Is Hydrogen Peroxide Safe For Dog Use? Best Advice!

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Hydrogen peroxide is a quick way to induce your dog to vomit.

But is it safe? And if so, what is an appropriate dose?

Can I Give My Dog Hydrogen Peroxide?First thing’s first:

Hydrogen peroxide reliably purges the stomach. It is fairly safe in lower concentrations and, yes, it works pretty well for dogs too.

That said, there is no guarantee all toxins will be eliminated — and especially if absorption has occurred.

Further, it can be a bit tricky to give your dog this colorless emetic solution.

There’s a canine syringe kit used for this very purpose. Learn more!

Dogs Can Be Given Hydrogen Peroxide (for poisoning emergencies)

Activated charcoal can also induce vomiting which, of course, can be critically important.

Basic Dog Dosing Information

A rule of thumb is 1 milliliter per pound of your dog’s body weight.

However, for small dogs, a hydrogen peroxide dose of 1ml for every 2 pounds may be sufficient. Larger breeds could require a slightly higher ratio.

Warning: Never exceed 50 milliliters regardless of weight.

The above info is for reference only. A trusted vet should advise you.

One thing is certain:

You can make your job easier with a syringe first-aid kit made specifically for administering hydrogen peroxide to dogs.

The Treatment’s Limitations

It cannot be stressed enough that your dog may need specialized care after throwing-up — even with the help of hydrogen peroxide.

There is no guarantee poisonous substances are eliminated by simply vomiting.

It may be too late for hydrogen peroxide. Something toxic could have already entered the dog’s bloodstream.

Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

Immediately contact your vet if your dog has swallowed anything toxic or poisonous. Hydrogen peroxide can only do so much.

In other words: Play it safe!

Involve a veterinarian when time is critical or if you are unsure.

For example,  you have to be very careful with puppies and smaller breeds. Concentrations of more than 3% could be harmful.

Hydrogen peroxide may not be the best choice, or the only thing needed for a sick dog’s situation.

Giving Hydrogen Peroxide

Are you about to administer an oral dose of hydrogen peroxide?

Get your dog to a place that’ll be easy to clean up. A bathroom, or maybe a laundry room or even outdoors.

Ideally, one person would hold your pet down and provide comfort while another would provide the hydrogen peroxide.

The desired effect can take 1 to 5 minutes. Be patient.

Afterwards, check the mess for toxic substances as best you can.

As a Teeth Cleaning Agent?

Some owners use hydrogen peroxide to clean or otherwise bleach their dog’s teeth. This is not recommended (especially bleaching)!

Remember: Dogs cannot spit out liquids, either this or human mouthwash.

Read about the basics of cleaning your dog’s teeth.

The Bottom Line

Hydrogen peroxide can carefully given to dogs.

This emetic, a chemical compound, effectively induces vomiting for medical emergencies, but never use a concentration of more than 3 percent!

Be sure to provide a dose based on your dog’s weight, without exceeding 50ml.

Keep in mind that hydrogen peroxide cannot always eliminate toxicity. Get your vet’s assistance to ensure your precious pet’s well-being.

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  1. We gave my dog too much hydrogen peroxide. He threw up twice and we got the sock he had swallowed. He can’t keep food down. How can we neutralize the hydrogen peroxide?

  2. My dog has mucus. A few months ago she throw a bunch up and felt much better. She has respiratory congestion. We don’t know how to get her to throw up. I don’t want to hurt her but I don’t want to lose her. Can you help me please?

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