Can I Give My Dog Eggplant?

Can I Give My Dog Eggplant?Eggplant is a vegetable that curious canines may have their eyes on. As such, we need to find out if sharing this health food is appropriate for a beloved pet dog.

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The main concern with eggplant is its classification as a Nightshade. Some dogs are affected by these foods, but feeding Fido a small amount isn’t necessarily harmful.

A bit of leftover Eggplant Parmesan probably won’t have ill effects. Just be mindful of a possibility that your dog may have an allergic reaction. Small and plain portions are advised.

Can I Give My Dog Eggplant? Answer: Yes, but monitor afterwards

Serve just a little and keep a watchful eye for bad reactions.

Eggplant, also known as aubergine, is healthy when tolerated. If your dog isn’t allergic, they could benefit from the vitamins and minerals. Being low in fat and calories makes it an attractive treat for dogs. Eggplant compares well against potatoes which are high in starch and aren’t as nutritious.

Eggplant on occasion is okay for dogs, assuming there are no complications.

Sharing Eggplant w/ Fido

If you give some eggplant to your dog then do so in a prudent way. Don’t overfeed your buddy. Besides, this vegetable can’t provide a pet pooch with the protein they need to thrive. Practice moderation.

Prepare eggplant yourself. This way you’ll know exactly what other ingredients are in the meal. Many other foods that go well with eggplant, like garlic, could be harmful for your dog.

Grill It, Bake It or Boil It

Eggplant is a food that’s known to cause allergic reactions. So, prepare it in a way that reduces the likelihood of a bad reaction. Simple is always better.

Cook your eggplant thoroughly to reduce your dog’s risks. Grilling, baking or boiling this purple plant is much healthier than frying it. Complicated recipes are questionable for canines.

Don’t forget that your dog needs meat! Eggplant alone isn’t going to cut it.

When Eggplant’s Not Okay

If your dog has known kidney problems then eggplant probably isn’t for them. Due to the high oxalate levels, this plant vegetable can complicate their condition.

It can’t hurt to speak with your veterinarian before adding eggplant to your dog’s diet.

Allergic Reactions Possible

Monitor your pet dog any time you add a new food to their world. Diarrhea is possible after eating eggplant. This is why many owners stick to regular dog food.

If you know your dog to be atopic, meaning hypersensitive, then avoiding eggplant all together is best. More serious reactions are vomiting, itchiness, rashes, upset stomach and headaches.

The Nightshade Controversy

Eggplant has a bad reputation with some people. The relation to nightshade is a deal breaker for many folks. Normally though, eggplant is not poisonous for dogs to eat in small portions.

To be clear, it’s not toxic for canines. That doesn’t mean your particular dog won’t have a bad reaction to eggplant. That’s why we recommend observation afterwards. Moderation is also a must.

Conclusion on Eggplant

Plant foods, particularly Nightshades, can be harmful for dogs. Fortunately, eggplant isn’t known to be dangerous. Dogs with kidney problems, however, shouldn’t partake in eggplant due to the oxalates. Some dogs may also be allergic. When sharing eggplant, give a small amount and closely observe for negative reactions.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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