The Truth About Giving Your Dog Bagels!

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Has your dog ever watched you eat a bagel in the morning? Are you wondering about sharing some?

Can I Give My Dog a Bagel?The first thing you should know is this:

Eventually your buddy could begin to beg which would be an obvious sign of a bad feeding habit.

Of course, there is a difference between part of a bagel and your dog getting into an entire bag!

In any case, the Everything bagel is particularly problematic due to the herbs and spices.

But really no variety makes for a good treat.

Do Not Feed Your Dog Bagels

It is similar to bread which is also not recommended.

While you won’t be putting your dog in immediate danger, getting carried away with bagels can cause a condition called Bloat though thankfully such an occurrence is rare.

One thing is absolutely certain:

Leftover bagels will not benefit your dog.

Your pet will begin to gain weight especially if you feed this food often. And again, sharing could become a tough habit to break.

Why Those Bagels Are Bad

There is nothing good about sharing bagels with your dog.

They are loaded up with gluten and carbs. Canines tend to get a bit sluggish after consuming these.

Most bagels come with a layer of tasty toppings including onion bits, garlic, poppy seeds and sesame.

There are also bagels with raisins baked into them and these can be downright dangerous for dogs.

About That Cream Cheese

Many people load their bagels up with cream cheese and other spreads. The additional toppings make them even worse for a dog.

Adding butter, cream cheese or jelly to your bagel are also bad ideas.

If you feed this to a dog, it should be just a taste. Make it a rare exception, not the rule.

Dogs And Human Foods

It’s generally not a good idea to give your dog processed people foods.

There are certain fruits, vegetables and especially meats are usually fine.

But bagels? No.

Dogs have evolved from predators and they require a mostly carnivorous diet. Think about it, they wouldn’t normally stumble upon a bagel.

The goal shouldn’t be to simply fill the stomach!

Dogs don’t have any business eating doughy bagels. Instead, freeze your leftovers and save them for another day.

Meat Protein, Not Dough

Provide meat-based foods instead of bread based fillers.

Buy quality dog food and make sure the number one ingredient is an animal-based protein. Have healthy treats handy so you can reward them for not begging.

Good behavior deserves doggy-formulated treats instead of a fattening bagel.

Fill your dog’s eager stomach while providing valuable vitamins and nutrients. Bagels cannot serve this precious pet purpose.

The Bottom Line

Avoid giving your dog bagels.

They are not healthy and there is no valid reason to feed them.

This goes for the plain bagel variety, but also those with seasonings or other toppings.

Avoid doughy high-calorie filler foods for your dog’s sake.

More bagels for you!

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  1. I have two dogs. I buy a bagel and share it with my dogs. Am I doing something wrong?

  2. My dog just found a bag of bagels on the counter at home and ate an entire bagel covered with sesame seeds. Are sesame seeds harmful or poisonous for dogs?

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