Can I Give My Dog Chick Peas?

Can I Give My Dog Chick Peas?Chickpeas are a fantastic health food. These legumes pack lots of protein which dogs need to thrive. They seem like a great snack for a 4-legged friend. Let’s find out more!

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Many recipes, from hummus to salads, incorporate chickpeas. Surely, your dog wants a taste. The problem is bland garbanzo beans usually get mixed-in with other questionable ingredients.

You can feed some cooked chick peas to a pet dog. There are, however, situations where doing so is inappropriate. We are more concerned with recipes than anything else.

Can I Give My Dog Chick Peas? Answer: Yes, cooked & plain only

Feed Fido cooked chickpeas in small amounts and without extras.

To be more consistent, there’s a highly recommend grain-free dry dog food that incorporates chickpeas with meat protein. An occasional serving of these creamy beans is fine, as long as they aren’t a substantial part of your dog’s diet. This food is very filling. Small portions are smart.

A bit of chick peas may aid digestion, much like pumpkin sometimes can help.

Plain & Cooked Chickpeas

Feed your dog straight chickpeas. Do so in moderation and be sure to fully cook them. Canned chickpeas usually contain a lot of added salt. Thoroughly rinse your dog’s portion off before serving this snack.

Chickpeas and Hummus

People like to spice up meals, especially bland-tasting chick peas. That’s why hummus is arguably inappropriate for dogs. Pre-made hummus, in particular, usually has spices and other processed ingredients.

Make your own hummus, mashing up your chickpeas while keeping it plain. That would be safer and healthier for your pet dog. It’s also much cheaper than buying it from your local supermarket.

Chickpeas w/ Other Foods

People complement chickpeas with garlic and onions. Both are risky for dogs. Serving those to your buddy could be a terrible thing. We cannot stress enough, play it safe and serve your chickpeas plain.

Packing Protein & Fiber

Chickpeas contain plenty of protein and fiber which can be of benefit to your dog. These beans are also without saturated fat, cholesterol or sodium. Added salt, however, is a negative when it comes to canned chickpeas.

For Your Dog’s Digestion

These wonderful beans may also improve your dog’s bowel movements. Can chickpeas cure canine constipation? No, but they could help.

A downside to a dog eating chickpeas is the likelihood of excessive gas. Start out by serving a small portion. This is true when introducing any new food to your dog. Beans can increase Fido’s flatulence.

Beans for Dogs in General

Some view beans as a realistic alternative to protein derived from animal meat. We can’t argue with that. Dogs can partake in most types of beans, chickpeas included. You can add beans to your dog’s diet, but be reasonable.

Conclusion on Chick Peas

Chick peas aren’t harmful for dogs. Just cook them and serve in moderation. Canines can consume chickpeas. Bland is best. You may not like them plain, but your dog won’t mind. Hummus, and other foods incorporating chickpeas, are more risky for dogs. Keep it simple. Limit chickpeas to an occasional treat.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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