Is Nutmeg a Safe Spice For Dogs?

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Are you wondering if nutmeg is safe for your pet dog?

Thank goodness you’re checking first because this particular spice can actually be very harmful for canines, even fatal.

Can I Give My Dog Nutmeg?Despite being a common ingredient, nutmeg can quickly wreak havoc on your dog’s nervous system.

So this topic isn’t debatable…

Nutmeg is off limits due to a real potential for toxicity.

Do Not Give Your Dog Nutmeg

Be sure to prevent an unnecessary situation that could lead to serious sickness.

How Nutmeg May Affect Your Dog

Feeding nutmeg can bring on nausea, dehydration and general body pain.

Much more serious side effects are as follows:

  • Tremors
  • Seizures
  • Convulsions

And again, with enough toxicity, death is also possible.

Make no mistake about it:

Nutmeg is basically poison for your dog.

Be Familiar With Ingredients

This spice is used in lots of recipes including eggnog, pumpkin pie and numerous others.

Sometimes you don’t know when nutmeg is an ingredient! And, to make matters worse, dogs are often attracted to the unique scent.

Make a serious effort to ensure that even small amounts of nutmeg are out of your dog’s reach!

A Dog Gone Dangerous Spice!

The thing is people actually get high from nutmeg — that should tell you something!

And your dog certainly has a much lower threshold.

Not only should you puppy-proof your kitchen, but immediately call your vet if there is accidental ingestion.

It cannot be stressed enough:

Nutmeg ranks right up there with chocolate in terms of toxicity and its potential to be fatal for dogs.

Why Nutmeg is So Harmful

Not only are hallucinations a possibility if enough is consumed, but a chemical in nutmeg called Myristicin can bring upon seizures.

The point is your dog’s central nervous system would be very vulnerable to some serious problems!

Nutmeg consumption can be a traumatic experience for dogs due to considerable neurotoxicity combined with the potential for hallucinogenic effects.

A Pet Pooch Poisoning Plan

Take it seriously if your animal displays any strange behavior following a nutmeg mishap.

And try, as best you can, to determine how much was consumed if your dog really is suspected of eating this spice.

Closely watch over them for symptoms. You may need to act fast and head to an animal hospital.

While inducing vomiting could help, it is only for experienced pet owners.

Spices For Dogs In General

There are some spices, turmeric being one example, that are okay for dogs — though most are not.

Cinnamon, while not exactly recommended, is not as bad as nutmeg.

The Bottom Line

Never let your dog eat foods that contain nutmeg.

This toxic spice could severely affect your pet’s nervous system.

In fact, nutmeg is so dangerous for dogs that death has occurred in some cases.

Be safe. Keep the household supply locked up!

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6 thoughts on “Is Nutmeg a Safe Spice For Dogs?”

  1. Enzo is my most precious pooch. I am glad I read this before I gave him cookies with nutmeg in them!

  2. I was really surprised to read this article. I’ve had dogs for around 59 years and have always given them a share of my home-made rice puddings, which contain nutmeg, but none of them have ever been ill afterwards. Maybe I’ve been lucky and all my dogs have had cast-iron stomachs!

  3. Safe spices for dogs include saffron, fennel, turmeric and cinnamon.

  4. I didn’t think anything about giving my Border Collie about a cup of my Quinoa pasta tonight, I give her Quinoa from time to time. I had about a half cup left and didn’t think about the sauce mixed with it; it was homemade Alfredo.

    I used cooked garlic and about a 1/2 teaspoon of fresh grated nutmeg in the sauce. When I thought about it, I tried checking online to see just what I may have done. Turns out, it was not a favor!

    I will watch her this evening because it’s after hours for the vet. I’m wondering what I could give her to induce vomiting – or if I should even try to do that. Most concerned, right now.

    1. Go ahead and buy some hydrogen peroxide and mix it in with a little bit of water. Then, let your dog drink it and it should make your dog vomit.

      1. Does your dog get car-sick? Go for a long ride with as many turns and curves as possible. Cover the car seats with a sheet or blanket. It’ll work itself out but might take 30-45 minutes. That’s a safe way to induce vomiting. One must be careful with the peroxide method. Always consult with your vet.

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