The Truth About Putting Down Your Dog (With Euthanasia Options)

Canines are living longer these days and often times old age means suffering. The reality is people put down their dogs every day and for good reason. While it’s not pleasant to talk about, many owners search for a painless Read More …

Read This Before Feeding Your Dog Nightshade Foods!

Can Dogs Eat Nightshades?

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What Dog Owners Should Know About Activated Charcoal!

Can Dogs be Given Activated Charcoal?

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The Terrible Truth About Feeding Your Dog Onions!

Can Dogs Eat Onion?

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Can Dogs Take Xanax?

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How Dangerous is Tylenol For Dogs?

Can Dogs Take Tylenol?

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Is Hydrogen Peroxide Safe For Dog Use? Best Advice!

Can Hydrogen Peroxide be Used on Dogs?

Hydrogen peroxide is a quick way to induce your dog to vomit. But is it safe? And if so, what is an appropriate dose? First thing’s first: Hydrogen peroxide reliably purges the stomach. It is fairly safe in lower concentrations Read More …