Can I Give My Dog Cereal?

Can I Give My Dog Cereal?Before you give your dog some cereal, let’s consider the pros and cons. After all, just because a dog begs for it doesn’t mean you should let them share in your breakfast. They’re domesticated animals and don’t know what they should be eating which is why you are the boss!

With so many variations of cereals nowadays, they do take up an entire supermarket isle, it’s difficult to generalize. The truth is that most cereals aren’t going to harm your pet, if given occasionally and in moderation. However, they also aren’t best choice for a treat.

But if you are without a better food alternative at the moment, giving your dog some cereal doesn’t make you a bad pet owner. There are, however, some important factors and things to avoid which we’ll discuss.

Can I Give My Dog Cereal? Answer: Occasionally, as a treat

Certain cereals can be used as treats, but none of them should be substituted for regular dog food.

Remember that feeding your dog anything containing chocolate as an ingredient, including cereal, can be deadly. So chocolate flavoring should be strictly off limits as a snack. Regarding cereals in general, giving a dog too many grains could cause more harm than good since they require a mostly carnivorous diet. Cereal, by its very nature, is grained-based and not optimal for dogs but is often tolerated.

Dogs Will Eat Most Anything

Whether you subscribe to the notion that dogs are carnivores or omnivores is irrelevant. Most people don’t care but you should know that omnivores eats meat, vegetables and fruits. They basically eat a little bit of everything. We personally think of dogs as primarily carnivorous since they require meat more than anything else. It’s what they would eat in the wild and it’s what they should eat in your home as well. Cereal just isn’t going to provide what they need.

Serving size is important when feeding your dog cereals. So if you really struggle to restrict their cereal consumption then it’s best to just stick with quality store bought dog foods. This way your dog will get the appropriate amount of each food group including key meat-based proteins. Quality dog food is formulated for them while cereal is definitely not. That’s the difference!

Oatmeal vs. Cereal

There are other healthy morning foods that your dog may actually enjoy more, like oatmeal. In fact, oatmeal may offer many health benefits for pet dogs. For example, it can help reduce cholesterol and may also reduce the risk of your pup getting heart disease.

This, however, is still not something that can replace their regular dog food. Instead, it can be used if you are out or low on dog food or as a treat. We will always favor oatmeal over cereal when comparing the suitability of these human breakfast foods for dogs.

As a tip, the best way to feed a dog oatmeal is with no added sugars. It’s best to use a plain variety while ensuring it is cooked properly. It’s important, for your dog’s health, that you provide them with only the best. Dogs can often have serious health issues like diabetes. This is especially true if such medical conditions run in their genetic history.

Is your dog prone to certain diseases? Their health risks are decreased when your dog is in good shape and is fed appropriately which is all in your hands.

Conclusion on Cereal

Dogs should be given well-balanced meals. Don’t make the mistake of turning frequent canine cereal consumption into a bad habit. But occasionally scraps won’t hurt and most quality cereals without chocolate will be okay. As an example, it’s bad judgement to give your dog Lucky Charms or Cocoa Puffs as these are considered junk food cereals. Even a brand like Cheerios isn’t a great choice for a canine treat.

Anything with high sugar content is best avoided as it can result in diarrhea. Other breakfast foods like oatmeal are fine since they’ll provide a few healthy benefits. In any case, it’s best to seek expert advice from a veterinarian before giving your dog any human foods including cereals.

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Pat December, 2015

My dog is constipated so what can I give her? I read that bran cereal and pumpkin mix work but how do I get her to eat it?


EGK October, 2015

I have two little cross-breeds, rescued dogs, and they love their Weet-Bix with milk every morning. No problems!


Sabrina October, 2015

Likewise. My little dog has been a bit off color, the last few days, and would not eat his normal food. I gave him Weet-Bix with milk and he loved it.


Ilene February, 2015

Once in awhile I give my Heidi a little bit of regular Cheerios. This is only when she’s picky with her dog food and doesn’t want to eat.


MT December, 2014

The Bichon Frise in our household likes Cracklin’ Oat Bran. I give him this dry only. I know this is a sweet cereal so he gets only two little pieces of the cereal a day. He loves them!


David March, 2014

A month ago our Border Terrier was off his food. So by chance we gave him cereal, just a small amount with milk. He licked the bowl clean. He now has cereal every morning.


Coleman May, 2015

My dog is getting to her last year or so. I’ve been noticing she doesn’t care for her normal food that we try to feed her. I saved her when she was a stray so there is an attachment to me. I think she would rather eat whatever I’m eating than the food on the floor. I notice it the most in the morning when I’m eating breakfast (after just letting her out to go pee). She’ll be sitting at my window staring at me while I eat, ignoring her food just 2 feet from her nose. I guess my question is can I please let her eat some of my cereal?


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