Can I Give My Dog Mushrooms?

Can I Give My Dog Mushrooms?Some folks are grossed out just by the thought of eating mushrooms, but dogs will usually wolf them down if you let them. Let’s address the idea of feeding this food to pets, either as an ingredient in a meal or in pure form.

Cautious owners are understandably reluctant about giving their dogs any mushrooms. With so many fungal species, some of which are poisonous, even the most informed pet parent can have their doubts.

Most dogs will enjoy the occasional mushroom while others will not like it one bit. It’s also possible that Fido’s stomach just won’t agree with this food. Allergies, however, are usually not a concern for pets.

Can I Give My Dog Mushrooms? Answer: Yes, but store bought

There’s an excellent canine supplement called Mush Medicinal Mushroom Blend which is a great way to provide them consistently.

Otherwise, supermarket bought mushrooms are much safer for dogs compared to wild kinds they may come into contact with outdoors. So most dogs can have a few mushrooms but consider the other human-prepared ingredients before assuming you’re doing the right thing. For example, we don’t personally think dogs should be eating pizza, with or without mushrooms as a topping.

Wild mushrooms should always be off limits to dogs with no exceptions!

Mushrooms as a Treat

If you know that your dog’s digestive system agrees with mushrooms, then you may wish to occasionally provide them as a treat. Mushrooms are definitely a health food. Your dog may benefit, as you do, from the high doses of vitamin D and an overall immune system boost.

Since the popular Button Mushroom is also low in calories it may be a great healthy alternative, occasionally, to the more conventional doggie treat options. In fact, mushrooms contain high levels of niacin, enzymes, protein and antioxidants all of which your dog may benefit from. Mushrooms aren’t so scary, for canines too, when you learn more about them.

Potentially Dangerous Shrooms

There are people, mostly in Asia, who consume certain wild mushrooms but don’t ever let your dog eat one. Even though only about 1% of mushrooms are actually considered toxic, don’t chance it with your beloved dog. The wrong type can cause your pet permanent organ damage.

If you buy mushrooms at a supermarket we can assume that your dog won’t be allergic. The ASPCA holds the same view. Fear of mushrooms is the result of exotic types which can make you hallucinate or worse. Again, never consider allowing your dog to eat a mushroom from the wild or those growing in the grass. It could prompt an emergency visit to the vet.

Forget Mushroom Hunting

Certain parts of the country are prone to sprouting wild mushrooms which increases the need to closely watch over your dog to prevent poisoning. Mushroom hunting is a popular activity in certain parts of Europe and even the Appalachian area of America but we don’t recommend it for dog lovers.

Pet Poisoning & Sickness

Since mushrooms aren’t typically part of your dog’s overall diet, moderation is key. If you are giving a safe store-bought mushroom to your beloved dog for the first time closely monitor them for negative reactions including gastrointestinal issues or bouts of diarrhea.

Whenever you introduce a new food to your dog, you risk of upsetting a delicate balance and mushrooms would be no different. Your dog’s body could reject mushrooms or if they may have a seriously allergy. If they become ill then bring them, and the mushrooms, to the veterinarian as soon as possible. Assuming they consumed only a small portion of store-bought mushrooms, the situation can be managed.

Conclusion on Mushrooms

Yes, you can feed a bit of mushrooms to your dog but stick to the kind that can be purchased at supermarkets or try this excellent supplement. Being mindful of allergic reactions, provide only a small amount and closely monitor your dog afterwards. In any case, never let your pets eat wild mushrooms!

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America February, 2016

Every time I give my dog mushrooms she pukes them the next morning with a greenish juice. I stopped giving them to her, of course, but I was just wondering why.


Kevin October, 2015

That’s in the dog bible or something. If you’re having pizza, the dog at least gets some crust. I just asked mine and she says it’s even written down somewhere.


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