Can I Give My Dog Onions?

Can I Give My Dog Onions?Most people know that onions should not be given to dogs. Though it may be fairly common knowledge, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to learn regarding this important topic.

The danger is in the details. Onions can be toxic for dogs but most people don’t actually know why. Get ready to read about all the reasons against canine consumption of this popularly pungent vegetable.

This veggie ranks up there among the worst foods you can feed to a pet dog. That’s also why you should be familiar with the potential consequences and symptoms when it comes to onions.

Can I Give My Dog Onions? Answer: No Way!

Your best buddy’s immune system could be seriously harmed.

Onions are basically poison for dogs, though a tiny amount probably won’t do harm. But, make no mistake about it, your pet could suffer greatly after eating just a regular onion serving. Since it can be so deadly, never allow your dog to even get close enough to taste any. Onions along with garlic, leeks, shallots and chives belong to the Allium family and most should be avoided when it comes to dogs.

Regardless of variety or how you serve onions, cooked or raw, they are off limits. Even onion powder is a no-no!

Onions are a Canine Killer

It’s troublesome that such a common vegetable can be so deadly for pets. Serving table scraps is the most common way dogs come into contact with onions. They rank up there with grapes, raisins and chocolate in terms of toxicity for dogs. It’s difficult to know how much can cause serious danger but let’s not find out.

We do know that onions can cause condition known as Hemolytic Anemia which can be fatal, not to mention expensive to treat. The toxic elements of an onion, specifically Thiosulphate, can destroy your dog’s red blood cells. These important cells deliver oxygen to the organs as well as the brain.

The liver is particularly vulnerable in a canine case of Heinz Body Anemia.

Symptoms or Lack Thereof

You may not see effects after your dog eats some onions. Days could go by at which time you may notice a loss of appetite and lethargy. Higher amounts of onion consumption may cause noticeable symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, a pale appearance, increased heart rate, a change in urine color, heavy breathing, abdominal pain and/or yellowing of the gums, eyes or skin.

As frustrating as it is, these can also show up as onion poisoning signs only days later. If your dog is small then they are at an increased risk of reacting badly to an onion. Larger and heavier breeds may be able to better tolerate such a mishap, but no dogs should be allowed to consume any!

An Onion Pet Poisoning Plan

If you are lucky enough to catch onion poisoning early then your dog may need some form of detoxification. Unfortunately, due to the lack of early symptoms, it’s quite possible they may require costly blood transfusions or oxygen therapy.

In any case, onion poisoned dogs need specialized care and then close monitoring for signs that their anemia is under control. By all means, reach out to your vet if you are dealing with such a serious situation. Do not treat your dog at home because you cannot manage it! Only a veterinarian can help with onion poisoning.

Conclusion on Onions

Never give your dog onions, either as an ingredient or in pure form. Lots of pets have died from eating this food. Visit a vet as soon as possible if you suspect that your dog has consumed more than a small amount of onions. While your pet may be fine, they will do some testing and possibly detox treatment. Prevent a tragedy by keeping your onion supply away from the family dog!

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Nemo May, 2016

My mother had a dog in Mexico and he was fed onions and garlic daily. He lived 14 years. She said everyone did this. There was no special dog food, they just ate leftovers including garlic and onions.


James May, 2016

These foods are not guaranteed to kill and many dogs are immune. Nevertheless, providing certain human foods is negligent and risky.


Yolande March, 2016

Our beautiful dog Sailor died after eating most of a box of dried onion soup. We did not check because he had eaten a bag of Godiva chocolate with no effects. Over five years of being with us, there were several other things he had eaten not suitable for dogs. We did not know about the poisonous effect of onions.

It was the first time we did not call or rush him to our vet. Sailor did not show any signs that night. The next morning he went to the dog park, played and ran around. At 4:00pm in the afternoon he died suddenly, after having a bowel movement.

Now I share this fact about onions with everyone I know or meet. Very few dog owners, and/or people working at pet stores, are aware of the lethal impact of onions on dogs! We so wish we had known.


Tony March, 2016

To those who have fed your dogs onions with no problems, consider yourself lucky. It’s the same as someone you may know has been smoking all their lives and are healthy as a horse.


Peter October, 2015

My little dog is a Terrier and I have been feeding him household food for years, including onions and garlic. He is 15 now and healthy as a puppy.


Simon September, 2015

We have fed our dog onions on hundreds of occasions. She is a medium size dog and never had any adverse reactions. She’s 10 now and fit as a fiddle.


John February, 2015

I believe so many people are not aware of the simplest things that can kill our dogs. I try to dissuade my family members from giving our dog sour creme and onion Pringles.


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