The Truth About Giving Your Dog Chamomile Tea!

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Are you wondering if chamomile tea is safe for your dog? Is there any reason why this herbal tea is off limits?

After all…

It is tempting to share considering that chamomile is a natural muscle relaxer, antioxidant, sleep aid, anxiety reducer, gentle astringent as well as an anti-inflammatory for skin outbreaks.

Can I Give My Dog Chamomile Tea?Well, we have good news!

In moderation, chamomile is not dangerous for dogs. In fact, your best buddy may benefit from having a bit.

Your Dog Can Have Small Amounts of Chamomile Tea

It is increasingly being used as a pet calming aid (in supplement form).

Provide Chamomile tea as long as your dog is not allergic to ragweed, chrysanthemum flowers or other Compositae (Asteraceae) flowering plants.

Data is lacking for dogs, but we know that only a low percentage of humans are allergic to chamomile. It is not a common allergen.

Good Uses For Dogs

Chamomile, also known as Matricaria recutita, tends to calm the digestive system and relieve spasms and gas. This tea may help to alleviate your dog’s belly ache.

It is also suitable for dogs who vomit upon getting too excited or after eating.

Brew a tea bag or about a tbsp of chamomile flowers in 1 c of boiling water for 15 minutes. But, when using loose tea, be sure to strain it. Once it’s done brewing, add another cup of water so it is not too strong.

Either use a medicine syringe to administer it orally or chill it and place it in your pooch’s water bowl.

When using a syringe, you will want to use approximately 1/4 tsp for every 30 pounds that your dog weighs and repeat every couple hours.

Spray And Eye Drops

If your pup has itchy or irritated skin, put chilled chamomile tea in a spray bottle to cool, comfort, and kill any bacteria or yeast that may be present. When using a spray, your dog should get relief immediately. Put any leftover spray in the refrigerator to keep it cold.

Create doggie eye drops for those who have conjunctivitis, AKA pink eye, from allergies, irritants or infection.

First, pour the tea in a coffee filter to strain it. Use a saline contact lens solution to water it down by using 1 part chamomile tea to 3 parts sterile saline solution.

Apply to the eyes with a medicine dropper two to three times daily until the swelling and/or irritation is gone.

Warm or Cool Compress

When a spray doesn’t seem to give them enough relief, a warm tea bag compress is an alternative for minor infections.

Use a warm chamomile tea bag that has been soaked in boiling water and apply it to the affected areas. This can be used on your dog’s eyes or skin.

For skin that is irritated due to allergies or flea bites, use a cool compress rather than warm. You can also soak the affected areas so they are fully saturated.

The Bottom Line

You can give your dog chamomile tea. It can help in many ways.

It is a great natural remedy in a number of areas. You and your dog can relax and unwind together with a moderate amount of chamomile.

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36 thoughts on “The Truth About Giving Your Dog Chamomile Tea!”

  1. Does it matter which brand of chamomile tea is used? Is it OK on a daily basis? Is it better to put in water and then in food or just straight onto their food? Thanks in advance!

  2. I have 2 Pit Bulls that get severe rashes and swelling from summer allergies. They are on meds (from their vet) but they are still miserable.

    So, I tried Camille tea in a spray bottle topically. It worked like a charm, the rashes are gone and the red is pink and the swelling is way down as well. They aren’t as cranky and not scratching nearly as much.

    It’s hard to believe something so simple can work so much better then the doc’s meds. I came here to see if the dogs can drink it too (to help get through wild thunderstorms). Though they’re the world’s most feared dogs, they are also the world’s most scared dogs!

  3. I have a 17 year old Shih Tzu that wines a lot. I think he is in pain. Can chamomile tea help him? He is up sometimes at night because he can not get comfortable. He wines in the day time.

    I just need something to clam him down. He had stroke in December and when he walks he does not walk state anymore. His head is turned to the right. I just need something that will help him.

    When he is on my lap he is okay. When I get up to do something he will whine. How can I help?

    1. Spaniel Boy says:

      17 years old and may be in pain and suffering? Have you spoken to veterinarian? I think that is a better course of action than experimenting.

    2. Definitely see your vet. I have my dog on CBD which helps for pain (when his Lyme disease flares up). It also calms him and his sleep is more relaxed. But I will also be trying out this tea. I drink it myself and have plenty of loose chamomile. Natural remedies are what I look for.

  4. I am glad to hear chamomile tea is not toxic to dogs. When I drink it in the evenings my Chihuahua always wants to put her head in my cup to have some. Now I can share my tea with her.

  5. My dog gets very aggressive before she visits the vet. Will chamomile tea help calm her down?

    1. I have a very anxious Yorkie. She doesn’t get aggressive, but she will not let me do any grooming. It makes it very difficult sometimes. I recently purchased some CBD oil with chamomile and it worked like a charm. She was total chill with bathing and grooming and relaxed the rest of the evening.

