Can I Give My Dog Ginger Ale?

Can I Give My Dog Ginger Ale?Perhaps your mother or grandmother gave you ginger ale for an upset tummy when you were a kid. You may have experienced some relief, and now you think the same solution will work for your dog.

Sometimes what’s commonly known as a remedy for humans gets transferred to the world of dogs. It’s typically not a good idea to apply the same sort of quackery on animals that we perform on ourselves, but it’s just the nature of things. There’s no real need to give your dog ginger ale, and it will not make their situation any better than it is.

Your dog only needs a few things in life to have a happy and healthy existence, and ginger ale isn’t on the list. Since there’s no benefit from giving it to them, there’s no need to. It will only complicate matters, and does nothing to help them in any way, regardless if their situation seems to improve once you give it to them.

Can I Give My Dog Ginger Ale? Answer: Not Recommended

Many owners falsely believe that it’s the actions they take to help their dog’s stomach issues, but in fact it is just the time that has elapsed, and a dog’s natural healing process that’s moved things along.

Today’s Beverage Industry

Perhaps in the olden days when ginger ale was made with real ginger it has some effect on human digestive systems and was the right concoction for easing things like upset stomach and indigestion.

Nowadays any trace of actual ingredients has long been taken out of any commercially produced ginger ale, and all that you’re left with is high fructose corn syrup and chemicals that make it taste the way it does. Not only that but there’s also all sort of acids and carbonation that will do anything but soothe your dog’s stomach.

For Nausea

If you think that your dog will benefit from some ginger ale if they are nauseous, you’re wrong. First, you’d have to accurately diagnose that your dog is feeling this way, and since they’re not going to say the words to you, you have to rely on observation and correctly deciphering their behavior.

Even if you did this, you would still have to be under the impression that anything you give your dog to help a stomach problem is going to have any effect on their current condition. Since their system processes things at a much faster pace than ours, by the time you give them anything for nausea, this sensation will have already passed long ago, and they will now have to deal with processing this new substance you’ve given them.

For Vomiting

If your dog is throwing up and you plan on giving them something for it, there’s no real need. Vomiting is your dogs natural reaction to get something out of their system that doesn’t belong. You shouldn’t be trying to stifle this natural cure, and you don’t need to do anything in order to encourage it either.

Give your dog lots of space and get the cleaning products ready so that you can clean up the mess. That’s all you can do and it’s all that’s needed. Your dogs system will return to normal once the unwanted food, or foreign object has been purged.

For Upset Stomach

If your dog is showing signs of an upset stomach, as a concerned owner you may think that they need your help to relieve their suffering. If they are not digesting something properly, it’s most likely because you deviated from their normal intake of dog food, or they managed to eat something they shouldn’t have.

Luckily this will pass with time. Your dog will only suffer for a short time, because they’ll either poo out the problem in the form of diarrhea or a normal bowel movement, or they’ll throw it up if they just can’t handle it. Either way it will handle itself in short order. You might have the experience of having an all-day stomach ache or serious bouts of indigestion that last for hours, but this isn’t the case for dogs, and they are equipped to handle most anything they ingest.

If your dog eats something it shouldn’t have it may not be elegant or pretty when it comes out either end, but what it won’t do is stay in your dog for very long, it’s just the way they’re designed. They don’t need much intervention from us in terms of giving them home remedies like ginger ale, and if the stomach problem is serious you’ll need a trip to the vet anyway, and no amount of anything is going to help matters.

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