Read This Before Getting Dinovite For Your Dog!

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Dinovite is an aggressively marketed nutritional supplement for dogs. Do you wonder if it’s really as healthy as we’re led to believe?

It’s time to address this topic!

Can I Give My Dog Dinovite?Dinovite, in effect, is a sort of probiotic for dogs since it contains bacteria and enzymes. An immune system boost, less allergies, improved skin and coat and better digestion are some of the impressive claims.

But here’s the problem:

Lots of dogs owners unfortunately don’t notice any difference, even after giving Dinovite a try for several months.

There Are Better And Cheaper Dinovite Alternatives

Keep reading for more affordable options!

As for Dinovite, their popular powder formulas are really nothing special.

The primary ingredient is ground up flax-seeds, followed by kelp and various yeast cultures. Their liquid version (pictured here) contains lots of fish oil and chicken parts.


Dinovite won’t work miracles, but it could break the budget.

Brand Name Doesn’t Equal Best

To be fair, Dinovite has helped lots of dogs.

You’ll find that most reviews on their website are positive.

But the fact remains that Dinovite’s brand name recognition drives their sales more than anything else. At the end of the day, it’s an overpriced product relative to similarly effective supplements.

Dinovite is Hit or Miss For Dogs

Owners typically go the Dinovite route for frustrating allergies. It may help your dog, but many report mixed results and do not reorder.

Their products do include excellent vitamins, trace minerals, Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. Again though, Dinovite’s price point creates high expectations for dog owners.

Don’t kid yourself! Any animal with a medical problem should be brought to a veterinarian.

Dinovite Does Have Downsides

Be ready to spend top dollar for something you likely won’t be blown away by.

You simply cannot expect Dinovite to fix your dog’s problems despite what the price point suggests.

On the contrary…

There are reported cases of diarrhea. Fussy dogs often don’t like Dinovite’s taste.

The liquid version smells awful (people and dogs agree).

There are many good alternatives if your dog is shedding, itching or is stinky. For joints and general health, there are numerous choices that are cheaper and better than Dinovite.

A Few Top Quality Alternatives

The Missing Link is an excellent option that happens to be much more affordable than Dinovite.

Target your dog’s coat or skin with their Ultimate Skin & Coat Dog Supplement or try the joint health solution called Ultimate Hip, Joint & Coat Dog Supplement.

Our neighbors swear by the latter for their Pug!

Note: Some say Dinovite is fresher than competing supplements, but consider that Missing Link’s products sell like hot cakes!

Three Better Canine Probiotics

To improve your dog’s digestion, look no further than the following rather than high-cost Dinovite:

Veterinary Diets Fortiflora by Purina

Vetri Mega by Vetri-Science Laboratories

Pet Ultimates Probiotics for dogs

These particular probiotics have a proven track record and they won’t break the bank.

The Bottom Line

While Dinovite is beneficial for some dogs, it generally doesn’t measure up in terms of value.

Save yourself an expensive disappointment and, instead, look into the alternatives we’ve recommended.

You may also need to seriously evaluate your dog’s diet. A change for the better could dramatically improve their overall health.

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55 thoughts on “Read This Before Getting Dinovite For Your Dog!”

  1. The only way to truly give your pet a healthy diet is with raw food. My 14 year old Lab had skin issues his entire life. Vet after vet, thousands of dollars later and no relief. I switched him to a raw diet of white fish and salmon with fresh fruits and vegetables and within 4 months he is a new dog.

    His skin has healed and his coat is beautiful. No more scratching and chewing. Just like people, you are what you eat. Both of my dogs are on raw diets and I get comments all the time about how beautiful they are.

    Regarding Missing Link products, I’ve never used them so have no opinion. But you can’t substitute good nutrition just by sprinkling a supplement on bad food regardless of the brand.

    1. Do you buy your fish and salmon at the grocery store? Do they eat chopped up fruits and vegetables? What kind do you feed your pet? My dog is a Weimaraner and will turn 9 this fall.

  2. I tried Dinovite for my Standard Poodles with zero results. In fact, one wouldn’t even touch any food with Dinovite mixed in!

  3. I finally looked into dry and wet pet foods being marketed, some even in vet’s offices (Science Diet for example) and the ingredients are pure garbage. I don’t know why anyone would feed their dog canned or dry food and then add a supplement to make it better? It is like putting good nutrients on top of pig slop.

