What You Should Know About Feeding Your Dog Strawberries!

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If your dog has ever watched you eat strawberries you know it can be tough to turn them down.

Can I Give My Dog Strawberries?Great news!

Strawberry is a fruit that can be shared with your dog. In fact, in moderation this idea makes for a healthy reward.

Your Dog Can Have Strawberries

The antioxidants are probably the best attribute.

Be reasonable and there is nothing harmful about giving your pet dog a couple of strawberries.

That said, it is best to avoid feeding this fruit to the point where your buddy comes to expect it.

Stick to sharing strawberries as a reward for good behavior.

Strawberries Have Benefits

Strawberries are obviously healthy, but does this really apply to dogs?

Yes! Canines can benefit too.

Iron, magnesium, potassium and even calcium is present in low levels.

That’s not all!

Manganese, fiber and folic acid are a few other outstanding attributes.

We like to think of strawberries as being a light treat with plenty of powerful antioxidants.

Note: Strawberries are not in the Nightshade family of fruits and vegetables. That should put to rest a few concerns.

Vitamin C and More Info

Vitamin-C stands out when you examine what strawberry can provide.

This seems great, but dogs produce their own.

That’s okay.

Focus on the fact that strawberries have anti-inflammatory and even anti-cancer properties.

And again, they won’t weigh your dog down.

At only 50 per 100 grams, they are low in calories. What a sweet treat!

Read about blackberries as well as blueberries!

Avoiding Syrups and Such

Avoid feeding your dog strawberry syrup, or other things that contain artificial ingredients.

Many products replicate strawberry’s taste. These aren’t healthy for your dog.

Strawberry-flavored ice cream, for example, is not recommended. The dairy is inappropriate and there is no nutrition.

Isn’t it a shame that this tasty fruit is imitated so much?

A Super Strawberry Idea

Check out this video for how to make homemade strawberry-frozen yogurt bites for your dog!

What About Wild Grown?

Wild strawberries are okay.

Of course, you do not want your dog to be eating anything and everything they find growing in fields. For example, wild mushrooms are a no-no.

Preparation and Fun Facts

Remove the stem from your dog’s strawberry portions.

Why is that?

Consumption of leaves and stems can cause a bout of minor stomach discomfort.

They are a bit poisonous though there is nothing to be overly concerned about — it is just the fruit’s way of warding off pests.

Fun Fact: Interestingly, strawberries are not berries at all! Not that your dog cares, but they are in the rose family.

The Bottom Line

You can share some succulent strawberries with your dog.

They make for a light bite-sized treat assuming you don’t get carried away.

In moderation, the strawberry is a great fruit. Most dogs happen to love them!

Regarding the health benefits, antioxidants are what make them hound-healthy.

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