Yes, You Can Protect Your Dog’s Eyes!

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Nearsightedness is very common among canines, but you won’t see them wearing eyeglasses.

The idea is just impractical no matter how you look at it —pun intended!

Can I Get Eyeglasses For My Dog?But there is a type of eye-wear you can get for your pet pooch!

For dogs that spend lots of time in the sun or in harsh environments, eye protection is available.

Eyeglasses For Dogs Aren’t A Thing – Sunglasses Though!

And, of course, veterinary ophthalmology services do exist.

Though we know of no vets performing retinoscopes on dogs. It’s good Fido won’t be driving!

All kidding aside, you really can get excellent UV protective eye wear for your dog.

There are goggle-like lenses come in different sizes for small, medium and large breeds.

Doggles® dominates this niche market.

FYI: Accommodating a dog’s facial structure is no easy task. Thankfully it has been done!

Addressing Eye Issues

Are you here because your dog has eye vision problems?

Many pets require long-term eye care. And it’s normal for geriatrics to have some vision loss as they get older.

Take heart that there are treatment options available.

But, unfortunately, they do not typically include prescription eyeglasses.

On the other hand, a dog with cataracts can be treated by a specialized vet.

Eyeglasses or even using human eye drops is not a realistic or good option. Seek a real solution for your dog.

Where to begin….

Vision-Impaired Canines

A vet will check your dog for eye irregularities.

Be sure to discuss all and any symptoms, like excessive tears or pus. These often occur due to eye problems.

While they won’t be prescribing eyeglasses, they will suggest solutions.

For eye infections in particular…

It is common to give the dog antibiotics in combination with animal-formulated eye drops.

Drops for dogs are different, and much safer, compared to the regular products.

For more permanent conditions, such as glaucoma and cataracts, surgery may be the way to go.

Awesome Dog Eyewear

Perhaps you’ve simply noticed squinting during routine outdoor walks?

Well, again, there is innovative eye protection that can serve a very useful pet purpose!

You can protect your buddy from the elements including:

  • Wind
  • UV sunlight
  • Bugs
  • Other foreign objects

People who work outdoors with their dogs are often very interested in such goggles.

The big test will be when Fido actually tries them out. They may not like having anything covering their eyes.

The Bottom Line

Eyeglasses are not practical for dogs. Only specialized UV protection googles are available.

The good news:

Animals tend to adapt well to vision loss, though it can be a challenge for older dogs.

For now, eyeglasses just aren’t a realistic option.

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