    That said, I have used Dinovite and added it to either hamburger, ground chicken or turkey along with fish oil, sweet potatoes, and calcium powder. Over-time, I have tried rice and eggs in the recipe but eliminated those due to apparent allergies including yeast issues. Dinovite’s recipe advocates using raw meat, but I cook whatever meat I use.

    My Pug’s coat and skin are dramatically better now. He still scratches, as all dogs do, but not as much, no hot spots, loss of hair. As far as cost, Dinovite does not appear to be more costly than the Missing Link products mentioned here.

    I am interested to know if anyone else has used the Dinovite product in their own recipe for food and what they use, and how Missing Link is used in homemade dog food.

    1. Doctor Jan Wade Gilbert says:

      The best diet provides known and unknown nutrients consistently ie. daily. Knowing which foodstuffs to give your dog presents the same problems as selecting a diet for a person. Fresh and a variety of foods is usually the best approach.

      Nutritional formulations that have been thoroughly tested by science are the kind I would employ for my dog. Fortunately, the science of nutrition for animals (especially farm animals) is more advanced in many ways than the science for people nutrition. A little bit of research will be a wonderful advantage for your dog.

    2. I have made homemade dog food for years and add Dinovite daily. My dogs have the softest coats imaginable. Everyone always comments on their fur. Their CBC results are always excellent as well. I highly recommend Dinovite to all dog owners.

    3. We have used Dinovite in our 3 dog’s food for almost 2 years. The results are impressive. When I make their food I start out with 10 pounds of raw hamburger broken up in a large aluminum pan. I cook 5 cups of white rice with 2 boxes of beef or chicken broth. I spread 4 cups of Dinovite over the hamburger. I crush 18 hard boiled eggs including shells over the hamburger. I microwave 4 sweet potatoes and add them to the pan. I pour one bottle of Lick O Chops or fish oil over the hamburger. I add 5 cups of high quality dry dog food.

      I premix everything by hand while the rice is cooking. When the rice is done I mix everything together by hand like a huge meatloaf. I roll 1 cup balls of food and place 6 each in a 1 gallon zip lock bag and freeze. I can get 7 bags of food doing it this way.

      Since we started the dogs on this diet our Chowpit mix has stopped having hot spots. All 3 dogs are heavy shedders. Scratching is minimal. The 12 year old has started gaining weight and is more energetic. The English Shepherd’s coat has taken on a shinier appearance. The dogs have not been to a vet for any allergies in almost 2 years. We know the product is expensive but the trade off is less vet visits.

    4. I agree about the good results you’ve seen from Dinovite. It does take time and it should. Be cautious of any supplement that works rapidly.

    5. I give my Boston Terrier Dinovite. I only use one scoop in his morning meal; canned soft food and Costco brand hard food added.

  4. I recently heard a radio commercial in which a customer claimed that their dog had three fused vertebrae, and Dinovite healed them. No nutritional supplement can do that for bones that have fused together. The commercial convinced me that Dinovite is a total scam. They are offering pie in the sky claims with no clinical proof.

    1. I hear commercials for Dinovite constantly while radio listening and have never heard such an outrageous claim made. It is a nutritional supplement, not a cure-all for what ails. Evidently that customer, who made the claim, has a hearing problem or is with a competitor of Dinovite.

      1. Doctor Jan Wade Gilbert says:

        I basically agree with you but seemingly miraculous things can happen biologically when nutrients in short supply (or not there at all) are given. Sometimes it’s as if God answered your prayers when the answer was right there; an answer you’ve heard a zillion times:

        “You are what you eat.”
        “Let your medicine be your food and your food be your medicine.”
        “Put junk into your body and what kind of body do you think you will have?”

        The science of human nutrition is probably more common sense than science.

  5. I have a 7 year old Rottweiler and, in recent months, she started making a sound like she’s clearing her throat. Sometimes she throws up. I have taken her to the vet several times where they said she was healthy. She eats very well and is not overweight. She is a high energy girl, not your typical laid back Rottie.

    We tried antibiotics and anti-inflammation meds. No luck. She has always been high strung and recently developed a case of Pyometra that required emergency surgery to save her life. She is even more nervous now and tends to get worked up easily. It was a little while after she recovered from surgery that the throat clearing and gagging started. I should mention that she eats a lot of grass.

