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Can I Give My Dog Apple Juice?

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Can I Give My Dog Apple Juice?Drinking apple juice is obviously healthy because apples are a very nutritious fruit. Aside from the health benefits, this juice is delicious which dogs can also appreciate. Since apple juice, along with orange juice, is a seriously popular drink we need to look at this question closely for dog owners everywhere.

Although apples are not harmful to dogs, it’s not advisable to give your dog apple juice. This fruit juice can often cause canines to have loose bowel movements or constipation which may be the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve.

When attempting to rectify your pet dog’s constipation problems, apple juice is usually not the way to go. While apple juice may help for humans, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work for dogs as well. Let’s find alternatives because the goal is a better quality of life for your pet dog.

Can I Give My Dog Apple Juice? Answer: No

In fact, most fruit juices contain very high sugar content and this can be harmful to dogs.

If you are buying apple juice from your local grocery store, it can be assumed that sugar was added as sweetener to some degree. Further, using apple juice as a way to treat a dog’s bowel problems is generally not very effective.

Better K9 Constipation Tips

Passing hard stools is one sign that your dog has a constipation problem. If this is the case, check their stool for any traces of blood. You may need to provide details to a vet if their bowel problems persist. It would be helpful to well document your dog’s problem so the veterinarian has a clear picture of their condition.

Constipation can also be a sign of a more serious problem. Sometimes it’s a symptom of colitis which is characterized as inflammation of the colon. Instead of apple juice, special medication may be needed.

Mild Forms of Constipation

Apple juice is used as a remedy for constipation in mild cases. If you insist on using it for your canine, try to make sure your apple juice doesn’t contain added sugar. Homemade apple juice is best. You can mix equal parts of apple juice and water in a blender to dilute it.

Water is another natural remedy for constipation because dehydration is one of the causes for bowel issues. Well hydrating your dog can be one of the most effective solutions.

Administering Pedialyte and Gatorade is also recommended. These types of drinks contain electrolytes which are more effective than water in restoring a balance inside the body. The best strategy while using these forms of drinks is to give your dog small amounts frequently.

Other Constipation Remedies

Exercising can stimulate regular bowel movements, so make sure that you take your dog for a walk at least once a day. It would be best if your pet could run around, as this is a better form of exercise.

If your dog is still suffering from constipation even after trying all the natural remedies, your vet may recommend using Pediatric rectal suppositories. These suppositories are used for human infants, but they are also safe for dogs. Ask your veterinarian.

If Your Dog Won’t Drink

There are dogs that are just not avid drinkers. If your pet is like this, you can use a dropper or a syringe to trickle down fluids in your dog’s mouth. Insert the dropper or syringe around the cheek pouch area while holding their snout so the liquid can drip through the mouth slowly.

Some people entice their dogs to drink by putting partially melted ice cubes in their water bowl. This will usually do the trick and hopefully your dog will drink willingly.

Monitor Your Dog’s Condition

Apple juice can be helpful for mild canine constipation but it can also be harmful for your dog. Its composition, with high sugar levels, makes it a poor choice and there are several other options which are discussed above. If you do use apple juice it should only be given to your dog sparingly.

Pure and homemade apple juice is safer and healthier, but all types may cause diarrhea for dogs who don’t handle fruits very well. In any case, try to avoid juices that contain lots of sugar since it’s harmful for dogs.

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    1. "Muttley" Stan C.

      Try salt-free beef or chicken stock. Either purchased or home-made, you can dilute to a point-maybe 1-part stock to 3-parts water- where the dog still loves it! My Zubin is a blood donor German Shepherd, and, as such, hydration before and after donations is critical.

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