Can I Get My Dog Eyeglasses?

Can I Get Eyeglasses For My Dog?Many animals are nearsighted, but you won’t see dogs wearing eyeglasses. Nevertheless, poor pet vision is common due to eye infections or Cataracts or Glaucoma.

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In the future, will owners consider buying specialized eyeglasses for their dogs? Unfortunately, it’s unlikely because the idea is basically an impractical one.

There is, however, a type of eye-wear for pets. If your dog is in the sun for hours on end, or in a harsh environment, it makes sense to get them eye wear.

Can I Give My Dog Eyeglasses? Answer: No, but there’s protective K9 eyewear

Veterinary ophthalmology services exist, but we’ve never seen man’s best friend wearing eyeglasses.

Don’t fear, care is available for many canine eye conditions. That said, we know of no vets performing retinoscopes on dogs. Thankfully Fido won’t be driving! You can, however, get innovative protective eye wear for your precious pet dog. These goggle-like lenses come in different sizes for small, medium and large breeds.

Accommodating a dog’s facial structure is no easy task but it has been done! Doggles® dominates this niche market.

Eye Glasses or Medical Issue

There are treatment options when a dog has eye problems, but they do not include eyeglasses. Often times vision is affected by an underlying medical condition, like a cataract or pressure in the eye itself.

These are problems to bring to the attention of a specialized vet. Forget about eyeglasses, or using human eye drops, and seek a real solution for your beloved dog.

Some pets require long-term eye care, although obviously not as regularly as routine ear care. It is normal for geriatrics to experience some amount of vision loss as they get older.

Dog Eyewear is Awesome

Eye protection for a dog can, in certain situations, serve a very useful purpose. You can protect your buddy from the elements including wind, UV sunlight, bugs or other foreign objects.

People who work outdoors with their dogs may consider such goggles, or a type of sunglasses, which are tailored specifically for four-legged friends.

The big test will be when your dog actually tries them out. They may not like having anything covering their eyes.

Help Vision-Impaired K9s

A vet can check your dog for eye irregularities. Discuss symptoms like excessive tears or pus. These often occur due to eye problems. They won’t be prescribing eyeglasses, but they will suggest appropriate treatment.

For eye infections, it’s common to give the dog antibiotics in combination with specialized canine-formulated eye drops. Drops for dogs are different, and much safer, compared to the regular products.

For more permanent conditions, such as glaucoma and cataracts, surgery may be an option.

Conclusion on Eye Glasses

Eyeglasses are not practical for dogs. Canines adapt well to vision loss, though it can be a challenge for older dogs. Avoid the use of human eye drops as they may make matters worse. Get a veterinary ophthalmologist’s help for eye problems. Your dog may need to rely more on hearing and smell to get around. Fitting a dog for eyeglasses just isn’t realistic.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.

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