    We are now thinking it may be a digestive issue due to a nervous stomach. Maybe acid reflux? I just ordered Dinovite in the hopes that it will help. I recently started giving her ginger and some calming chews. It seems to help a little.

    Has anyone else experienced a similar issue? If so, what have you tried that helped? I am a worried fur baby mom and appreciate any help offered. Thank you!

    1. It may be tracheal collapse. My dog was diagnosed with this condition.

    2. Our dog was a grass eater too and would gag and cough often. Once it was so bad it was as if he couldn’t breath. We tried to clear his throat, nothing. We rushed him to the emergency vet. X-rays showed nothing. They sedated and examined him.

      Results of exam – he had an elongated soft palate. Grass in particular gets caught behind it causing him discomfort, but not danger. Surgery is an option, depending on the severity of this condition. We opted not to. He lived a long and happy life.

    3. Hi Bernie. In desert regions, like where I live in AZ, there is a spore in the soil which can become airborne. If a dog breathes that in, it causes a condition called Valley Fever. My dog has it and after 4 vet visits, no one thought to test for it.

      My Weimeraner has a deep cough, he lost weight, his nose was dry, he rolled on his back a lot, and moaned when lying down. Anyway, you may want to rule that out. The test, depending on the vet, is over $100.00, but a dog or a human can die from Valley Fever if left untreated.

      I hope your buddy gets better soon!

  6. We have a 5 year old Mini-Aussie who was scratching and shedding like crazy. The vet saw no serious issue after we took her in. We also have a 13 year old Shih Tzu who had thinning fur and was getting “old lady bumps” and laid around most of the day. I decided to try Dinovite.

    Our dogs are two for two. Luna (The Mini Aussie) has had a beautiful change in the texture of her fur. Her smells went away, and she no longer scratches like she’s crazy. She also sleeps better and overall I find that her energy level is higher. That is what I was hoping for with our 13 year old and saw a great change in our 5 year old.

    Gracie (the Shih Tzu) now has fuller fluffy fur like 5-7 years ago. No more sores or “old lady bumps”. She prances when she walks, what some people would say she has a “spring in her step” again. I also notice that Gracie sleeps better and seems to have gone backwards in age by a few years. Her fur is so soft, like puppy fur, and she loves to have it combed out every night like when she was younger.

    I have nothing but positive things to say about the changes I have seen. If that changes I will be sure to come back and note that as well. I bought Dinovite thinking it was going to be a waste of money but I love my dogs so much that it was worth a try.

  7. I have heard the Dinovite radio ads for years. The voices in the testimonials sound the same as those in other marketing campaigns. I think they are paid for doing the ads. I’ve thought about purchasing Dinovite for my 100 pound Lab’s itching and shedding, but I’m suspicious.

  8. I’ve tried everything, three different vets, diet etc. Then I thought I’d check out Dinovite, but it sounds like the results are mixed. I wish there was a place I could upload a picture where somebody might recognize a similarity with their pooch and make a suggestion.

  9. I have used bulk-form Dinovite for the past year with no problems. I stopped using regular dry dog food after doing some research. With a new dog I wanted to start him off right and since he’s small it makes it more affordable and easier to do. We use fresh organic dog food, in five pound tubes, and add in boiled eggs, rice and fish oil along with 80/20 ground meat.

    My dog is a very small Maltese, but we make it in bulk that lasts him months. 10 pounds of the fresh dog food, 5 pounds ground beef lightly cooked. The dog does not a seem to be a huge fan of Dinovites flavor, all though to be fair, it may be more the fish oil which is always added to the mixture. But, hey, what kid like their vegetables?

    My dog became accustomed to eating the food with the mixture Dinovites website detailed. I tweaked it some with the organic dog food addition instead of pure beef. He has never had any issues since his digestive system became accustomed to the new food and he has never been sick.

    1. I tried it for a month on my Yorkie. He scratched and dug worse after using it. I called the company and not much luck with their money back guarantee.

      1. I stumbled across this article because I was hoping to find something else. I used to get Dinovite for $75 then they jumped to $90. I went to order another box and to my surprise the cost is now $94.95. Yikes! The product works, but now it is too expensive to justify the cost.

    2. What is the organic fresh food you are feeding your Maltese? I need to get my 3 Chihuahuas on a much higher quality diet. Thank you for any suggestions!

