Can I Give My Dog Nutmeg?

Can I Give My Dog Nutmeg?Nutmeg is a spice that owners need to be well-informed about because it can be very harmful, even fatal for dogs. To make matters worse, canines are usually attracted to its unique scent.

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This common ingredient can quickly wreak havoc on your dog’s nervous system. Due to the significant toxicity, nutmeg is not a spice that should ever be given to a beloved pet.

Here we’ll discuss important information concerning nutmeg and it’s dangerous effects on dogs. If some has already been consumed then you may need to act fast to avoid suffering and heartache.

Can I Give My Dog Nutmeg? Answer: No, it’s highly toxic

This household spice can cause serious sickness with the worst effects being tremors, seizures, convulsions and even death.

Make no mistake about it, nutmeg is basically poison for your pet dog. Unfortunately, it’s used in lots of delicious recipes with good examples being eggnog and pumpkin pie. Often times you don’t even know when nutmeg is included and this presents quite a problem due to the strong levels of toxicity. This is a classic example that demonstrates why sharing certain human foods can be so dangerous to dogs.

Make a concerted effort to keep all foods, that may contain even small amounts of nutmeg, well out of reach.

Perspective & Prudent Policy

People actually get high from nutmeg and consider that your dog has a much lower threshold. You should immediately call the local vet for cases of accidental ingestion. Nutmeg, when enough is eaten, is very concerning for canines. Puppy-proof your kitchen, keeping all of your spices up high and out of reach. Remember to return them, to their proper place after each use, for your dog’s sake.

Nutmeg ranks right up there with chocolate as being extremely toxic and potentially fatal to dogs. It’s certainly one of those foods not to be taken lightly.

Why Nutmeg is Dangerous

Nutmeg can be very potent, even causing hallucinations when enough is consumed. More seriously, a chemical called Myristicin can bring upon seizures and your dog’s central nervous system would be vulnerable to all kinds of serious problems. Eating nutmeg may even be a traumatic experience for your dog due to considerable neurotoxicity combined with the potential for hallucinogenic effects.

Even less serious effects could cause a furry friend to experience nausea, dehydration and general body pain.

Pet Pooch Poisoning Plan

If you have reason to believe that the family dog has eaten this spice then try to determine how much was consumed. Closely observe them for early signs or symptoms. Not all nutmeg cases require medical attention, but if things aren’t looking good you’ll need to act fast. Inducing vomiting, if you know what you’re doing, or visiting an animal hospital are prudent and recommended.

If your dog is displaying any strange behavior, following a nutmeg mishap, it should be taken seriously.

Spices for Dogs in General

Sometimes allowing a dog to partake in human foods is a bad idea. There are many questionable ingredients in recipes that can be problematic, nutmeg to say the least! There are, however, some spices that are okay for dogs but most are not. When we talk about harmful human foods it makes quality canine food sound like a safe haven of sorts. That isn’t to say you can’t treat your dog once in awhile, but something like nutmeg can really complicate matters.

It’s really best to use formulated snacks that are healthy for times when you want to give Fido a treat.

Conclusion on Nutmeg

Never let your dog even get near foods that contain nutmeg, no exceptions. This spice is highly toxic, with the potential to severely affect your pet’s nervous system. Nutmeg is not only inappropriate but easily harmful. Death is possible, that’s how seriously poisonous this spice can be for dogs. Keep any supply locked up so your best buddy has no way of ever getting at nutmeg.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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