Can I Give My Dog Marijuana?

Can I Give My Dog Marijuana?If your dog has nagging pain or needs to chill sometimes, you may have thought about giving them some marijuana. This natural drug induces a state of calm which is desirable for an overactive dog. However, giving your pet some of your pot is highly controversial to say the least.

We believe that weed isn’t something you should be exposing your dog to. The effects can be quite traumatic for them, being high can be a terrible experience for some dogs. People should set aside their personal beliefs regarding marijuana and just do what’s right for their pets.

Yes, ganja can ease painful medical problems such as arthritis, but there are better solutions available to dogs which come with less side effects. A treatment plan that’s designed for their needs, that won’t involve altering their mental state, is preferable to marijuana. Use something that’s designed for canines.

Can I Give My Dog Marijuana? Answer: No

It’s not a good idea to give your dog recreational drugs, whether it be pot, alcohol or anything else.

Marijuana is really meant to be smoked by consenting individuals. Obviously dogs cannot smoke anything! Further, deciding to use it is a highly personal choice that your four-legged friend cannot make. You really are imposing your will on them by giving them pot.

Medicinal Marijuana Use

Some people wonder if they can give their dogs marijuana to treat certain medical conditions and even anxiety. It’s true that marijuana is sometimes legally prescribed to humans for problems ranging from cataracts to terminal illnesses. But it’s quite a jump to think this carries over to our pet dogs. If you’ve done so already and they seemed at ease, then fine. However, we wouldn’t recommend it for folks who are considering giving pot to their dogs for the first time.

Better Alternatives to Weed

It seems unfair that dogs don’t have a catnip equivalent. There must be something that’s harmless which also alters their state the way catnip does for cats. The truth is that dogs are so in the moment, so supercharged, they’re already having an altered life experience. They don’t normally need anything to help them out mentally, in our opinion. Some herbs like basil can have a mild calming effect but nothing near the strength of marijuana.

You may think cannabis would be good because it would help mellow them out. If you have a jumpy dog that needs to sleep better or just be soothed, try using some Melatonin which also happens to be natural.

Not Natural for Dogs

You really should seek alternatives to marijuana if you are considering its use for your dog. Canines would never have the opportunity to smoke it under any scenario. They might run through an entire field of it, but aside from eating the leaves if they were starving, they wouldn’t have the capacity or understanding to even consider smoking it.

It’s actually ridiculous if you think about it. Unfortunately, some young people think it’s funny and entertaining to see a dog that’s high or drunk.

Second Hand Smoke

If you’re worried about harming your dog’s lungs by smoking marijuana in their vicinity, make an effort to keep them away from the smoke. In other words, put them outside while you’re smoking marijuana. They shouldn’t be exposed to it. While others may tell funny stories about what happened when their dog smelled enough of it, it’s not very responsible pet ownership.

Conclusion on Marijuana

Since Colorado legalized marijuana there’s more talk about dogs getting their paws on pot. Vets are seeing an uptick in pets needing to be treated for consuming weed. Between notice pot smokers and immature kids, who get a kick out of watching a dog experiencing the effects of marijuana, this human activity is becoming more of a problem for dogs.

Dog’s deserve better. Legalizing pot for people shouldn’t change the situation for canines. Some people, however, are legitimately looking for solutions for treating their pet’s pain. We take the view that there are much better treatment options out there for dogs. Providing marijuana isn’t a good fit for your best friend.

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Ryan March, 2015

My dog loves to get high with the family. Whenever I smoke, he will put his nose in my lap and wait for me to blow him some smoke. He has benign tumors and a previously broken leg that do cause him some pain. He seems much more relaxed and less stiff afterwards. My other dogs just politely leave the room when we start smoking though.

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Concerned Reader August, 2013

I don’t support giving dogs marijuana, but that’s because of valid reasons like informed consent and unclear physiological consequences, not fallacious appeals to nature.

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Bark Pawn September, 2013

It’s also unnatural for humans to eat rocks, but you don’t see that many people proclaiming that everyone is just “close-minded” about it.

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Winksport March, 2013

Thanks for posting this. I really wish people wouldn’t give their dogs people drugs, at least not without the supervision of a vet!

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Love My Dog August, 2013

My buddy named Diego hates to be around smoke but loves to eat pot. And no, I didn’t force it on him, I found out he liked it because he picked up my sack and started to sneak off with it crouched down low. When I said his name he dropped it and ran. Ever since he just eats my crumbs when he wants to and occasionally I offer him a small bud and he has rarely ever turned it down.

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