Read This Before Sharing Pizza With Your Dog!

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Pizza is an all-time favorite food and dogs love it too!

But here’s the deal when it comes to sharing:

Can I Give My Dog Pizza?While a single slice is likely no harm done, regularly feeding your dog pizza is by no means a good idea.

Make it a habit or get carried away and it could be bad for your buddy’s digestion.

Your Dog Should Not Regularly Eat Pizza

And additional ingredients, such as garlic and onions, make this super popular food totally off limits.

Other toppings, like mushrooms and tomatoes, aren’t so bad for your dog.

But in general, canines really should not even be eating regular pizza — definitely not recommended.

Why not save those leftovers for tomorrow? Cold pizza, crust and all, tastes great anyway!

More on Those Toppings

Onion and garlic are fairly typical pizza toppings and these ingredients are a bit dangerous.

Wondering exactly why?

Dogs lack the enzymes for processing and breaking down Thiosulfate components in garlic and onions.

Common consequences are diarrhea, vomiting and even anemia.

Cheese’s Lactose Factor

We all love tasty cheese on our pizza.

The problem is it may not fully agree with your dog’ stomach. Most animals are basically lactose intolerant.

And quite honestly too much cheese can cause all sorts of digestive problems even though you may not be able to personally observe it.

Pizza Dubious For Dogs

Pizza also has a combination of oil, salt and other spices. There is certainly potential for toxicity.

Consider this as well:

Too much consumption of fatty foods may cause a dog to eventually develop pancreatitis.

That would be quite concerning. And it is entirely avoidable!

So it cannot be stressed enough:

Pets can absolutely be affected by dubious people foods including pizza.

Obesity And Bad Habits

Do not give in! It does not matter how much your dog begs for pizza!

That means no leftover slices for Fido.

Nowadays obesity is a real issue for dogs.

And it is even more important to resist sharing if a best bud is already overweight.

The Dangers of Dough

The primary ingredient in pizza is, of course, dough.

It doesn’t contain any nutrition.

More importantly, yeast in raw dough has potential to kill your dog.

How can this occur?

Because of its ability to bloat the stomach. This scary condition (AKA Bloat) needs more awareness among owners!

Warning: Raw dough can be seriously dangerous for dogs. Really!

Good Recipe For Rover?

Looking for a decent idea?

Check out this excellent video for a dog-friendly pizza recipe!

You could also try New York style pizza-flavored chewy dog treats!

The Bottom Line

It really is best to avoid giving pizza to your dog.

If you still want to share, be sure to do so in strict moderation. And, consider each and every topping.

We view pizza to be a poor choice and a no-no for dogs.

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16 thoughts on “Read This Before Sharing Pizza With Your Dog!”

  1. I used to give my Labrador Retriever pieces of pizza a couple of times a month. He lived for 14 years and I never noticed anything wrong with him. He loved it. My current Labrador is 7 years old and enjoys some of our pizza from time to time. I make it homemade with fresh garlic in the sauce. However, he doesn’t eat the entire pizza, usually the crust area.

    Sometimes I give him left over meat, like chicken or steak and blend it in his dry kibble. I use garlic and onions to season or cook all the time! Could this be affecting him in a negative way? He gets excellent check ups and always looks healthy with no diarrhea or vomiting. He doesn’t even get gassy and just burps a couple of times after dinner.

  2. I’ve been feeding my dog a slice of pizza each day for 6 years. Will he get better if I stop now? How long will it take?

  3. My dog ate a whole slice of pizza by stealing it from my hand. Will he throw up in the middle of the night? It was a small cheese pizza.

  4. Granted I steer clear of pizza toppings that are notorious dog killers, but my friend loves pizza. He knows the word and loves it as an occasional treat.

    He’s eaten half a pizza at times and you couldn’t find a healthier dog. Just like people, you have to couple it with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise.

  5. Cheese isn’t bad for canines in moderate quantities. You can also add broccoli, olives, half a garlic clove which inhibits cancer as well as spinach. There’s nothing wrong with giving those on some crust as a treat.

    1. Garlic is toxic to dogs. Please nobody do this. The Thiosulfate causes Hemolytic anemia. It’s a very bad idea.

  6. I have a dog who is mighty strong. However, today I gave him a hole slice of pizza. My guardian was mad because of this decision. After reading this article and your comments, I have to say thank you. I will be more focused as to what my dog eats from now on.

  7. It is not sensible to think that it’s okay to give a dog pizza. Anyone who puts their pet at risk, because they lack the self control to say no, is making a mistake.

  8. How about just the crust? Is it okay? I don’t want it and my dog is begging for it.

    1. Yes, you can give the crust but no cheese!

      1. You can feed your dog cheese, but not too much.

  9. The key is not avoidance, but moderation. None of the scary ingredients are present in a high enough concentration to be life-threatening unless an exorbitant amount is consumed.

    A teaspoon of sauce per cup of kibble should be safe, with the caveat for both people and dogs that pizza shouldn’t be eaten more than once a week and in a rational size portion.

  10. Giving your dog a treat when they start begging will just make it worse and that will make you give in. The trick is to say “NO”. Try that when your dog starts to beg instead of rewarding bad behavior!

  11. I give my dog garlic as I was informed it prevents fleas.

    1. I haven’t heard that. Does that work? If it does I am going to try it!

      1. It’s okay in moderation if it’s cooked, but raw garlic can be very dangerous for dogs and should not be fed to them at all. A flea bath would be sufficient enough to get rid of their fleas.

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