Want to Give Your Dog Some Candy? Read This First!

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Has your dog ever watched you eating candy and wanted to join in?

Can I Give My Dog Candy?Straight to the point:

Some sweets are worse than others, but all types of candy are inappropriate for dogs. Think of all the sugar!

Even moderate amounts can rot teeth, disrupt metabolism and contribute to diabetes.

Dogs Should Not Have Candy

And anything with chocolate is absolutely off limits!

Just because someone has a sweet tooth doesn’t mean a best buddy can partake.

Putting the health effects aside, candy could create a bad habit that may manifest in the form of begging.

The Common Misconception

Many people think of dogs as being able to eat just about anything — including candy.

This is simply not the case!

Dogs are susceptible to many of the same diseases, including cancer and diabetes.

Do not let anyone tell you that your dog can have candy.

Never Chocolate Candy

Lots of candy has chocolate in it and toxicity is a real concern for canines.

Be sure to read labels for your precious pet dog. Otherwise, feeding certain ingredients could result in tragedy.

Not just candies, but many desserts and other types of snacks often incorporate chocolate. Be on the look out!

Not Food Connoisseurs

Dogs don’t stop to savor what you give them.

There is no need to shake things up because they eat to live. Canines consume so they’re not hungry anymore.

Candy doesn’t fit into that unless you want to sick pup.

Setting aside the terrible things about providing candy; the more variety you add to your dog’s diet, the more likely they will end up with digestive problems later on.

There are no good reasons, or positive things, about giving a dog candy whatsoever.

Designated Dog Treats

Keep a supply of dog treats.

These will typically come with the added bonus of scrubbing your dog’s teeth while they eat it, or providing extra vitamins and minerals.

This way your dog will get something special, and you can make them feel like they are part of your candy eating experience without actually giving them candy.

Keep It Simple, Really

Your dog just needs a good quality dog food, fresh drinking water, daily exercise and a lot of love.

We like to have sweet treats like candy and cookies and pies, and cake, and ice cream, but your dog doesn’t need these.

The Bottom Line

Never give your dog any candy.

It is a bad idea no matter what anyone says.

Keep your candy supply out of reach. Your dog will be better off without that sugar-laden, artificial and unnatural junk!

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20 thoughts on “Want to Give Your Dog Some Candy? Read This First!”

  1. My dog just ate half a bag of Lolly Snakes. He seems fine but he’s drinking a lot of water. Should we bring him to the vet?

  2. Charlotte says:

    Dogs love candy. The type I have does not contain sugar as I’m a diabetic. There must be a sweet treat they can eat?

  3. Pumpkin Patch Queen says:

    My dog ate 1 strawberry hard candy by mistake. Will he be alright?

    1. Nothing to worry about if the dog unaffected at this point.

  4. My dog ate an entire bag of fun-size Charleston Chews. Is he going to be okay? He keeps pooping out candy wrappers.

    1. It depends on his size. If he’s a big dog, and didn’t eat that much, he should be fine. But if he starts behaving weirdly, I suggest you take him to the vet.

  5. I have Smarties candies. A pack contains about 10 pieces. Is it okay to give them these? They are not very sweet. They are not chocolate.

    1. You can give your dog candy occasionally, without it harming health. However, it’s safer to not give them any candy.

  6. Can my dog eat Millions candy?

  7. My doggie licked a Skittle. Is that bad?

  8. My dog ate a Sour Patch Kid. Will she be okay? She wants more!

  9. Will my dog get sick if I give him Smarties?

    1. Smarties contain chocolate which cannot be given to dogs.

  10. My dog just licked a lollipop a couple of times. She didn’t eat the whole thing. But still is it bad?

    1. It’s not good but you shouldn’t worry about it. She will be fine!

  11. It’s just plain boring to not experience new things in life. Give your dog a nibble of candy. Just be responsible about it. Make sure it’s not chocolate or artificially sweetened or otherwise containing anything toxic.

  12. My 3 year old pug is a very picky eater. I got her 6 months ago when the previous owner passed. He fed her whatever he ate including candy, ice cream etc, etc. What can I feed her to stop the crying and whining until she gets what she wants? She hates dog food period! Any suggestions to break these bad habits?

    1. Give her treats only after she eats her dog food successfully.

      1. Yeah, Pavlov’s dog! Works like a charm.

    2. Feed her wet food if she doesn’t like kibble. You can also top regular kibble with low-fat plain yogurt, peanut butter, berries, or anything she likes that is healthy!

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