Can I Give My Dog Celexa?

Can I Give My Dog Celexa?Thinking of giving your dog Celexa to treat depression? First, it’s important that your dog gets properly diagnosed. Only then will your vet accurately suggest the best treatment options.

It’s often that well-meaning owners question which of their medications apply to dogs. While it may be easier to treat your best buddy using medicine you have on hand, it’s usually not the right thing to do. When you are talking about a drug that works on a neurological level, it can have drastic and dire consequences and should be avoided.

Obviously prescription drugs can be lethal if taken in large doses, and more and more we’re finding out the dangers of drug interactions. There are also long lists of side effects that come with anti-depressants. These warnings and contraindications are in place so that humans don’t abuse or make a mistake with the dosage.

Can I Give My Dog Celexa? Answer: Must have vet approval

It could give your dog more problems than they already have. You should avoid giving Celexa to them without a diagnosis and canine prescription.

Celexa goes to work by upping serotonin levels in the human body. Dogs also have serotonin, and they’re mammals, so you might think that the drug could be used on them if you account for the smaller size. But it wasn’t developed for them, it wasn’t tested on them. The playing field is totally different when you switch these critical variables to dogs.

Further, no research or testing in consideration of canines went into producing this drug. There likely isn’t a dose you can give them that counteracts all these facts.

Celexa for K9 Depression

Some owners and vets say that dogs can get depressed and there are treatment options that exist if your dog is diagnosed with a case of depression. There are also those that believe that dogs can’t get depressed because it’s a human condition, and we are just transferring our advanced thoughts into the canine mind.

Proponents claim that because dogs are domesticated and in tune with human emotions, that they’re able to pick up on our depressed feelings, and start feeling bad themselves. Critics say that it’s just not possible, because dogs are not aware of their own forthcoming death, and are always in the moment.

The Debate Rages On

It’s up to you which side you want to be on regarding whether or not your dog can get depressed, but whichever way you choose you should pick a better way to treat them than medicating them at home with drugs prescribed to you by a doctor.

Your vet can help you troubleshoot to find out why your dog might be having behavioral issues, as the causes can often be peripheral, and hard to determine on your own. You can always get a second opinion if the first vet you go to doesn’t see eye to eye with you.

Dogs & Human Medications

It’s never a good idea to give your dog human medication because it’s made for humans, and no amount of tinkering with the dosage will make it okay for a dog. You wouldn’t want to take canine medication, so there shouldn’t be a double standard here.

Treat your dog with the respect that they deserve as another life form, and make sure that they’re getting the best care possible. We live in a remarkable age where there’s actually specially developed medication for dogs, and it’s our responsibility to make sure those are the ones they receive.

When to Call the Vet

If your dog has accidentally eaten some Celexa you’ll want to call the vet right away to see what your next course of action is. They might advise you to induce vomiting, or they might have you bring them in right away depending on what symptoms they’re exhibiting. Just remember not to panic, and try to calculate how many they’ve taken so you can give accurate information to the vet.

It’s always possible to find owners out there that will say they gave their dog Celexa and nothing happened. This doesn’t make it right for you, and there are plenty of differing viewpoints on how to care for a dog.

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