Can I Get My Dog Eyeglasses?

Can I Get Eyeglasses For My Dog?Eyeglasses are common for people but you don’t see dogs wearing them even though many are nearsighted. The thought of a pet with glasses is funny, but it’s no laughing matter. Most older canines struggle with vision due to eye infections, Cataracts or Glaucoma.

As the pet market continues to grow with more creative products offered each year, will dog owners consider buying specialized eyeglasses for their beloved dogs? It’s very unlikely for many practical reasons.

There is, however, a type of eye-wear for dogs. It won’t improve poor vision but will certainly provide protection. If your best buddy is in the sun for hours on end, or in a harsh environment, it may make sense to get them some eye wear.

Can I Give My Dog Eyeglasses? Answer: No, but there is protective K9 eyewear

Prescription eyeglasses for animals aren’t really a possibility though veterinary ophthalmology services certainly exist.

Thankfully, care for many canine eye conditions is available. That said, I know of no vets who can do a retinoscopy for a dog in order to evaluate and fit them for custom corrective lenses. Thankfully Fido won’t be driving! You can, however, pick up some really neat and beneficial protective eye wear products for your dog. These goggle-like lenses comes in various sizes for small, medium and large breeds.

Accommodating the facial structure of dogs is no easy task but it’s been done! Doggles® dominates this niche market.

Eye Glasses or Medical Issue

If your pet has trouble seeing, there are more practical ways to treat eye issues rather than eyeglasses. Often times a dog’s vision is affected by an underlying medical condition like a cataract or some pressure in the eye itself. These are problems to bring to the attention of a specialized vet. Forget about eyeglasses, or using human eye drops, and seek a real solution for your dog.

Some dogs require ongoing eye care, although obviously not as regularly as routine ear care. Geriatrics typically experience some loss of vision. If you read something about stylish doggie eyeglasses, you were most likely looking at an old April Fools’ Joke. Besides a photo-op, a dog wearing smart-looking eyeglasses seems simply laughable, although adorable.

Dog Eyewear is Cool

On the other hand, eye protection for dogs can serve a really useful purpose. You can protect your dog from things such as wind, UV sunlight or other foreign objects. People who work outdoors with their dogs may consider goggles, or a type of sunglasses, which are tailored specifically for four-legged friends.

The big test is when your dog actually tries them out for the first time. Lots of dogs don’t like having anything covering their eyes. In such a case, canine eyewear isn’t an option. You won’t know how they’ll take to a product like Doggles until you introduce them to your dog.

Regarding Blind Dogs

A vet will check your dog for irregularities of the eyes. Be sure to point out symptoms such as excessive tears or pus which often accumulates due to an ongoing eye problem. Your veterinarian won’t be prescribing your canine eyeglasses but they will offer some solutions.

If an eye infection is found, the common treatment is to give the dog antibiotics in combination with formulated canine eye drops. The use of eye drops for dogs is very different, and way safer, compared to using human products. For more permanent conditions such as glaucoma and cataracts, performing surgery is an option if you can afford it.

Conclusion on Eye Glasses

Eyeglasses for dogs aren’t practical and really aren’t needed since canines adapt well. Your pet pooch doesn’t need tiptop eyesight, but vision loss can be a challenge for older dogs. Avoid the use of human eye care products since the ingredients may cause additional problems. Involve a veterinary ophthalmologist when any eye problems develop. Your dog may need to rely on other senses such as hearing and smell to get around and continue living the best way they can!

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