Can I Give My Dog Fat?

Can I Give My Dog Fat?Many of us are guilty of feeding our dogs table food after we’ve finished our meal. More specifically, is it a good idea to give them fat offcuts? Of course, some fat is part of meat and dogs need this protein in their diets, right? Using this logic make cause you to make the wrong decision regarding this big fat question.

While there are human foods which are safe for dog consumption, there’s also a large range of foods which can cause more damage than good. Knowing what is safe for your dog and what is not is the first step to ensuring that your dog isn’t fed something that will make him sick. Maybe not giving him leftovers is the most logical choice, ensuring that this never happens.

Dogs need a healthy and well balanced diet to ward off illness, keep them healthy and fit, by giving them a food that is detrimental to them can result in many diseases including kidney failure, liver damage, pancreatic and heart problems.

Can I Give My Dog Cooked Fat? Answer: Not Recommended

Cooked or rendered fat is not ideal for dog consumption. It causes pancreatic and is difficult for them to digest. This includes offcuts of cooked meat and lard, which are both dangerous to your dog’s health.

If you want to feed your dog a personal diet and cook for them, check with your vet on what is safe or not, though giving cooked fat or lard is a definite no. Strangely enough raw fat is considered safe and can be fed along with other foods to produce healthy coat and skin.

Healthy Diet, Not Fats

You may feel that the kibble you feed your dog each day isn’t enough and want to give him a good home cooked meal from time to time. Some dog owners don’t buy dog food at all and feed their dogs leftovers of the family meal, while this is alright you need to ensure that they are getting the right nutrients and proteins they need to keep them healthy and strong.

Feeding a healthy diet can include kibble, wet dog food and even fish once or twice a week. Salmon and tuna are fantastic for dogs and are filled with omega 3 fatty acids which helps promote health.

What Is Bad To Feed Dogs

Some foods are obviously bad for dogs such as raisins and macadamia nuts, but others you may not be aware of such as chocolate. Rendered or cooked fat joins these bad dog food choices and only cause illness later on with pancreatic being the main concern.

Foods such as fish, meat, vegetables and rice are all safe for dogs and you can make up your own dog foods including chicken and rice or meat and rice to put over their kibble to keep them interested.

If at any stage you are unsure as to whether the food you wish to give your dog is safe or not, you can check with the vet.

If Your Dog Eats Fat

You may be having a barbecue at home and a child hands your dog some cooked fat or your dog may have found his way onto the kitchen counter eating a piece of meat filled with fat. Usually this won’t be a cause for concern; one piece shouldn’t cause permanent damage. But if your dog has managed to eat a block of lard, you may want to call the vet and discuss this with him.

Lard and rendered fat can also cause heart problems in dogs, so take extra care. There will be times you can’t stop a dog from eating the cooked fat off meat, but as mentioned a small amount shouldn’t have any negative effects.

Add Variety Instead

If you want to add some variety to your dog’s food, you can try making your own dog food and adding it over their kibble or replace one or two meals a week with a specially made food.

If you are ever unsure if your ingredients are safe or not you can confirm with your vet first before feeding. If your dog has a medical condition your vet may suggest that they stick to the kibble and variety will be more damaging than good.

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