Can I Give My Dog Onions?

Can I Give My Dog Onions?Most people know that dogs shouldn’t even get near onions. It’s common knowledge, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing more to learn. This is an important topic. Keep reading!

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This vegetable is pungent and potentially poisonous for a pet pooch. It’s true onions are often toxic for dogs, but do you know why? We’ll dig into details concerning canine consumption.

This veggie ranks among the worst foods you can feed to a dog. Onions are certainly off-limits. You still need to learn about symptoms, and what to do if Fido feasts on this food.

Can I Give My Dog Onions? Answer: No Way!

Your buddy’s immune system could be seriously harmed.

Onions are basically poison for dogs. A tiny amount probably won’t do harm, but don’t chance it. Your dog could suffer quite a bit from innocently eating some onion. In fact, it may be deadly. Never allow a dog even a taste an onion.

It doesn’t matter how you serve them. Cooked or raw, they’re off limits. Even onion powder is bad.

Onions are a Canine Killer

It’s concerning that such a common vegetable has the potential to be so deadly for pets. Onions rank up there with grapes, raisins and chocolate in terms of toxicity for dogs.

Table scraps is how Fido will usually come into contact with onions. It’s difficult to know how much will do serious harm. Let’s not find out. We do know onions can cause Hemolytic Anemia which can be fatal.

Thiosulphate is in onions. It’s toxic and can destroy your dog’s red blood cells. These cells deliver oxygen to the organs, including the brain. The liver is particularly vulnerable in a canine case of Heinz Body Anemia.

Symptoms or Lack Thereof

You may not see effects after a dog eats onions. Days could go by before a loss of appetite and/or lethargy is noticed. Those are classic signs.

Higher amounts of onion consumption may bring vomiting, diarrhea, paleness, increased heart rate, urine color change, heavy breathing, abdominal pain and yellowing of gums, eyes or skin.

Small dogs are at increased risk of onion toxicity. Larger breeds may better tolerate such a mishap. No dogs should consume this vegetable.

Onion Pet Poisoning Plan

Some form of detoxification is advised, if you catch onion poisoning early on. Unfortunately, due to a lack of early symptoms, it’s possible a dog would need costly blood transfusions or oxygen therapy.

Onion-poisoned dogs require specialized care. Close monitoring for signs of anemia is an aspect of that. Vets are required for such serious situations. Treatment at home, for onion poisoning, is not possible.

Other Foods in the Family

Garlic, leeks, shallots and chives all belong to the same Allium family. They usually aren’t as harmful as onions. Most, however, should still be avoided when it comes to your beloved dog.

Conclusion on Onions

Never give a dog an onion. Even recipes containing this veggie are a no-no. Many dogs have died from eating onions. Get a vet’s help if you suspect your dog has consumed more than a small amount. Fido may need detox treatment because this food is very poisonous. Prevent a tragedy by keeping onions away from the family dog.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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