Read This Before Sharing Donuts With Your Pet Dog!

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Dogs and delicious donuts do not mix.

It’s likely your buddy wants this sweet treat, but it has to be said that sharing is not caring.

Can I Give My Dog a Donut?Do not look to your dog to finish off a box of donuts. Bad idea!

Want to provide just a taste?

The good news is there’s no toxicity. Nothing will happen.

That said, obviously donuts fall flat (hopefully not on the floor) from a dietary standpoint.

Too much and there will eventually be health consequences. Begging is also a big concern.

Dogs Should Not Have Donuts

Avoid feeding this junk food. Give any leftovers to your human friends.

You want your dog to be around for a long time. Never feed them donuts.

Be strict and do not share!

Better Canine Treats

Get a nutritious canine treat that makes sense for their dietary requirements.

Provide that when your dog sees you eating a donut. You’ll both feel better about it.

Besides, begging is a very tough habit to break!

Ultimate Junk Food

Think about it! Donuts are a sweet confectionery comfort food for many folks.

They’re one of the worst treats.

Donuts are high in saturated fat, sodium, sugar as well as cholesterol.

Here is what’s worse:

Your dog’s system isn’t equipped for this food. Sure, Fido may be fine in the short-term.

But, the truth is sharing lots of donuts will catch up to them in their later years.

All Types of Donuts

It doesn’t matter what type of doughnut you’re thinking of giving your dog.

All kinds are off limits.

This popular dessert-like treat is somewhat similar to a bagel. No, it’s actually much worse!

Forget about feeding this fried and sugary food.

The decision is super easy regardless of where you get your donuts.

Krispy Kreme, Dunkin’ Donuts, bakeries or supermarket sourced – they are all terrible treats for a dog.

Unhealthy and Obese

Still not convinced?

Donuts, in their basic form, are fried dough.

Then they get loaded up with sugar, sometimes sprinkles and many other dessert toppings. The result is a classic contributor to obesity.

Everyone knows this, but the problem of overweight dogs is rarely discussed.

Make no mistake about it, pet obesity is a serious issue. Owners are to blame.

You’d be smart to withhold donuts.

Careful With Chocolate

Lots of donut variations incorporate chocolate in one way or another.

This is a recipe for doggie disaster. It’s well-known that chocolate can be extremely harmful for dogs.

Besides this ingredient?

It is unlikely the typical donut contains anything poisonous, but that’s not the point!

Do yourself, and your dog, a favor and consider throwing those leftover doughnuts away.

The Bottom Line

It really is best to never feed your dog donuts.

Even sharing a small amount isn’t so smart.

There is nothing good about them whatsoever. On the contrary, donuts will eventually make your dog sluggish and fairly unhealthy.

This fried and sugary treat should be off limits.

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3 thoughts on “Read This Before Sharing Donuts With Your Pet Dog!”

  1. My dog won’t drink his morning coffee without donuts.

  2. I already gave my dog a Timbit, which is basically the middle cut out from a donut.

  3. Sugary and salty human snack foods will eventually cause unhealthy gums, teeth and atrocious breath. Anyone who has been to the dentist knows how painful it can be.

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