Can I Give My Dog Valerian Root?

Can I Give My Dog Valerian Root?Valerian root is linked to stress reduction and improved sleep, despite lack of evidence for its effectiveness. In any case, the possibility of providing this perennial flowering plant to a dog is a common question.

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Regardless of valerian root’s merits, most pets don’t need anything for sleep. Canines don’t require a solid 8 hours of rest like humans do. The use of this herbal remedy for dogs lacks sufficient clinical data.

While rare, it’s possible for a four-legged friend to develop a sleep disorder. But such a serious condition should be treated by a veterinarian. Giving a valerian root supplement to your dog is a hit or miss strategy.

Can I Give My Dog Valerian Root? Answer: Not a good idea

This herb may improve sleep and reduce stress or anxiety but it’s not recommended for Fido.

Valerian root may have the opposite effect. It comes in different forms and concentrations which puts smaller dogs, in particular, at increased risk. Dosing is uncertain for pets. Despite being natural, valerian root also doesn’t interact well with drugs such as antihistamines and depressants. Natural remedies, rather than prescription drugs, are getting popular but there are sometimes downsides for dogs.

Get a diagnosis before providing this herbal remedy, or consider a quality canine product that brings upon calmness in a safer manner.

Doubtful Dosing for Dogs

Getting the right valerian root dosage for a dog is difficult since there are many variables. Solid information on its use for pets is limited. Treating a dog for a sleeping problem can be tricky in itself.

Observation, over several weeks, is a smart thing to do. Document as much as possible for a sense of the true nature of your dog’s sleep issue. This type of info will be valuable to a vet if going that route becomes necessary.

This approach, not valerian root, will make possible a treatment plan that’s superior and safer.

Valerian Root Unknowns

We’re well aware that many websites recommend using this herb for pets. Nevertheless, your dog may not get the benefit from valerian root. In fact, it’s likely they won’t.

More importantly, it’s probably more dangerous for pets and no serious clinical studies have been done based on various dosages of valerian root. It’s not even FDA approved for people.

Besides, this herb won’t truly solve your dog’s sleep or anxiety problems.

Melatonin & Other Ideas

Try to improve your dog’s sleeping habits before turning to supplements or human sleep meds. Why not wear them out more during the day! Without activity, they haven’t burned up enough energy.

It’s no wonder some dogs don’t get much sleep. Make sure your buddy has their own cozy place to get quality rest. If not, create one! If you must provide something, we recommend Melatonin over valerian root.

Improve K9 Food Quality

Feeding your dog better foods is one of the best things you can do to help. This will help them to be more active, which will lead to exhaustion and the need for more sleep.

Forget about valerian root and instead focus on making improvements. The cheap canine chow contains fillers and additives that can make dogs sluggish. That affects sleep quality!

Conclusion on Valerian Root

This herbal supplement, valerian root, is unlikely to meaningfully help with your dog’s sleep or anxiety problems. Studies show it’s often ineffective for humans let alone for pet dogs. Even if it does appear to work, this natural remedy is not actually a long term fix. Your dog may not require anything besides increased activity.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.

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