Read This Before Giving Your Dog Rolaids!

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Thinking of giving your dog Rolaids for acid reflux, heartburn, indigestion or gas?

Canines certainly deal with their share of gastric issues.

Can I Give My Dog Rolaids?But does this type of “rapid relief” also make sense for four-legged friends? And what about side effects?

Good news!

Rolaids is considered fairly safe for dogs.

Veterinarians routinely prescribe antacids. So it isn’t out of the ordinary to provide this product to a pet.

You Can Give Your Dog Rolaids

Reasonably dosed, the active ingredients (calcium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide and sometimes simethicone) are not dangerous.


Avoid giving your dog Ultra Strength versions. Stick to a regular type of Rolaids to minimize a possibility of side effects.

While most antacids aren’t toxic for animals, too much of any pharmaceutical (Rolaids included) could be harmful for your dog.

Go Easy With Rolaids

Thankfully dogs can take Rolaids in low doses.

But how much exactly?

1 regular strength tablet (up to 3 times daily) is usually enough for a pet dog.

Play it safe by staying under half the amount of Rolaids you’d use on yourself.

FYI: The above recommendation is based on tablets that contain 550mg of calcium carbonate and 110mg of magnesium hydroxide.

Consider going with an even more conservative dose because excessive amounts of Rolaids can eventually cause:

  • Kidney stones
  • Decreased muscle flexibility
  • Alkalosis (excessive blood alkalinity)

In the short-term, too high a dose could also cause a dog to vomit, have diarrhea or constipation. These are the most common side effects.

Warning: Antacids can also negatively interact with other drugs (another reason why it’s smart to talk with a vet!)

Not For Long Term Use

Dogs can be given Rolaids (either Soothers, tablets or softchews) for upset stomach.

Obviously it’s not a cure, but some temporary relief can be expected. On the other hand, you don’t want to cover up a serious medical condition.

It cannot be stressed enough:

Regularly giving your dog Rolaids is not the right approach.

Visit a vet for chronic or recurring gastrointestinal discomfort. It could be a quality of life issue.

Tablet or Liquid Rolaids?

Your dog may be better off taking Rolaids in liquid form because it’s easily diluted.

But again be sure to avoid the Ultra Strength stuff!

And it’s always best to consult with a professional before providing Rolaids to a precious pet.

So Many Antacid Brands

Weigh all your options before giving your dog Rolaids.

Here is a list for further investigation:

In the meantime, ask yourself this:

Are you addressing your dog’s underlying medical problems?

The Bottom Line

Rolaids can be used on dogs too.

The active ingredients are typically not harmful if you use a relatively low dose. Also, watch your dog for negative reactions.

If possible, follow a vet’s advice when using Rolaids (or any other antacid).

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