Can I Give My Dog Zucchini?

Can I Give My Dog Zucchini?Zucchini is a type of squash that’s very healthy and also super low in calories which makes for an attractive combination. Your dog is sure to want to partake in any recipe that incorporates this fantastic food.

As you know, just because a food is considered healthy doesn’t always make it appropriate for pets. Lots of folks say that people foods shouldn’t be fed to dogs. We, however, don’t think zucchini falls into that type of cautious category for canines.

The fact is that zucchini, whether it’s classified as a fruit or vegetable, is utilized as an ingredient in many favorite dishes. Let’s find out when it’s okay and when it could be a mistake to share with your best buddy.

Can I Give My Dog Some Zucchini? Answer: Yes

There is nothing harmful about sharing a bit on occasion.

The easiest and most consistent way to give your dog some zucchini is by picking up a great product called Steakhouse Beef and Zucchini Entrée Dog Food. In any case, zucchinis are a excellent source of vital nutrients, especially potassium and vitamin C. If your dog’s regular food lacks certain nutrients then perhaps this squash can compliment their diet.

Zucchini’s low calorie count, 2 or 3 per slice, is a nice bonus because it won’t crowd out your dog’s regular protein packed meals.

Zucchini Do’s and Don’ts

Like cucumbers, zucchini can be a healthy snack for dogs. Where cucumbers are usually eaten raw, zucchini can be served up cooked. They’re typically boiled, steamed, grilled, barbecued, baked, fried or also eaten raw. Obviously frying any food isn’t as healthy as baking or most other cooking methods. Those culinary principles hold true for your dog’s health as well.

The possibilities are really endless with zucchini but we favor keeping it simple. Some people foods served along side of it may not be good for dogs such as onions. Others like eggplant are fine but you need to know for sure, including the spices, before feeding your dog a zucchini dish.

Arguments Against Them

Unless your dog is allergic to zucchinis, there isn’t a strong case against feeding it in small amounts. That said, you can argue that dogs need to be on a strict canine-formulated diet and really shouldn’t be eating people foods. We tend to agree if something like zucchini bread or muffins is being considered.

There’s nothing wrong a strict dog food diet, but we occasionally feed our dogs foods like zucchini. We do so in moderation and view it as a nutrient which may not be available in their regular dog food.

Always Observe Afterwards

You have to be on the lookout, as a pet parent, especially when introducing new foods to your pet dog. A dramatic change in their bowel movements is a sure sign that a particular food doesn’t agree with them. This is most likely to occur when you deviate from the norm and zucchini can cause this to happen as well.

Too much, even of a healthy food like zucchini, can be a bad thing.

Regarding Flowers & Plants

Zucchini comes from a flowery plant. Prevent your dog from getting at the actual plant and flowers. Also, don’t forget that dogs can’t depend on a food like zucchini because they require a meat-based diet. The carnivorous nature of canines, over thousands of years, means that meats are the most important component of a healthy diet.

Your dog is not a vegetarian so don’t get carried away with zucchini.

Conclusion on Zucchini

Yes, dogs can eat a bit of either cooked or raw zucchini. Moderation is the key which also applies to broccoli or kale or any other safe fruits and veggies. If zucchini is part of a meal then be sure there’s nothing else that could be harmful before your dog chows down. Watch for negative reactions. This people food could be healthy for Fido, assuming their stomach agrees. You and your dog can enjoy zucchini together!

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