  10. I have a 15 year old white and black Lab. He has arthritis in his ankles and knees, as well as his hips. Dinovite was recommended. However, I don’t see reviews with dog parents referring to their dogs having arthritis. What are your thoughts on Dinovite for arthritis?

    1. Hi Jenny. I’ve used and recommended MSM for many years. It is a miracle worker for dogs, horses and humans with arthritis. It’s inexpensive and available at all feed stores in a crystal form. You’ll want to look for purity, 97% or better.

      MSM can be had in pill form, but I pass on that because heat is not good for MSM. Improvement with the crystal form can be seen within 3 to 5 days provided you’re sprinkling enough on your pet’s food. If you feed too much and you’ll notice a loose stool. If that happens, just sprinkle a bit less.

      Relief and results are fast because human and animal joints drink this stuff up. I’m sure you’ll be happy with what MSM will do for your dog!

    2. CBD is a better option and it is natural.

  11. I’m glad to see that you mentioned Missing Link. Our family believes this is a wonderful product and we highly recommend it. We’ve used the Hip and Joint formula over many years for three different dogs. It has helped keep them healthy, happy and active far into old age.

    The first two dogs, Samantha and Daisy, lived to be 16. Our present dog, Luke, is now 15. He is a 50 pound Golden Retriever mix. We sprinkle a teaspoonful on his food each morning and evening.

    He still enjoys long walks (morning and evening), has a great appetite and a beautiful coat. If Dinovite is such a great product, why do they have to advertise so much?

    We heard about Missing Link through another satisfied user. Now we know many people who use it through our recommendation. I would suggest you try it before paying double for Dinovite.

  12. Coco is a Sheltie and recently started itching. She started flaking off her scalp. If you try to take the flakes off her hair would come out skin real dry. I put alcohol on her and it dried out and would just brush off. She is an indoor dog so don’t know what started her condition. I’m at my whits end.

    1. Christine says:

      I was going crazy with my Standard Poodle having dandruff all the time. She’s now doing great on Dinovite. Also, I have a Lab that has 12-14 puppies at a time and regaining weight has been a long process. Not now! She gets back in shape fast. It’s pricey. I hope they come down in price. I don’t go crazy and have headaches now though.

  13. I have a Corgi mix, mini Australian Sheppard, and he scratched a lot and chewed his paws. Since giving him Dinovite he’s turned into a beautiful dog with a shiny coat and no more scratching.

    I mix it with his food and Omega oil and he loves it. I guess I’m lucky. He’s 23 pounds and I get the medium size. Sorry that it doesn’t work for all dogs but it does mine.

  14. I was skeptical of the heavily edited commercials generated by Dinovite and was convinced I’d never buy it. That was until my neighbor up the street told me what happened to their Boxer. Multiple trips to the vet, for treatment of a severe fungal infection in and around his ear, yielded no results.

    They decided to try Dinovite and within weeks the growths and the stench abated. After I saw that I pulled the trigger on a box of Dinovite. I witnessed very noticeable results that didn’t manifest for about three or four weeks. I honestly couldn’t believe it. His coat (all white English Bully) started to thicken and the smell almost completely abated.

    His always bleary eyes cleared up and were whiter than I’ve ever seen them. I did notice that he didn’t really love it mixed in with his food, so I put small amount of flavoring such as curry powder and or chicken or beef bullion (from a low salt powder form) along with a little olive oil and warm water.

  15. We started our 10 year old Blood Hound on Dinovite hoping it would help with itching and allergic skin conditions. We followed the directions carefully and after reaching the full dose, our dog suddenly became disinterested in food and developed severe, bloody diarrhea.

    After several vet visits, antibiotics, blood tests, diet changes and no improvement we took her off the Dinovite and she improved almost immediately. After a week she is eating normally again and has healthy digestion.

    We could introduce the Dinovite again to test our theory that it made her very sick, but choose not to use her as a guinea pig. We will be seeking the full money back guarantee that Dinovite advertises.

    1. I have a Chow mix that is mixed with Blood Hound. I was wondering if it would work with mine. She itches and it causes infections at times. I tried grain-free food and even used antibiotic pads to rub on her sores. Suggestions?

      1. I don’t know if our dog’s extreme reaction to Dinovite was breed related or not. We certainly had high hopes for Dinovite based on anecdotal reports from other dog owners. The people at Dinovite denied ever having heard of bad reactions to their product.

