Can I Give My Dog Mushrooms?

Can I Give My Dog Mushrooms?Many people don’t like eating mushrooms, but dogs will happily wolf them down if given the chance. Can Fido be fed this fleshy fungus food?

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Lots of owners are reluctant about giving their dogs mushrooms. There are many fungal species, some of which are poisonous. Even well informed pet parents have doubts.

Most dogs will enjoy mushrooms. It is, however, entirely possible their stomach won’t agree with this food. Allergies, surprisingly, are usually not a canine concern.

Can I Give My Dog Mushrooms? Answer: Yes, but store bought

There’s also an excellent dietary supplement for pets that’s made with organic mushrooms.

Store bought mushrooms are much safer for dogs compared to those they may come across in nature. Most dogs can have a few mushrooms, but consider any other ingredients before assuming you’re doing the right thing. An example is pizza. Dogs shouldn’t be eating that, with or without mushrooms as a topping.

Wild mushrooms should always be off limits to dogs, with no exceptions!

Mushrooms as a Treat

If your dog’s digestive system can handle mushrooms, then you can provide them as a treat. Mushrooms are a health food. Your dog may benefit from the vitamin D. They’re also an immune system boost.

The popular Button Mushroom is low in calories and a great healthy alternative, occasionally, to conventional doggie treat options.

Mushrooms have high levels of niacin, enzymes, protein and antioxidants. Dogs could benefit from these attributes. This mysterious fungi food isn’t so scary after all.

The Dangerous Shrooms

Some folks consume wild mushrooms, but don’t let your dog near them. Even though only about 1% are toxic, don’t chance it. The wrong type can cause a pet permanent organ damage.

If you buy mushrooms at a supermarket, it’s unlikely your dog will be allergic. The ASPCA holds the same view. Fear of mushrooms comes from the exotic types which can make you hallucinate or worse.

Again, never allow a dog to eat a wild mushroom including those growing in the grass. They could be poisonous and it may prompt an emergency visit to the vet. Check out this video for more information.

Forget Mushroom Hunting

Some places are prone to sprouting wild mushrooms. This increases the need to watch over your dog to prevent poisoning.

Mushroom hunting is popular in parts of Europe and even the Appalachian area of America. We don’t recommend it for dog lovers.

Pet Poisoning & Sickness

Since mushrooms aren’t typically part of your dog’s overall diet, moderation is key. Observe your buddy for bad signs, especially when feeding them for the first time.

Negative reactions including gastrointestinal issues or bouts of diarrhea are possible. Whenever you introduce a new food to a dog, you risk of upsetting a delicate balance. Mushrooms are no different.

While unlikely, your dog could reject mushrooms or an allergy is possible. If they become ill, bring them and the mushrooms to a veterinarian as soon as possible. The situation can be managed.

Conclusion on Mushrooms

You can feed some mushrooms to your dog. Get them at the supermarket or try a super shroom supplement for pets. Allergic reactions are possible but unlikely. Provide only a small amount of mushrooms and monitor your dog afterwards. Never let pets eat wild mushrooms!

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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