Can I Give My Dog Chamomile Tea?

Can I Give My Dog Chamomile Tea?Chamomile tea happens to be one of the most well-liked and sought after herbal teas in the world. In fact, chamomile tea is so favored that an estimated 1 million cups are consumed each day. The tea is made from the flower of this popular plant.

Chamomile has been used for hundreds of years as an antioxidant, gentle astringent and to treat inflammation, eczema, gout, irritations of the skin and more. It can also be a mild sleep-aid as well as help to heal different bacterial infections, including those that affect the skin.

Since chamomile tea offers numerous benefits to humans, you may want to know if you can give your dog this tea and if it offers any benefits to them.

Can I Give My Dog Chamomile Tea? Answer: Yes

Chamomile tea can offer many benefits for dogs.

You can give this pet-safe herbal tea to your pup as long as they are not allergic to ragweed, chrysanthemum flowers or other Compositae (Asteraceae) flowering plants.

Since humans who are allergic to these things are more likely to have a sensitivity to chamomile, it makes sense that the same rule applies to dogs. There is a fairly low percentage of humans that are allergic to chamomile, so it is not a common allergen.

Chamomile tea can help dogs with different ailments and decrease the amount of times you have to seek veterinary assistance. That said, there are many uses including treating diaper rash, infections of the eyes and ears and other eye and nose disorders that don’t seem to fit for dogs.

Giving Your Dog Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea has the ability to naturally disinfect, and it works on the digestive system by calming it and relieving spasms and gas. If your dog has a belly ache due to anxiety or gas, this sweet tasting tea can help when administered orally.

It’s also suitable for canines who vomit upon getting too excited or after eating. Simply brew a tea bag or about a tbsp of chamomile flowers in 1 c of boiling water for 15 minutes. When using loose tea, be sure to strain it.

Once it is done brewing, add another cup of water so it is not too strong. Either use a medicine syringe to administer it orally or chill it and place it in your pooch’s water bowl. When using a syringe, you will want to use approximately 1/4 tsp for every 30 lbs that your dog weighs and repeat every couple hours.

Chamomile Tea Spray & Eye Drops

If your pup has itchy skin that is irritated, put the chilled chamomile tea in a spray bottle to cool, comfort, and kill any bacteria or yeast that is present. When using a spray, your canine should get relief immediately. Put any leftover spray in the refrigerator to keep it cold.

Create doggie eye drops for those who have conjunctivitis, also called pink eye, from allergies, irritants or infection. To make the eye drops, pour the tea in a coffee filter to strain it. Use a saline contact lens solution to water down the tea by using 1 part chamomile tea to 3 parts sterile saline solution.

Apply the finished remedy to the eyes with a pet medicine dropper two to three times daily until the swelling and irritation is noticeably gone. If the condition gets worse or doesn’t clear, you should contact a vet.

Warm or Cool Compress

When a spray doesn’t seem to give them enough relief, a warm tea bag compress is an alternative for minor infections. Use a warm chamomile tea bag that has been soaked in boiling water and apply it to the affected areas. This can be used on your dog’s eyes or skin.

For skin that is irritated due to allergies or flea bites, use a cool compress rather than warm. You can also soak the affected areas so they are fully saturated.

Yes, you can give your dog chamomile tea. It can help your pet in many ways and is known as a natural healing remedy. Brew yourself a warm cup of chamomile tea while you’re at it. You and your pooch can relax and unwind together.

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Anne Marie August, 2015

I would like to know whether chamomile tea will help for my two bitches that suddenly start fighting with each other. Can it possibly help to calm them down?

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Holly October, 2015

No, it will not. I know this because I asked my vet if it would help any. If they are not spayed, they will fight over who is an Alpha Female. You might want to ask your vet what would help them calm down, if they aren’t spayed. Good luck.

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Mary Rose June, 2015

My Lhasapoo chews his paws continually. I think he may have a yeast infection in-between his paws. Will this tea help him? He also has a lot of allergies, like grass and some foods. I would like to try the tea, maybe on my daughter who has stomach issues too.

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Corina April, 2015

Chamomile works very well for anxiety, gas and the slightly nervous dog. I use 1 teabag. I open it and add it to their food.

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Jennifer June, 2015

So you put the tea grinds in with their food? I heard someone say that they actually soak dog food in it. Would that work?

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Sheila February, 2015

My Jack Russell is getting better after receiving chamomile diluted and added to food. He has had it three times today and seems lot better. He’s stopped pacing.

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Sheila February, 2015

Just tried chamomile tea and my Jack Russell is pacing about, tail down. He’s now laid down after mixing tea with his food after it cooled.

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