What You Should Know About Feeding Your Dog Tofu!

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Eating tofu may be terrific for you, but what about your dog?

First, the good news: This soy bean recipe is in no way toxic for canines. 

Can I Give My Dog Tofu?With that being said, experts make conflicting recommendations about tofu — even for humans which really frustrates devoted vegetarians and vegans!

What’s certain is this:

Coagulated soy milk is not a food your dog would seek out.

Despite being delicious, there is a case to be made that bean curd does not make sense for pets.


Your Dog Can Have a Taste of Tofu

Just don’t get carried away! Avoid feeding this food on a regular basis.

Perhaps you have noticed that commercial dog food companies are increasingly adding soy to their recipes. Unfortunately, this may be a step in the wrong direction.

The fact is animal-based nutrients are what dogs require to thrive.

At the same time, a small amount of tofu will not harm your dog.

This soy subject is not that simple! Keep reading…

Plenty of Problems With Tofu

Most experts agree that soy, in general, is an incomplete protein.

Yet pet food manufacturers are loving it.

Why is that?

It is mainly because soy is cheaper than meat protein. They also won’t tell you that soy will tend to make your dog a bit gassy.

That’s not all…

Bloat, or gastric dilatation volvulus, is also possible. This serious condition is the second leading cause of death of domesticated dogs.

The phytoestrogens in tofu are a net negative as well. Further, soy usually contains high levels of pesticides.

Take these downsides into account before getting too excited about feeding your dog tofu!

Your Furry Friend is a Beast!

It may seem unpleasant but dogs evolved over many thousands of years by preying on other animals.

Sure, your pup isn’t a raw meat eating predator.

Yet you cannot ignore evolutionary carnivorous instincts. It’s in their DNA!

Wild cousins such as wolves, coyotes and dingoes would not be eating a smidgen of tofu. It is important to provide foods that fit this evolutionary reality.

Coagulated soy milk just isn’t going to cut it. Your dog is not a vegetarian!

Soy Is Also Linked To Allergies 

While tofu’s benefits continue to be debated, consider that anything derived from soybeans carries an allergic risk.

Lots of people, as well as dogs, are allergic to tofu.

Why not stick to the basics? Do that and food allergies are unlikely to occur.

Besides, it is near certain that your dog prefers meat over tofu (even though canines are opportunistic eaters).

For Your Buddy, Don’t Be Biased

Some vegetarian dog owners don’t like the thought of giving their pets meat.

But, again, the case cannot be credibly made that dogs are vegetarian — genetically speaking.

It cannot be stressed enough:

While people were likely vegetarians for most of human history, this does not apply to dogs and their dietary requirements.

The Bottom Line

Tofu certainly isn’t the worst food for your dog.

You can share some, but do not turn it into a habit.

Tofu is not a sufficient protein source. Dogs will always do best when this macronutrient is meat-based.

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10 thoughts on “What You Should Know About Feeding Your Dog Tofu!”

  1. I feed my dog meat, but he snubs his nose at fish. He loves non-sweet veggies, especially broccoli and cauliflower. I ended up here because he wanted to try my tofu, and he kept eating it. He is very healthy and energetic and I would say that at least 1/2 of what he eats is plant-based. I always look up things before giving anything new. A vegetarian diet for dogs does not appear to reduce lifespan or health.

  2. My dog loves vegetables and tofu. I trust my dog, dogs are clever, they will stop eat “something” if they’re feel bad effect such as diarrhea, bloating, etc. I gave it as a snack, and in my opinion it’s much better compare to bloody expensive treats.

    By the way, I’m shocked tofu is still debated even for humans. In Asia, almost 98% people eat tofu everyday. Any doctors here say that it’s good for health. Even bodybuilders in 80-90’s ate it on regular basis for bulking muscles.

    Want see the real result of tofu, egg, and meat? Search for “Ade Rai”, he’s a legendary bodybuilder in 1990’s who doesn’t consume any commercial supplements.

    1. In my opinion, giving your dog only veggies and tofu is a disservice to your pets.

  3. While dogs are phylogenetically carnivores, evolutionarily they are omnivores and have been shown to thrive on a vegetarian diet. Just as any diet, if done correctly, a dog will be healthy and happy.

  4. The human benefits of soy have absolutely been proven. Every vet I have ever encountered in over 40 years of dog companionship has agreed that the benefits of soy as a supplement, not a mainstay of the diet, are equally enjoyed by our canine friends provided the dog has no bad (our equivalent to allergic) reaction.

  5. Soybean tofu is not necessary as a supplement to provide extra protein unless your dog has Degenerative Myelopathy. There is plenty of soybean lecithin in Tofu. If you decide to go with commercial dog food, then use 1-2 tsp of soy bean lecithin granules at each feeding.

  6. Research done by the University of Western Cape proved that animals consuming a plant-based diet, including soy, were superior to those consuming a flesh diet. I feed my dog a variety of fruit, veggies, grains and legumes including soy/tofu. She is happy and so am I!

    1. Hats off to this comment. Every time I mention a controlled plant-based diet with plenty of soy, grains, fresh fruit and vegetables I get looked down on by other dog owners. Every time I take the dog to the vet, they also blame everything on his diet. It’s good to know I’m not the only one!

      1. Harry, you are not the only one! I also have my dogs on a vegan diet including all kinds of healthy veggies, seeds, vitamins and minerals. Everything must be in moderation though. Dogs know what they can eat and would not ever consume anything that is harmful for their bodies. We trust our dogs too!

    2. My dog’s littermates were born with an allergy to meat proteins. My vet had them on vegetarian foods plus vegetarian kibble. They are 2 years old now and are very happy.

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