  6. I’m interested in trying this with my 60 pound Boxer but I want to understand dosage amount a little better. In the article, it says 1/4 teaspoon based on 30 pounds? Someone in the comments section said they gave a cup?

  7. Anne Marie says:

    I would like to know whether chamomile tea will help for my two bitches that suddenly start fighting with each other. Can it possibly help to calm them down?

    1. No, it will not. I know this because I asked my vet if it would help any. If they are not spayed, they will fight over who is an Alpha Female. You might want to ask your vet what would help them calm down, if they aren’t spayed. Good luck.

  8. Mary Rose says:

    My Lhasapoo chews his paws continually. I think he may have a yeast infection in-between his paws. Will this tea help him? He also has a lot of allergies, like grass and some foods. I would like to try the tea, maybe on my daughter who has stomach issues too.

  9. Chamomile works very well for anxiety, gas and the slightly nervous dog. I use 1 teabag. I open it and add it to their food.

    1. So you put the tea grinds in with their food? I heard someone say that they actually soak dog food in it. Would that work?

  10. My Jack Russell is getting better after receiving chamomile diluted and added to food. He has had it three times today and seems lot better. He’s stopped pacing.

  11. Just tried chamomile tea and my Jack Russell is pacing about, tail down. He’s now laid down after mixing tea with his food after it cooled.

  12. My dog keeps getting kennel cough. Can you please tell me which tea is the best to give my dog?

    1. I believe they have a vaccine for kennel cough and it’s well worth the money.

      1. The vaccine is like a flu shot to humans. It doesn’t fully prevent it, but helps to shorten recovery time and limits the strength of the virus should they catch it.

    2. Try lemon juice, echinacea liquid and honey with warm water. I have 2 dogs so I make 200ml warm water, 1 tablespoon of honey, 4 drops of echinacea and a tablespoon of lemon juice. Mix it together in a jug and give to dogs.

  13. Be careful, chamomile is poisonous to dogs. Look it up.

    1. Our dog was either scared or bit by something in our backyard. She yelped like she was being eaten by coyotes and peed all over. We saw on the internet about putting chamomile tea in food and we tried it.

      Within minutes she stopped walking around in circles and pacing back and forth. Within 2 days she was back to normal. Camomile tea is not poisonous to dogs unless, I assume, you’re giving it in gargantuan amounts.

    2. Marco, I have found that not to be true. As long as you dilute it, half tea and half water, it shouldn’t be a problem.

    3. Only according to the ASPCA and I don’t trust them when it comes to medical issues with dogs. They recommend pharmaceuticals way too much. According to every other source that came up when I searched for this, and according to my vet, chamomile is not toxic to dogs.

  14. I wonder if anyone can help me. My dog, Coco Cavoodle, gets really anxious when I leave him and stresses out. He also hates me leaving him when he goes to be trimmed. I was looking for something to calm him and came across calm drops. Do these work? I also read about the Chamomile tea and will definitely give this a go.

  15. I looked this up because usually humans drink tea if they have anxiety. Will it work for my dog’s anxiety? It’s really bad.

    1. Nutricalm, it’s great and a vet can get it for you. Google it.

    2. Keep him in a caring, loving and non-stressful environment and away from potentially dangerous or aggressive dogs and the anxiety will go away eventually.

    3. Jessica, I can only go by experience. We gave our dog Chamomile tea, 2 times a day for 4 days because of the experience I noted above. She is sleeping calmly, next to me, as I write this and has virtually no side effects. She is now playing as she normally did. I hope this helps and please let me know.

  16. Christine says:

    My one year old dog is hyperactive and will frequently destroy our house when left alone for even just 20 minutes. A friend suggested we give him a bowl of cold chamomile tea an hour before we leave. We did so today and were amazed at the change. He seemed more relaxed and the house was exactly as we left it.

    1. Hi Christine. Fantastic! Hopefully others struggling with the same dog behavioral problems will find your comment and have similar success. Thank you for sharing your firsthand info on chamomile tea.

    2. Did you dilute it with water?

      1. Christine says:

        Yeah Shannon, just make it up like you were making a cup of tea, but make sure you let it cool down enough.

        1. Thank you for stating how you made the tea for your dog. I have been reading various articles on chamomile tea to help calm my dog and this is the first to say how much was given.

          I have a Bernese Mountain dog that is dealing with separation anxiety at night and has always had issues with thunderstorms/fireworks. I currently have a cup chilling. I just hope he’ll actually drink it or eat his soaked food!

    3. Hi Christine. Consider putting your dog in a kennel when you leave your house to go to the store or pick up your kids from school. The kennel is your dog’s safe place.

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