        They stood by their money back guarantee. But the hundreds of dollars spend trying to diagnose the problem through our vet and our fear that our dog would die were never addressed. Look online for other dog owners who experienced life threatening complications. You won’t find them on their website.

      2. Hi Diana. Whatever you try in the way of food, also try washing and double-rinsing her bedding in a liquid-free and clear-type laundry detergent. Doing so totally got rid of our Australian Shepherd’s itching. Also, a vet told me that even one flea bite can cause a reaction in a dog with flea allergies. Because of that I use Advantage II starting about 2 weeks before flea season and until it’s over. I hope this helps.

  16. I have had my 5 year old German Shepherd on Dinovite for the last three months for yeast problems. I followed the directions to a tee and noticed absolutely no difference whatsoever. In fact, it seemed she was getting worse after maybe a month into it. I figured it was toxins being released, like Dinovite said may happen.

    I had researched yeast problems before trying Dinovite, so she was already on a good quality grain-free food called Canidae. I had also switched all her treats to meaty and grain-free. I probably won’t try getting my money back as I’m sure they will try dragging things out by suggesting a raw diet, etc.

    I will not be ordering any more Dinovite, and am very disappointed since I thought this was really going to be the answer.

    1. Hi Kathy. What do you currently give your dog for yeast? My 5 year old Bulldog has severe allergies and also takes prescription meds for yeast. He still licks his paws. I need a solution.

      1. My little 10 year old dog has bad allergies and yeast too. The vets where I live are idiots and only care about money. My dogs chest and feet were almost hairless!

        I tried feeding him boiled chicken breast meat with green beans mixed with Iams proactive dog food for a few months. Also tried a few other things along with medicated dog shampoo and meds from the vet which also didn’t work.

        He’s finally starting to improve and almost has all his hair back. What’s working for him is a no grain freshwater fish and vegetables dry dog food with a few little grain-free dog treats thrown on top or a little chicken just because he’s picky.

      2. I know humans can take oregano oil for a candida (yeast) infection, but it might harm dogs. I’d contact vets who also do naturopathic medicine and see if there’s anything they can suggest. Sometimes you find answers in unexpected places. You might also ask if some kind of yogurt or probiotic would be good to aid in healing the gut after you get rid of the yeast infections.

    2. My dog licked and bit her feet and they turned a dark brownish color. I switched her to Science Diet’s formula for skin and digestive health and it completely went away.

  17. My three large dogs just finished the 29 pound box of Dinovite. I followed the instructions, provided by the company, to the letter. My dogs all experienced severe diarrhea and loose stools, horrible flatulence, bloating, severe itching and dandruff. Their breath and coat began to smell horribly. I dismissed this as their bodies purging toxins.

    They all seem to have stiff joints now. None of them are on any medication. I contacted the company and they responded via email with a generic form letter. It was apparent they didn’t read my detailed inquiry. I called them out on that as being disingenuous and I didn’t hear back.

    I was giving my dogs raw or lightly cooked chop meat with two scoops Dinovite. I used warm water for mixing as well as fish oil. They also received hard boiled eggs with shells and lightly cooked green vegetables. My dogs seemed to like this diet, always cleaning their bowls.

    One of my dog’s once had a beautiful coat and now he smells horrible, has dandruff and sheds profusely. He rarely itched and now he’s always scratching. He’s tired and his joints are stiff. My other two dogs have prolific shedding that never ends. My older Shepherd’s arthritis has gotten much worse. Her shedding is worse but her breath is okay, coat smells fine.

    My female Rotty’s breath has become intolerable and her back teeth are coated with thick, brown tartar. Her arthritis is worse and her coat is very poor. Neither of my three dogs had bad breath and only typical seasonal shedding. They’ve also gained significant weight since I added Dinovite.

    They’ve always been on a raw or non-commercial diet. I’m not going to go back to Dinovite again. I really wanted it to work. My girlfriend thought I was crazy after witnessing my 90 day daily routine but my dogs are worth it to me.

    If anyone has an answer or just some sound advice for my older dogs (two are almost 13 and one is 10), I’d be interested to hear from you. I’ve been feeding my dogs raw or home-cooked meals for 13 years.

    1. Stop feeding them what you think is best and go with the vet’s recommendations. My vet goes with Hill’s Science Diet but yours may suggest another. Also, brush their teeth for overall health. Check if they need thyroid pills too.

