also have a small dog who weighs 8 to 10 pounds. They say 1.5mg for smaller dogs. I think I will try this. I can not cut my dog’s nails unless he is in a deep sleep. The nails must go! He growls and snaps at me, then wiggles his way out of my arms to chase his tail and bark!

  37. I give my 60 pound Border-Collie mix 5mg of Melatonin. It has helped her be less anxious and has allowed her hot spots to heal. For a short period of time she was also on Allegra to help with her allergies. This dog did very well using Melatonin for anxiety during fireworks this year. It beats having a hung over dog from the Acepromazine. That was too much for her.

  38. Can I safely give melatonin to my senior canine who is on Selegiline, 15mg once daily? She is 14 years old, 34 pounds, and also takes fish oil caps.

  39. My 15 year old Shih Tzu will not sleep at night. She sleeps perfectly fine during the day. She barks, paces, pants, wants up then wants down. If I get up she’s happy, she doesn’t want me to sleep. What can I do?

    1. Anonymous says:

      You will need to crate her during the night. Try next to your bed first. If her fussing keeps you up put her in another room. Make sure to put a blanket over her crate that completely covers it. Playing soft music should also comfort her.

      She sounds like she is anxious at night when you and the rest of the house is quiet. Also increase her walks and playtime during the day so she will be tired at night. The Shih Tzu breed are very much like babies and toddlers plus they are incredibly smart. By changing her routine and crating her at night, it will give her a schedule and safe place.

    2. Google Sundowner’s in dogs.

    3. It seems your dog might have doggie dementia (called Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome, or CDS). It is pretty much the equivalent to Alzheimer’s in humans. Typical symptoms include sleeping a lot during the day and being up at night, sometimes pacing a lot, panting, barking. My 17 year old yorkie has it and it’s very frustrating.

      I have been giving her Valerian extract to help her sleep. It works most times but not always which is why I am going to try Melatonin. Please Google CDS for dogs and see if the symptoms match your dog’s. Good luck!

      1. Hi Dawn, thanks for your response. Yes, Cody does have what they call Cognitive Dysfunction or what I refer to as the K9 version of Human Alzheimer’s. This past Friday evening I started Cody on a 3mg tablet of Melatonin and surprisingly it worked right away, same for last night. I hope this will continue.

        Cody is almost 15 years old now and is also prone to seizures although his seizure meds are doing a good job of preventing them. I’ve read Melatonin is also a good medicine in helping to prevent seizures. So good luck with your Yorkie and again, thanks for your information.

  40. We gave our dog Melatonin and he was definitely sleepier than usual that night, curled up on the couch and under the bed. This was about 1.5 mg (half a 3 mg pill) for a 25 pound wire fox terrier. I’d start small. But then again, it works best the first time because it takes them by surprise.

  41. I was happy to hear that I could give our dog melatonin tablets. She is a Pit Bull and the man that had her was so mean to her. Our family took her seven years ago. She has always been so lovable.

  42. I have a 65 pound Pit bull, 3 years old. He was dumped in a parking lot 2 years ago. He has always had anxiety issues in the car, new surroundings, other large dogs and it continues. Graveling, barking and whining. He is fine with my other dogs. How much melatonin for him?

  43. I have a Lab-mix that’s about three months old. She tries her hardest to scream and bark all night and keep everyone else awake. What would the Melatonin dosage be for her? She’s pretty hefty too, so I don’t want to give her too little.

  44. I have a fearful Aussie. He is afraid of people, anything that touches his back that he can not see. I still can not brush him as he bites at the brush and he is afraid of anything that is not his routine. I was wondering if a trial of Melatonin would help calm him a little so I can work with him more on building his confidence. He weighs 51 pounds.

    By the way, I tried Melatonin with my Border Collie-mix, along with flax lignans for her diabetes and Cushing’s disease. She did so well with these 2 supplements in not having to urinate so often, no more accidents! Also, she seemed better overall until she passed away 6 months later from an internal bleed.

  45. My 18 month old mixed-breed jumped on glass today and lost a lot of blood! I was so traumatized at the vet I didn’t get a chance to ask her about Melatonin and how much to give her to help her sleep tonight.

    She is about 24kg and usually very active, at night also, and seeing as she cant walk I want to give her something to help sleep. I have 5mg tablets. Any suggestions as to dosage? Thanks for your help!

    1. Megan, I would personally cut it in half because around 3mg is the right dose for your size dog. Hopefully she makes a full recovery soon!

  46. Hi everyone. Just learned about Melatonin. I have a Chocolate Lab and she is 7 years young. She shivers with fear when it thunders and she won’t walk outside if it’s raining. Of course, fireworks scare her too! My vet told me to use it.

