Can I Give My Dog Cheetos?

Can I Give My Dog Cheetos?Many people enjoy junk foods like Cheetos. That’s fine but what about sharing with the family dog? We are going to answer that and also recommend much better alternatives.

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Cheetos are a cheese flavored Frito-Lay product. People with the munchies love them. These cheesy puffs come in 21 different variations! No doubt, your dog wants more than just a taste.

Make no mistake about it, Cheetos are unhealthy for both humans and animals. Sure, you could allow your dog to eat some just once. In reality, owners making such exceptions are likely to do so again and again.

Can I Give My Dog Some Cheetos? Answer: No, it’s a bad idea

The first ingredient is enriched corn meal. Another is monosodium glutamate (MSG) which a nasty.

Cheetos are also highly processed and don’t contain anything that your dog requires to thrive. You’d be filling your buddy’s stomach with exactly that: filler! Canines shouldn’t be consuming treats loaded with cornmeal, let alone junk food that lists MSG as an ingredient.

It’s important to make room for the good stuff. Forget Cheetos!

Here’s Our Recommendation

Stick to meat protein and the nutrients that come with feeding a high quality dog food. If you want to reward Fido then get a protein packed canine treat that contains no corn or soy, and no artificial ingredients or flavoring.

An Examination of Cheetos

Besides cornmeal, we need to know what’s in Cheetos. Why it is bad to give to a dog? Canola and sunflower oil should make you think twice. This isn’t virgin olive oil. It’s low-grade oil and not good for anyone, including pets.

Cheese makes Cheetos taste great. Cheese, in itself, is questionable for dogs. It’s really just seasoning made from whey. You’d be giving your dog processed whey. It’s the garbage leftovers from real cheese. Unhealthy!

MSG is also in Cheetos which is a terrible thing for dogs to consume!

Forget About Junk Food

You really shouldn’t allow your dog to eat things like Doritos, Cheetos, potatoes chips, nachos or any other convenient junk food. Many owners are tempted to use questionable foods as rewarding treats.

Give yourself a clear conscience and avoid this. You’ll likely avoid veterinarian bills down the road. Obesity is also a problem for pet dogs. Withholding Cheetos will prevent weight-gain.

Avoid Bad Feeding Habits

If you’re strict, and just give your dog a small amount of Cheetos, there’s likely no harm done. Just avoid feeding unhealthy foods to the point where your dog expects to receive them. This is how a begging habit starts.

So while you are sitting on the couch, with your bag of Cheetos or anything else that’s processed and corn-based, think twice about sharing with a beloved dog. Nevertheless, this video is entertaining!

Conclusion on Cheetos

Do not give your dog Cheetos, especially on a regular basis. Junk food made from cornmeal will slow them down. Sharing this popular but processed human snack can also turn into a bad feeding habit. You don’t want your dog to develop a begging problem, or feel less than their best. While a few Cheeto cheese puffs won’t do harm, do not to overdo it.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.

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