Can I Give My Dog Gaviscon?

Can I Give My Dog Gaviscon?Gaviscon is used to treat heartburn and GERD. If your dog has these symptoms, you may be thinking of them this medicine. While those intentions are in the right place, this wouldn’t be a good idea.

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There are prescription drugs, more appropriate than Gaviscon, you can get from your vet that are formulated for dogs. This way you’ll have the right dosage, no more guesstimates! There are also non-medicinal steps, which we’ll discuss, that you can take so your best buddy doesn’t have to suffer.

Make no mistake, Gaviscon is a powerful drug. Your dog’s digestive system isn’t exactly the same as that of a human’s. Sure, they have a lot of similar organs but they function somewhat differently. This factor alone can make the use of this popular drug quite dangerous for canines.

Can I Give My Dog Gaviscon? Answer: No

There are safer ways to treat pets for heartburn and acid-reflux.

The gelling agents in Gaviscon can potentially block your dog’s esophagus. Also, the levels of aluminum in this medicine may damage their kidneys. Obviously, this can end up causing more harm than good.

Have your dog diagnosed before you do anything. For example, it could be that they have a case of kennel cough. Gaviscon won’t do anything good for your pet in such a case. There are many different types of medical problems with symptoms easily mistaken for heartburn.

Never attempt a hit or miss approach as a treatment method when it come to the safely of your pup.

Canine Digestive Problems

Your dog’s digestive system is accustomed to high amounts of protein. Their stomach is quite used to breaking these down. If you are feeding your dog a low-grade dog food they may be getting an imbalance of carbs and other worthless fillers instead of the protein they require.

This can lead to digestive problems and certain symptoms which you may now be noticing. Also, some dogs don’t have an off switch, and will keep eating even after they’re full. The number one cause of heartburn and indigestion is from overeating.

With a little help and tweaking you can pretty much solve these digestive issues without introducing any potentially harmful medicines. That way your dog can be their healthiest and happiest.

Why Dog Food Matters

Dog food companies are finally spreading awareness that dogs need large amounts of protein to function at their best. For years cheap dog food has contained high amounts of fillers in the form of grains and vegetables, with not enough meat added for good measure.

Spending a little more to get your dog a top-of-the-line quality dog food is the best way to go. You are more likely to avoid costly vet bills later due to malnutrition and all sorts of digestive problems. It’s the best way to make sure that your dog properly digests the food they eat which will help prevent the need to use drugs like Gaviscon.

Portion Control & Conclusion

This is where a little trial-and-error comes into play. You need to determine the proper amount of food your dog needs, and then break them of the habit of begging for more. It’s usually better to break up your dog’s portions and feed them multiple times daily. That way they’ll know that more food is on the way, and they won’t be so adamant about getting more.

This one-two punch of feeding them better food in smaller quantities should wipe out the need for any sort of heartburn medication like Gaviscon or Prilosec. But if it doesn’t, it’s time to take them to the vet to see what the trouble is. Getting them canine-based drugs that can treat the problem safely and effectively is your best bet.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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