    She is 100 pounds, in good shape and very active. How much can you give and how often? It sounds like it really works. A previous vet had me give her 1mg of Valium which didn’t seem to work. I’d much rather give her Melatonin.

    I gave her one 3mg this morning. We live in Florida and we have had lots of thunderstorms. She also has high liver numbers and low thyroid. Is there a vitamin for that too? I hate to give her RX drugs. Thanks every one for sharing your stories.

    1. The best medicine for the liver and thyroid is a high-quality grain-free diet, preferably raw prey-model and fluoride-free clean drinking water. By eliminating ingredients a dog would not naturally eat, while ensuring nutrient needs are met, you allow a dogs’ system to cleanse and rebalance itself.

    2. We give our 55 pound Husky 2mg of Melatonin every night at a vet’s suggestion. She sleeps for several hours. The vet says to go up to 4mg if needed at her weight. I hope this helps.

  47. We have a 6 year old shelter male dog. He was severely treated for the first 4 years of his life. He will not let us cut his nails and they are quite long and I am sure uncomfortable. I want something natural to relax him so we can cut them. We tried Benadryl and I am surprised we did not kill him. We were told the wrong amount to give him.

    He weighs 75 pounds and we gave him 36 pills. Did not faze him. We have had him for 2 years and just now finally got him into a bath. A vet is strictly out of the question. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Catherine says:

      A friend of mine has a very anxious Golden Retriever with the same nail cutting issue. They started taking her to a local fenced in tennis court to play fetch, which she loves, because running and walking on the cement wears down her nails naturally.

      It also makes the quick recede so that when they do manage to clip a tiny bit off her nails, it doesn’t bleed. They have started holding a super desirable treat in front of her nose and just letting her lick and nibble at it, while they clip a tiny bit off the nails of just one foot.

      Then they let her relax and do a second foot the next day, the third the next day, and the fourth on the fourth day. Then they wait until the next week and do it again. They’ve been doing it this way for about two years, and between the two techniques, her nails have been manageable. Hope that helps.

      If you give them Melatonin about a half hour to an hour before the nail clipping, that also helps a lot. They switched to this about 6 months ago instead of giving 5mg of Acepromazine before the clipping effort, and they told me it works pretty well, is a lot cheaper, and they don’t worry about side effects.

      1. Thanks for sharing that information and personal story, your friends, with the community here. It seems Melatonin really helped in that situation. I hope that golden retriever is doing well!

  48. I have been giving my Jack Russell 3mg about an hour before bed time to help with sleeping. Like a previous poster, I may try adding 1-2 more doses during the day. She has already destroyed a chair and sofa. She is just over a year old so I figure we have another year of puppy chewing. She is otherwise a sweet girl and very intelligent.

  49. Cautiouseyes says:

    Giving our German Short Hair some Melatonin has a calming effect on him and has just about stopped all the whining. This was recommended by our vet, because our dog has such anxiety issues each time we get in the car.

    1. Thank you so very much for all your replies. This has helped tremendously. People were using starburst fireworks which are illegal here for private use and a danger to anyone without a license. It sent our GSD into a panic all night. Neither my husband nor I have gotten any sleep. The other dogs are trying to help her, but she refuses.

      She has found solace in our office, while I write this, but the minute I get up she’ll return to her panic. My husband will find a place that will sell the Nature Made kind, so that she doesn’t become fearful of sleeping and the dark.

  50. Thank you for this information. I have a 13 year old Maltese who suddenly developed anxiety issues. I have used the Thunder Shirt for one day, and it’s amazing, but he seems to need additional help. I feel confident in administering the Melatonin to him now.

  51. We wish we would have known this years ago! It would have given us a really good chance of saving not 1, not 2 but literally 14 couches. But that dog was worth it! We lost him way too early and our lives are not the same.

    Deuce had some serious separation anxiety going on and it truly was hard to handle. I’m sure many of you understand that frustration.

    This evening we are giving melatonin to our old mama dog. She has pain and sleep issues in her old age. I try to keep her comfy as I can until we have her returned to the earth, which will be soon as I refuse to allow her to suffer beyond the help of simple OTC meds!

  52. Dog Lover says:

    Thanks for the information. We are taking care of a friend’s dog and he stays up all night. My children have melatonin prescribed plus myself. I would assume, melatonin being a natural substance which we ourselves produce, that it would be the same for all mammals.

    1. Anonymous says:

      From what I understand from my vet, you have to be careful with human medications because dogs metabolize differently then we do. But she said Melatonin is okay to give.

      1. I totally agree with this comment. Many people give human medications to their dogs without a full understanding of the effects and how they differ compared to humans.

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