Can I Give My Dog Marijuana?

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Can I Give My Dog Marijuana?If your dog needs to chill every once in awhile, you may have thought about giving them some marijuana. One of the effects of the natural drug is to induce a state of calm. Some owners would welcome this in an overactive dog.

Weed or pot is something that you don’t want to expose your dog to. The effects do not help them, their bodies are ill suited for it and the whole experience can be a traumatizing for them.

If your dog has a medical problem, like arthritis, or anything else that puts them in a constant state of pain, there are better solutions available to help them cope with the pain, and that has less side effects than marijuana. A vet can put them on a treatment plan that is specific to their needs, and possibly even fix the problem that is causing the pain. What you’ll be getting is something that’s designed for canines.

Can I Give My Dog Marijuana? Answer: No

It’s not a good idea to give your dog recreational drugs, whether it be pot, alcohol or anything else.

The effects that it creates are not extensively studied, there isn’t much data on how they’ll react. One thing is for sure, it’s not natural for dogs to smoke, and therefore it can’t be as good for them as not smoking anything is. You really are imposing your will on them by giving them pot.

Medicinal Marijuana

Some owners wonder if they can give their dog marijuana because of a medical condition that it might help treat, even for things like anxiety.

Since marijuana is prescribed to humans for problems ranging from cataracts to terminal illnesses, it only makes sense that we might make the jump to thinking of giving it to our dogs if they’re suffering from the same or similar conditions.

Alternatives to Weed

It seems unfair that dogs don’t have a catnip equivalent, something that is harmless to them but alters their state the way catnip does for cats. Dogs are so in the moment, so supercharged, they’re already having an altered life experience.

They don’t really need anything to help them out. Some herbs like basil can have a mild calming effect but nothing near marijuana.

You might think marijuana or Cannabis would be good because it would help mellow them out so they’re not going at Mach 5 all the time, or if you have a jumpy dog it would help soothe them and let them relax a bit, especially when you’re not in the mood to play.

Unfortunately most reports are that you should keep your supply away from dogs, and that it’s not something they should take part in with you. Of course there are plenty of owners that say it’s OK and that nothing bad happened to their dog, but how do they know? Are they vets? Did the dog tell them of their experience? They’re just guessing.

Not Natural for Dogs

If dogs were left by themselves in the wild they would never have the opportunity to smoke marijuana. They might run through an entire field of it, but aside from eating the leaves, they wouldn’t have the capacity to smoke it. Therefore it’s simply nothing that needs to enter into their experience, and there’s simply no reason to go out of your way to give it to them.

Second Hand Smoke

If you’re worried that you’re doing your dog harm by smoking marijuana in their vicinity, you should make an effort to confine them to a room where there isn’t any smoke around, or put them outside while you’re doing it.

They simply don’t need to be exposed to it, and while other owners might relay funny stories about what happened when their dog smells it, it’s not very responsible pet ownership.

Legalization of Pot

Since Colorado legalized marijuana there’s more talk about dogs getting their paws on pot. Vets are seeing an uptick in dogs needing to be treated for consuming weed. Maybe it’s attributable to novice pot smokers who can’t stash their weed properly or just immature kids who get a kick out of watching a dog experiencing the effects of marijuana.

Either way there’s no excuse for it. Dog’s deserve better. Legalizing pot for people shouldn’t change the situation for canines. Let’s hope these people are more responsible with the new found rights they’ve been given.

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Concerned Reader August 22, 2013

I don’t support giving dogs marijuana, but that’s because of valid reasons like informed consent and unclear physiological consequences, not fallacious appeals to nature.

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Bark Pawn September 4, 2013

It’s also unnatural for humans to eat rocks, but you don’t see that many people proclaiming that everyone is just “close-minded” about it.

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Winksport March 14, 2013

Thanks for posting this. I really wish people wouldn’t give their dogs people drugs, at least not without the supervision of a vet!

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Love My Dog August 9, 2013

My buddy named Diego hates to be around smoke but loves to eat pot. And no, I didn’t force it on him, I found out he liked it because he picked up my sack and started to sneak off with it crouched down low. When I said his name he dropped it and ran. Ever since he just eats my crumbs when he wants to and occasionally I offer him a small bud and he has rarely ever turned it down.

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