Can I Give My Dog Marijuana?

Can I Give My Dog Marijuana?If your dog has nagging pain, or just needs to chill, you may have thought about getting them high with marijuana. This natural drug can induce a state of calm, but sharing your pot with a pooch is controversial to say the least.

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We believe that weed isn’t something that dogs should be exposed to. Being high may be a terrible experience for an animal. Any personal beliefs regarding marijuana should be set aside and owners should just do what’s right for their beloved pets.

While ganja can ease painful medical problems, such as arthritis, there are safer solutions available to dogs which come with less side effects. A treatment plan that’s designed for their needs, that won’t involve altering their mental state, is preferable to marijuana.

Can I Give My Dog Marijuana? Answer: No, bad idea

Recreational drugs, whether it be pot, alcohol or anything else shouldn’t be given to pets.

Marijuana is smoked, sometimes eaten in various ways, by consenting individuals. Obviously dogs cannot consent. Further, pot can harm a canine’s lungs due to the second-hand smoke. Its use is a highly personal choice that your four-legged friend cannot make. You’d be imposing your will on your dog by giving them pot. While the choice is yours, we cannot encourage it.

The only weed that’s never harmful, and even fun for dogs, is a squeaky marijuana toy!

Medicinal Marijuana Use

Some people wonder if they can give their dogs marijuana to treat certain medical conditions and even anxiety. It’s true that marijuana is sometimes legally prescribed for problems ranging from cataracts to terminal illnesses. But it’s quite a jump to think this carries over to our pet dogs.

If you’ve done so already and they seemed at ease, then fine. But we wouldn’t recommend it for folks considering pot for their dogs for the first time.

Better Alternatives to Weed

It seems unfair that dogs don’t have a catnip equivalent. There must be something that’s harmless which also alters their state the way catnip does for cats. The truth is that dogs are so in the moment, so supercharged, they’re already having a mellow life experience. They don’t normally need anything to help them out mentally. Canine depression is another story.

You may think cannabis would be good because it would help calm them down. If you have a jumpy dog that needs to sleep better or just be soothed, try using some Melatonin which also happens to be natural. Also, some herbs such as basil can have a mild calming effect but nothing near the strength of marijuana.

Pot Not Natural for Dogs

When you think about it, dogs would never have the opportunity to smoke marijuana. They wouldn’t have the capacity or understanding to even consider smoking it. Sure, your dog can eat some but that’s still not something that would be natural for them. They’d clearly be seeking food instead of the effects of marijuana.

It’s actually ridiculous to get a dog high on weed. Unfortunately, some young people consider it funny and entertaining to see a canine in such a state like this or drunk.

Avoid Second Hand Smoke

If you are worried about harming your dog’s lungs by smoking marijuana in their vicinity, make an effort to keep them away from the smoke. In other words, put them outside while you are inhaling marijuana. They shouldn’t be exposed to it. While others may tell funny stories about what happened when their dog got a whiff, it’s not responsible pet ownership.

Conclusion on Marijuana

Since some states have legalized marijuana, there’s more talk about dogs getting their paws on pot. Vets are seeing an uptick in pets needing to be treated for consuming weed. Between novice pot smokers and immature kids, this activity is becoming more of an issue for dogs. Legalization shouldn’t change the situation for pets. If you are looking for solutions to help with your pet’s pain, we take the view that there are much better options. Marijuana just isn’t appropriate for dogs.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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