Can I Give My Dog Pizza?

Can I Give My Dog Pizza?We all love pizza. It’s often listed in the top 10 all-time favorite foods. Most dogs love pizza too, but is it okay for them?

Many people want to share our favorite foods with their canine companions. But responsible dog owners also want to make sure their beloved pet’s health and safety aren’t put at unnecessary risk. It’s often been said that dogs shouldn’t really be given people food and we tend to agree.

Here we’ll find out exactly where pizza stands. We process food somewhat differently than dogs do. Although there are people foods that can be beneficial to dogs, there are also certain varieties which are toxic and fatal for them. Here’s our judgement call on dogs and pizza.

Can I Give My Dog Pizza? Answer: No

Believe it or not, pizza is one of the most dangerous foods that you can give to your beloved pet dog.

While pizza comes in many variations, most pizza toppings belong to the “not good for dogs” list. These toppings include cheese, garlic and onions. Mushroom and tomatoes are probably okay but the entire combination is highly questionable. It could be like feeding your best bud little doses of poison every time you share a slice of pizza with them.

You really should be very careful what you feed your dogs. The ASPCA has listed human foods as one of the top culprits for cases that involve poisoning in dogs. Giving pizza for your pup, especially on a regular basis, should be discouraged.

More on Pizza Toppings

Onion and garlic are common ingredients, often used as toppings, for making a pizza. These happen to be deadly ingredients for dogs. Unlike humans, your dog lacks the enzymes needed to process and break down the Thiosulfate components present in garlic and onions. Too much of these foods can cause diarrhea, vomiting and even anemia in your dog.

We all love extra cheese on our pizza as well. Unfortunately, the milk content present in the cheese is also unhealthy for dogs. Canines are generally lactose intolerant and cheese can cause them to have digestive problems even though you may not be able to observe it most times.

Other Bad Aspects

Pizza contains high amounts of oil, salt and other spices that are somewhat toxic for most dogs. Just because they consume what you give them doesn’t mean their bodies will agree with it.

Finally, too much fatty food (especially of the human variety) can cause canine pancreatitis. Consider that the total body weight of a dog is generally lighter than the weight of an average adult person. As such, they can be greatly affected by even small portions of harmful people food.

What You Should Do

No matter how much your dog begs for pizza, you shouldn’t give in! Instead keep a supply of your dog’s favorite dog treats at home. This way you’ll always have something to give your dog when the begging for pizza starts. Don’t let them clean up the leftovers just because you are stuffed and there is still one slice remaining!

You need to be firm and you have to resist the temptation of sharing pizza with your dog if you want your four-legged friend to be with you for a long time. Get into good habits and avoid bad ones, such as sharing pizza, whenever possible.

Commercial dog food and dog treats, the quality ones, have been developed for this very reason. Your dog’s system has different nutritional requirements than the human body and it needs a different form of maintenance and nutrition as well. Pizza just isn’t going to cut it.

Conclusion on Pizza

Resist giving most people foods to your favorite pet, and this includes pizza. You can add more healthy years to their life by sticking to this philosophy. If you still want to share some of your food stuff with your dog, do so in moderation and be educated on which foods are best. As far as pizza is concerned, we consider this as a definite no-no for dogs due to all the ingredients and toppings that go into making this popular food.

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Someone June 25, 2015

It is not sensible to think that it’s okay to give a dog pizza. Anyone who puts their pet at risk, because they lack the self control to say no, is making a mistake.

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Sarah December 13, 2014

How about just the crust? Is it okay? I don’t want it and my dog is begging for it.

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Unknown May 5, 2015

Yes, you can give the crust but no cheese!

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Peter December 9, 2014

The key is not avoidance, but moderation. None of the scary ingredients are present in a high enough concentration to be life-threatening unless an exorbitant amount is consumed. A dog will usually be satisfied receiving some regular kibble with the odor of pizza. A teaspoon of sauce per cup of kibble should be safe, with the caveat for both people and dogs that pizza shouldn’t be eaten more than once a week and in a rational size portion.

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Bri June 22, 2014

Giving your dog a treat when they start begging will just make it worse and that will make you give in. The trick is to say “NO”. Try that when your dog starts to beg instead of rewarding bad behavior!

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Maria April 5, 2014

I give my dog garlic as I was informed it prevents fleas.

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Bri June 22, 2014

I haven’t heard that. Does that work? If it does I am going to try it!

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