Can I Give My Dog Peaches?

Can I Give My Dog Peaches?Health conscious folks, dog owners included, eat lots of fruits and peaches are among the most popular. So there’s no doubt this delicious fruit has been on Fido’s food radar.

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Most pet dogs will enjoy a juicy peach if given the opportunity. Before sharing this fantastic fruit with your best buddy you should learn about the pros and cons of which there are several!

You can safely provide your dog with a peach but there’s a right and wrong way to go about doing it. Avoid pitfalls (pun intended) and your precious pet will be just fine.

Can I Give My Dog Peaches? Answer: Yes, but never the pit

The fruit itself isn’t harmful but the seed inside is what you need to be mindful of.

Perhaps a better and more consistent way to add this healthy fruit to your pet’s diet is with a high-quality peachy organic dog treat. Mild cases of diarrhea, or looser stools, are possible after your dog eats pure peaches. But we’re more concerned with peach pits more than anything else. You may have heard about how the seeds contain cyanide which, of course, can be deadly. Let’s put that into proper peach perspective instead of spreading scary rumors.

Cyanide Really is the Pits

It’s true that cyanide can kill human beings and certainly dogs. Peaches do have low levels of this harmful chemical compound just as bananas contain traces of radiation. So, be smart and keep peaches out of the reach of your dog all together. While you aren’t interested in eating the pit at the center of a juicy peach, your dog may view it as the best part!

Poisoning Problem Solved

Depending on the size of your dog, a single pit won’t harm them but cumulative adverse effects from cyanide are possible. Make no mistake, your dog is more prone to peach pit poisoning because their body and organs are smaller than those of a typical person.

If you do feed your dog an occasional peach, it should be under your supervision. Personally prepare the seedless peach for them. This also goes for most other fruits containing pits such as pears, plums and apricots.

Symptoms to Watch Out For

If your dog ate a peach or nectarine pit, do not panic. Just know what to look for! Early signs of trouble include dilated pupils, excessive salivation and dizziness. These symptoms point to cyanide poisoning assuming they’ve consumed some potentially harmful peach seeds. In such a case, immediately see a vet since serious medical issues could develop including seizures, shock and even a coma.

The best course of action is preventative so always keep your peaches away from your dog(s).

Health Benefits of Peaches

Peaches are definitely a healthy fruit and your dog may benefit from the high levels of fiber and vitamin A. The sweet and juicy peach may even help with bowel movements and, in theory, assist with fighting infections or even cancer!

Fruits for Dogs in General

Many fruits contain pits or seeds which can be hazardous to dogs. They can cause an obstruction inside your canine’s digestive tract. Such foods are often left out on the kitchen counter-top, including peaches, or nectarines, creating real dangers for dogs. It cannot be emphasized enough, to prevent food poisoning or choking, keep your entire fruit supply out of reach.

No Peach Preservatives Please

Pitless canned peaches are not a recommended alternative. Canned fruit, in general, usually contains a heavy syrup with too much sugar and other preservatives. It may be harmful to your dog’s health over the long term. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Conclusion on Peaches

Prepared peaches are okay for dogs, as an occasional treat, but they require proper preparation which should always include removing the pit. Many pet parents feed their dogs a bit of peach during the hot summer months. Doing so is normal, and even healthy, if you simply follow a few common sense peach precautions.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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