Can I Give My Dog Doritos?

Can I Give My Dog Doritos?The family dog may be watching while you munch on a bag of Doritos. You probably know this junk food shouldn’t be fed to any well cared for pet. With all the spices and chemicals, it’s pretty much a no-brainer.

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Doritos are so delicious due to all the unnatural flavorings. Trust us, you don’t want your dog eating this stuff. For example, the salsa-flavored variety doesn’t actually contain salsa. Instead, the chemical ingredients produce that wonderful artificial taste.

Your dog may beg for some, but you’ll be doing them a favor by not providing any Doritos. Besides the fact these processed chips aren’t at all healthy, begging is a real concern when sharing these types of corn-based junk foods. Be smart and find a more appropriate snack.

Can I Give My Dog Doritos? Answer: Not Recommended

It’s certainly a bad choice so avoid feeding your pet pooch this popular junk food.

Don’t share this with your dog. Doritos have been processed so much so that any nutrients have long been sapped out of them. These chips contain nothing but unhealthy ingredients that should not be given to dogs, all pets for that matter. Any type of Doritos will have very high levels of fat and high sodium. The top ingredient is corn, which also isn’t healthy for dogs, and even this has been processed beyond belief.

Do your best friend a favor and pick up a high-quality doggie treat that’s actually healthy!

No Comfort Food for K9s

Junk foods, like Doritos, serve their purpose for humans. This well-known brand, in particular, is quite literally a comfort food. When you’ve got the munchies, Doritos are near the top of the list. Dogs, on the other hand, depend on their owners to provide quality food that’s appropriate based on their evolutionary nutritional needs. Save the Doritos for you and don’t share them with your dog.

Much Better Treat Options

Instead of Doritos, consider a much better treat idea for indulging your pet dog. Don’t wait to come up with a snack plan for Fido while busy licking the Nacho cheese flavoring from your fingers! Many doggie snack brands offer products that contain extra vitamins and minerals. Your dog can benefit from these and they’ll have just as good of a time eating than they would with a Dorito or two or 20.

Some owners make their dogs feel special by tricking them. You can show a Dorito in one hand and then toss them a healthy dog treat with the other. They’ll really never know the difference, and you can rest at ease knowing you aren’t providing harmful or unhealthy foods.

Perspective on Junk Foods

There are some owners out there that will condone giving dogs just about anything to eat. Maybe they give their dog Doritos without any consequences or side effects. This is not grounds for drawing such a conclusion. It should be obvious that just because your dog may not display any immediate and noticeable side effects, doesn’t mean that it isn’t negatively affecting their health. Doritos would be a good example of this!

The careless attitude that some pet parents have about what to feed their dogs is not something you want to subscribe to or get into the habit of following.

Conclusion on Doritos

Feeding your pet dog even a small amount of tasty Doritos is not recommended. This highly-processed, corn-based junk food can provide no beneficial nutrients for Fido. On the contrary, too much will make your dog sluggish but long term health effects are also a real concern. All kinds of Doritos should be off limits. When you share human foods, be mindful about enforcing good feeding habits with healthy treats. So the verdict is in, enjoy your Doritos but without your beloved dog.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.

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