Can I Give My Dog Cranberries?

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Can I Give My Dog Cranberries?You might be thinking of giving your dog cranberries presently to help them with a urinary tract infection, as this is a pretty popular solution for humans. However, at this point we all know that what works for us doesn’t necessarily work for them, so it’s good to check to see if this is one remedy that crosses species borders.

The reason why we use cranberry juice is to try to raise the acidity of the urine so that it can knock out the infection. It’s an all-natural way to deal with it, if you give them organic cranberry juice. However, since dogs are not used to drinking juices, and since cranberry juice has a very bitter taste to it, you’ll probably have trouble getting them to drink it.

If you buy the neighborhood cranberry juice that has a lot of added sugar in it, your dog will also have trouble digesting it because they’re not used to a spike in their glucose levels. It’s funny that a lot of owners will simply get rid of whatever they feel like without contemplating the sort of complications, and we don’t advocate treating your dog like a guinea pig, or a garbage disposal.

Can I Give My Dog Cranberries? Answer: In juice form, for a UTI

You shouldn’t give your dog raw cranberries, as this is something that they may have trouble digesting. However, if you know they have a UTI one possible remedy is giving them some cranberry juice to help regulate the amount of bacteria is in their urinary system.

If you’re going to go this route, be sure to buy your dog organic cranberry juice so that they’re not getting a lot of industrial grade sugar along with the juice. It may cost a little more than the stuff from concentrate, but it’s not as if you’re going to give this to your dog on a daily basis, it’s just to kick the infection.

Correctly Identifying a UTI

Before giving your dog any sort of at-home treatment, it is vital that you correctly identify that they do have a urinary tract infection. Many dog owners will make an assessment about their dog not be correct and end up giving them treatments that they don’t even need.

It might even be wise to simply take notes and jot down some things you believe are indicative of a UTI and then bring your dog to the vet to see if they concur. This also give you a chance to them prescribe something for infection, if it turns out that this is indeed what your dog has.

Dogs & Fruits Like Cranberries

Cranberries are odd in that they’re not a fruit that ends up being eaten on a regular basis. They are definitely not as popular as apples, oranges, bananas. In fact, it’s not even one of the more common berries, taking a backseat to strawberries, blueberries and even blackberries.

However, some people like to eat dried cranberries, and they may even think about giving these to their dog. This is not recommended either. The fruit will take on a different characteristic once it’s been dried and often there are preservatives added to such packaged treats.

A dog most likely would not be eating fruit, in the wild, so there’s really no reason to think that you should be providing them fruits regularly. Ideally, they are getting all the nourishment and sustenance needed from their typical daily meals.

Instead of trying to supplement a low-grade dog food with things like fruits, you should just put that extra money into a better quality dog food. This will ensure that you are doing all you need to do in order to appropriately feed your dog. Then you won’t have to worry about adding anything to what they’re already getting. Make sense?

Being the Perfect Owner

We all want to take the best care of our dogs, and it’s good to do your research before giving your dog anything that they are not used to, including cranberries.

Just be careful where you get your information from, because you definitely don’t want to bother your local veterinarian, or veterinarian’s assistant with every little question, but you also don’t want to get into a situation where it’s the blind leading the blind.

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Tabitha December 19, 2014

My 12 year old Pug loves cranberries and eats them with no problem! They seem to do a good job of knocking out UTIs.

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James October 22, 2014

I have 5 year old male Pekingese who in March had UTI surgery and another one in October. I would like to give him cranberry juice. Is it a good idea and if so how much do I give him? Everyday? Once a day?

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