Read This Before Feeding Your Dog Mushrooms!

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Most dogs, if given the chance, will at least try a mushroom or two.

Are you reluctant to share?

Can I Give My Dog Mushrooms?With so many fungal species, some being poisonous, lots of pet parents are understandably hesitant.

So is this fleshy fungus food A-OK or too risky?

The truth is allergies usually do not occur, but it is possible your dog’s stomach won’t agree.

One thing is certain: You should play it safe.

Only Give Your Dog Store-Bought Mushrooms

Also known as Toadstool, they’re off limits if sourced from any other place.

No wild mushrooms for your dog!

With such a policy, poisoning and/or allergies are not much of a concern.

Mushrooms as a Treat

Secure some at your supermarket and a few mushrooms are fine, but even this assumes the dog’s digestive system fully agrees.

If all goes according to plan, you will be feeding a health food.

In fact, your dog may get a bit of an immune system boost.

Mushrooms also have lots of vitamin D, niacin, enzymes, protein and antioxidants.

The Button variety, in particular, is low in calories and a healthy alternative to always feeding regular doggie treats.

So dogs, at least in theory, could benefit as well. This mysterious fungi food isn’t so scary after all!

The Dangerous Shrooms

Some folks eat wild mushrooms, but don’t let your dog do it.

Though only about 1% are toxic, the wrong type can cause organ damage. And other exotic types can actually make you hallucinate or worse.

Why chance it?

Never allow your dog to have mushrooms that are growing out there in the grass. They really could be poisonous.

By contrast, store-bought varieties are much less unlikely to trigger allergies. The ASPCA holds the same view.

Check out this video for more information…

Forget Mushroom Hunting

Do you live in an area that sprouts wild mushrooms?

This increases the need to watch over your dog in order to prevent poisoning.

Mushroom hunting is popular in parts of Europe and America’s Appalachian region. We do not recommend that you take your dog along!

Pet Poisoning And Sickness

Obviously mushrooms should not be a regular part of your dog’s diet.

Moderation is key!

And be sure to observe your buddy for bad signs (especially when feeding them for the first time).

Also be realistic.

Negative reactions are possible, including gastrointestinal issues or bouts of diarrhea. In fact, go easy with any new food.

You don’t want to upset a delicate balance. This goes for mushrooms too.

And if your dog becomes ill bring them, and exactly what they ate, to your veterinarian ASAP.

Consider Other Ingredients

You also have to consider any other ingredients that go with mushrooms.

An example would be pizza!

Dogs should not be eating that with or without mushrooms as a topping!

The Bottom Line

You can feed your dog a few mushrooms, but stick to the kind that’s available at the local supermarket.

Allergic reactions are possible but are thankfully rare.

Share only a modest amount and closely monitor your dog afterwards.

Pets, to be safe, should not be allowed to eat wild mushrooms!

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7 thoughts on “Read This Before Feeding Your Dog Mushrooms!”

  1. Thank you for sharing and spreading awareness. I hope that a lot of people become aware of the effects of mushrooms on their dogs.

  2. Thank you for sharing! This is very helpful for pet owners like us.

  3. Thanks for this good read on mushrooms and dogs. We want to feed our Dane mushrooms. We’re definitely going to go the store-bought route. Random wild mushrooms are a no-no.

  4. What about truffles for dogs? I’d like to hear your thoughts about it. Much thanks!

    1. It is not recommended to feed dogs any kind of mushroom or truffles.

  5. Every time I give my dog mushrooms she pukes them the next morning with a greenish juice. I stopped giving them to her, of course, but I was just wondering why.

  6. That’s in the dog bible or something. If you’re having pizza, the dog at least gets some crust. I just asked mine and she says it’s even written down somewhere.

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