Is Human Shampoo Bad For Dogs? Read This Before Bath Time!

Is Human Shampoo Okay for Dogs?

Can human shampoo be used to achieve a fresh smelling canine coat? It’s a great question and one that many dog owners are asking! Truth be told, it really depends on your goal. If you simply want your furry friend Read More …

Read This Before Getting Dinovite For Your Dog!

Can Dogs Benefit from Dinovite?

Dinovite is an aggressively marketed nutritional supplement for dogs. Do you wonder if it’s really as healthy as we’re led to believe? It’s time to address this topic! Dinovite, in effect, is a sort of probiotic for dogs since it Read More …

Want to Feed Your Dog Kelp? Read This First!

Can Dogs Eat Kelp?

Are you wondering if kelp is okay for your canine? Can dogs benefit from eating this sea vegetable? You’ll be happy to hear this seaweed is good for pets too. The nutrients — iodine, magnesium, potassium, iron as well as Read More …

Reading This Before Using Monistat For Your Dog’s Yeast Infection!

Does Monistat Work for Dogs?

Monistat is an anti-fungal medication typically used for yeast infections. While it can happen to any dog, certain breeds are particularly prone to candida outbreaks in and around the mouth, nose and ears. It’s unfortunate when it happens but Malassezia Read More …

Read This Before Giving Your Dog Zyrtec For Allergies!

Can Dogs Take Zyrtec?

Zyrtec is a possibility if your dog has allergies. It can be especially helpful for atopic dermatitis. All sorts of itchiness and irritations of the skin can be alleviated with Zyrtec. The active drug, Cetirizine, can be used off-label. It’s Read More …

What You Should Know Before Feeding Your Dog Squash!

Can Dogs Eat Squash?

Want to feed your dog some squash? You certainly can, but there are a few things to avoid. Share squash in a way that makes it easy to digest!

Read This Before Using Cortisone On Your Dog!

Can Dogs Take Cortisone?

Cortisone, a well known corticosteroid, is a treatment option for a wide range of ailments. Are you wondering if your dog can benefit from taking this synthetic steroid? As a matter of fact, veterinarians prescribe it for allergies, joint pain Read More …