Can I Give My Dog Eggplant?

Can I Give My Dog Eggplant?Eggplant is a vegetable that many people love. Your dog, at some point, is likely to be curious about eggplant if they see you eating some. There seems to be some doubts about whether eggplant for dogs is actually safe.

Concern is raised because eggplant is a species of nightshade and is related to the tomato. As you may know, giving tomatoes to dogs, due to the alpha-tomatine they can contain, is also controversial.

Otherwise, feeding your dog part of a left-over eggplant parm sandwich seems harmless. You’re doing the right thing by checking but the bigger picture is understanding that your dog needs a diet based on meat rather than veggies.

Can I Give My Dog Eggplant? Answer: Yes, but monitor them afterwards

It isn’t likely to harm your dog. Start out with just a little and keep a watchful eye on them for a bad reaction.

Eggplant, also known as aubergine, is healthy for all who can tolerate it. Once you can confirm that your dog isn’t allergic, then they too may benefit from it’s low fat and low calorie makeup combined with the iron, calcium and fiber it provides. Eggplant compares well against something like potatoes which are high in starch, will weigh most dogs down and aren’t as nutritious.

Providing Some Eggplant

If you give some eggplant to your dog then do so in a smart way. Don’t overfeed your best buddy, especially human foods. If you aren’t against giving people food to your pup, then practice moderation. Preparing it yourself is best since you’ll know exactly what other ingredients are in the meal. Many other foods that go well with eggplant, like lots of garlic, could easily be harmful for canines.

Since eggplant in general is a food that people are known to be allergic to, prepare it in such a way to reduce the possibility to a bad reaction. Cook your eggplant thoroughly to reduce such a risk for your dog. Grilling, baking or boiling this plant is much healthier than frying it.

Don’t forget to provide a diet based on natural evolution. Your dog needs some meat and so eggplant alone isn’t going to cut it.

Argument Against Eggplant

If your dog has known kidney problems then eggplant isn’t for them. Due to the high oxalate levels it contains, this plant vegetable can complicate their condition especially if you feed it to them often. In such a case, speak with your veterinarian before introducing eggplant into your dog’s diet.

Watch for Allergic Reactions

Any time you add a new food to your dog’s world, it is best to closely monitor them. The most common symptom dogs will experience after eating eggplant is probably diarrhea. If this occurs then you know not to give them any more. This is the number one reason canine owners tend to stick to dog food since the results are more predicable.

If you know your dog to be atopic, meaning hypersensitive, then perhaps avoiding eggplant all together is best. Some more serious reactions could be vomiting, itchiness, rashes, upset stomach and headaches. However, many dogs will simply love it and everything will be just fine.

Dispelling the Myths

Somehow eggplant gets a bad reputation among people. While there’s certainly an argument for not giving people food to dogs, the relation to nightshade isn’t one of them. Eggplant is not poisonous for dogs to eat. It’s not toxic for them. That doesn’t mean your particular dog won’t have a bad reaction to it which is why we suggest close observation as well as consumption in moderation.

Conclusion on Eggplant

It’s true that many foods in the plant family are actually harmful for dogs. They evolved from wolfs and are carnivorous which probably explains why they may not be able to handle plants so well. Fortunately, eggplant isn’t one of these dangerous foods unless your dog has kidney problems or is allergic. Incidents do happen so, as a reminder, always keep your vet’s phone number handy.

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Sarah September, 2014

You mention that dogs need meat. This is categorically untrue. One of the oldest dogs recorded was vegan and dogs can live a perfectly healthy vegan life. Thank you for the rest of the eggplant related information though.


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