      1. I’ve heard that veterinarians get very limited training in nutrition.

        When our Pug had allergies I saw a big difference with Wellness Simple, a limited ingredient dog food. He went from scratching himself raw, and wearing a coat to protect his skin, to not scratching. The vet had recommended Hill’s z/d. It was more expensive than Wellness Simple, but did nothing to alleviate the issues.

        I recently ordered liquid Dinovite to help my 1 year old Pug with loose stools, but it’s gotten worse in the past 2 days. I’m not sure where to go from here.

  18. First of all let me say that if it is for my dog, nothing is too expensive. I think people are not giving Dinovite time to work. I give my dog less than the directions say because it looks like a lot.

    After about 3 weeks her skin cleared up and her coat looks much better and now I only bath her every 2 weeks, instead of every 4 days. The box lasts about 6 months so the price is not a problem.

  19. Our dog had some major allergies. I tried Dinovite but it didn’t help. I finally turned to a Chinese doctor to find out what he was allergic to. Turns out it was our well water and several other things, one of which was the Dinovite. I’ve stopped using it.

  20. I have heard the ads on the radio for the Dinovite product which in the course of investigation led me here. There is no doubt that Dinovite can be effective for some. Thanks for the information.

  21. My Golden Retriever has had horrible sores under his belly as well as scaring and many hot spots. We went to many vets and tried all kinds of meds including fish oil. His food was also changed. Nothing worked until I found Dinovite. After one month, I saw a change and decided to get another box.

    2 boxes later my dog now has hair growing where there used to be scars and his hair is so shiny and soft. My vet was totally impressed. I love this stuff, just ordered a 3rd box yesterday.

    1. Renee, this sounds exactly like my Golden’s problem. She’s developed what looks like a big sore with a white pussy top. Sometimes they stay at just a red bump. It seems to be staying on her belly to lower chest. Does this sound familiar?

      I’ve been researching and haven’t found anything that resembles it. My vet has only designated it as an allergy. Any details would be appreciated.

    2. I too have a 5 year old Golden and he frequently gets ear infections due to yeast. I am hoping Dinovite helps this. He is now pooping 4 times daily (firm and healthy), his coat is softer and shinier. He has only been on it for almost a month. Waiting to see if it helps stop his ear infections. I think he is also losing weight.

  22. We ordered Dinovite as well and were surprised it came in a box with an inexpensive clear plastic twist-tie bag. If you’ve ever cut an apple and left it out, you know what it looks like when the apple turns brown. Oxygen quickly breaks down the Omegas which is why Missing Link comes in a foil lined, oxygen barrier bag that’s flushed with Nitrogen to remove the oxygen.

    Also, flax found in Dinovite has the good stuff removed from it, for the most part. What is left has been exposed to oxygen for long periods of time. The Missing Link tests the seeds for nutrition before they are ground up and put into the formula.

    Finally, you can rate Dinovite by the nutrient claims they don’t put on their box. We were amazed that a product so highly advertised does not have more to it. Perhaps most of the money goes to advertising and they have little left for packaging or ingredients.

    Missing Link has 6 US patents including those beneficial for skin and coat, joint health and feline hairballs which are all proven. In fact, over 60 different improvements in health were measured. I’ll get off my soapbox now!

    1. Sir, no offense but that sounded like a cry for attention. While I have no doubt your product is good, attempts like this to get recognition are shallow and do not highlight your product like you want them to.

      Even if your accusations are true, it seems like you are doing nothing more than trying to discredit a competitor’s name on a personal basis.

      1. Ken primarily stated the facts as to the difference between like ingredients used for both products as well as packaging issues. However, the comment regarding how Dinovite’s money is spent would have been better left unsaid. It’s speculative, unfounded and undermines the integrity of the company. Viewers look at reviews for informative facts in order to best understand a product.

      2. It didn’t sound that way to me. What was mentioned was exactly correct regarding the oxidation and loss of nutrient quality, etc. Actually, I would take it as good advice.

  23. Good info. However, it seems like it couldn’t hurt to try since DinoVite offers a money-back guarantee.

    1. You do not get reimbursed on processing and handling and you must pay for the return of your order. This is before they consider the so-called money-back guarantee. I suggest you find out what your shipping and handling fees will be and then consider if the guarantee is worth the electrons it’s written in.

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