Read This Before Giving Your Dog Fritos!

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Crunchy Fritos are certainly delicious, but how about sharing with your dog?

As you’ve likely suspected, it’s not a good idea. 

Can I Give My Dog Fritos?For one, deep-fried Fritos are very high in unhealthy fat (it makes up more than half the calories). A precious pet dog shouldn’t be eating something like that — at least not regularly.

While you won’t see bad effects from feeding a few Fritos, that’s not the point!

Dogs Should Not Eat Fritos

Avoid this processed junk and especially to the point where it turns into a habit.

Forget about using Fritos as a dog treat. You don’t need to feel guilty about not sharing.

A much better alternative would be to get organic, grain-free canine treats. Give those to your dog when they beg for an inappropriate food.

The point is to include your dog in other ways without having to share Fritos.

Too Corny And Oily

There are 3 main ingredients in that bag of Fritos.

There is, of course, oil and you can be sure that a cheap industrial kind is used to cut costs.

Then you have heavily processed corn. Truth be told, dogs generally do not digest maize and starch so well.

Last but not least, the 3rd ingredient should totally convince you that Fritos is all wrong for your dog…

High Sodium Factor

Too much salt in your dog’s diet can lead to health problems.

Vomiting and diarrhea are common.

But there are more serious side effects. In particular, obesity and diabetes are huge issues for pets nowadays. And it’s easily preventable.

In any case, reach out to your vet if a ridiculous amount of Fritos were eaten.

In extreme cases, too much salt can be fatal.

No Fritos For Fido

Dogs are generally carnivores.

Feeding them a crunchy snack made out of corn, oil, and salt doesn’t make much sense. They evolved to eat meat (specifically protein-based fresh animal flesh)

Fritos, much like Doritos, are a classic junk food by every stretch of the imagination.

Humans can make a personal choice to consume processed products. Dogs, on the other hand, should be fed a diet that’ll enable them to thrive.

Habits And Hounds

Fritos are known to be very addicting.

That’s on purpose! Your dog can experience these cravings as well.

Questionable treats such as Fritos have re-enforced bad begging behaviors in many dogs.

Be mindful of such pet parenting pitfalls.

The Bottom Line

Have a policy of no Fritos for your dog.

Nothing good can come of it and you’ll avoid a potential for sluggishness, obesity and eventual poor health. An upset stomach, vomiting and diarrhea are not the worse consequences.

Completely cut out foods like Fritos. You won’t need to second-guess your dog’s diet.

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4 thoughts on “Read This Before Giving Your Dog Fritos!”

  1. Your dog is your buddy. Learn to share. Fritos, bean dip and a beer.

  2. Fritos are corn, corn oil and salt. Nothing else. For a dog, if not for the salt, I think it would be a fairly healthy snack.

  3. My sentiments exactly. A half of one won’t hurt and it makes his feet smell like Fritos!

  4. Dogs only live 15 years or so if they’re lucky. Why wouldn’t I want to make my dog happy by giving some Fritos? Everybody needs to lighten up.

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