Read This Before Giving Your Dog Milk Thistle!

Can Dogs Take Milk Thistle?

You’ll be happy to hear that canines can benefit from milk thistle as well. AKA Silybum marianum, this flowery plant is a useful supplement for people and their dogs! Being a holistic remedy, it’s most notable for its ability to Read More …

What You Must Know About Giving Your Dog Basil!

Can Dogs Eat Basil?

Basil is a healthy herb, but does this also apply to dogs? Discover the benefits, potential downsides and how to add basil to your dog’s diet!

Parsley For a Pet Dog? How To Feed This Healthy Herb!

Can Dogs Eat Parsley?

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The Truth About Adding Turmeric To Your Dog’s Diet!

Can Dogs Eat Turmeric?

Curry for a canine doesn’t make sense, but turmeric does! Yes, you can share this wonderful spice with your dog. It happens to be beneficial (especially for arthritis). While feeding Fido spices is normally not a good idea, turmeric is Read More …

Does Catnip Work on Dogs? Here’s What You Need To Know!

Can I give my dog catnip?

Right up front: While cats get a big buzz from catnip, dogs do not really respond to this natural stimulant — at least in a manner one would expect. Truth be told, felines and canines react to catnip quite differently. Read More …

What You Must Know About Giving Your Dog Ginger!

Can I give my dog ginger?

Ginger is obviously healthy for us humans, but what about for dogs? Well, you’ll be happy to hear that your best buddy can benefit from this herb too. Ginger not only offers numerous vitamins and minerals, but it’s also great Read More …