Can I Give My Dog Cookies?

Can I Give My Dog A Cookie?Your curious canine craves cookies but you want to check before sharing. You probably already know that this is not a great reward for any pet, dogs included.

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Go with your gut and exclude your dog from cookie consumption. Sure you can make a one time exception, but this junk food is without a doubt a bad feeding habit.

Cookies, too much and often, will lead to an unhealthy dog. We will recommend alternatives and improvements to this idea so you can include Rover responsibly.

Can I Give My Dog a Cookie? Answer: They’re Best Avoided

They generally aren’t healthy which makes them inappropriate.

If you really want to feed your dog cookies then make them yourself instead of buying them at the grocery store. Homemade is the only way to share this snack, and in small amounts. Another option is to get specially made organic dog cookies.

Make no mistake about it, store-bought cookies aren’t a suitable treat for a pet dog.

Why Cookies are So Bad

Sometimes we share with our dogs like they are people. Don’t include Fido if you are eating Oreos or most other type of cookies. Processed foods really should be off limits for precious pets.

There are usually unknown artificial ingredients in those supermarket sourced cookies. Combine that with lots of salt, sugar, vanilla and chocolate flavorings and you can start to see why it’s a bad idea for a dog treat.

If you came here worrying, because you’ve already given your dog some cookies, fear not unless they contained certain ingredients…

Raisins, Nuts and Others

As we mentioned, one obvious danger to feeding a dog cookies is chocolate chips if they are present. But there are other common ingredients, like raisins and different types of nuts (especially macadamia) that are harmful for hounds.

So besides the unhealthy aspects to cookie consumption, or two or three or ten, is you have to be on the lookout for certain additions within these popular recipes. An easier approach is to make cookies off limits to your dog altogether.

Overweight and Sluggish

Have you seen all the fat dogs hobbling around lately? It’s because folks are sharing people foods more and more regularly. They also don’t have time to exercise with their pets.

In any case, do not allow your dog to become overweight and sluggish. It will have long term health consequences and you’ll be the only one to blame for it. No cookies!

Go With Cookies for Dogs

We promised an alternative so here goes. Instead of feeding your dog conventional cookies, why not pick up some top quality dog biscuits. This way you don’t have to feel guilty about sharing junk food.

Conclusion on Cookies

Do not feed your dog any cookies. They are typically loaded up with many ingredients that are all wrong for dogs. A cookie is not a good way to reward a pet, nor does it make sense as a treat. Cookies are bad for dogs unless you make them yourself with quality ingredients.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.

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