Can I Give My Dog Cereal?

Can I Give My Dog Cereal?Before you give your pet dog some cereal, consider all the factors. Begging at breakfast time doesn’t mean it’s okay share this food. Domesticated animals don’t know what they should be eating which is why you are the boss!

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With so many cereals variations nowadays, they do take up an entire supermarket isle, it’s difficult to generalize. The truth is that most cereal brands will not harm your dog, if given only occasionally and in moderation.

However, cereal isn’t best choice for a dog treat. But giving your pooch some doesn’t make you a bad pet owner. Let’s take a closer look at this often debated topic for your best buddy’s sake.

Can I Give My Dog Cereal? Answer: Occasionally, as a small treat only

Certain kinds can be used as a reward, but none of them should be substituted for a full meal.

Remember that feeding your dog anything containing chocolate as an ingredient, including popular cereals, can be deadly. These types should be strictly off limits as a snack. Regarding cereal in general, giving a dog too many grains may cause more harm than good since they require a mostly carnivorous diet. Cereal, by its very nature, is grained-based filler and not optimal for dogs but is often tolerated.

The best way to reward a pet pooch is with a quality protein treat made specifically for dogs.

Dogs Will Eat Most Anything

Whether dogs are considered carnivores or omnivores is irrelevant. Most people don’t care but know that omnivores eats meat, vegetables and fruits. They basically consume a bit of everything, although cereal grains are questionable. We personally think of dogs as mostly carnivorous since they require meat more than anything else. It’s what they would eat in the wild and it’s what they should get in your home as well.

Cereal just isn’t going to provide what your dog needs to thrive.

Treat Status Only or Avoid

A small serving size is important when feeding your dog any cereals. If you struggle to restrict their cereal consumption then just stick with quality store-bought dog foods. This way your canine will get the appropriate amount of each food group including key meat-based proteins. Quality dog food is formulated for them while cereal is basically filler. That’s the key difference!

You have to be strict or skip this breakfast food completely.

Oatmeal Compared to Cereal

There are other healthy morning foods that your dog may actually enjoy more. An example is oatmeal which may also offer some benefits. It can help reduce cholesterol and could lower the chances of your dog developing heart disease.

We will always favor oatmeal over cereal when comparing the suitability of these human breakfast foods for dogs. Oatmeal, however, is still not something that can replace regular dog food.

Consider Your Dog’s Health

It’s so critical, for your dog’s health, that you provide them with only the best. Ask yourself if cereal, even well-regarded brands like Cheerios, is helping your best friend. Dogs can often have serious health issues like diabetes and obesity. This is especially true if such medical conditions run in their genetic history. Health risks are decreased when the family dog is in good shape and is fed appropriately which is all in your hands. So, you really must limit cereal consumption.

Conclusion on Cereal

Frequent canine cereal consumption is a bad feeding habit. That said, quality cereals in small amounts and without chocolate are okay as a rewarding treat on occasion. Brands like Lucky Charms or Cocoa Puffs are basically junk foods that your dog should never be eating. Cheerios is somewhat of a better choice for a snack. Any cereals containing lots of sugar are best avoided as they will pack on the pounds, diarrhea is also common. In general, oatmeal is a healthier breakfast food for dogs compared to cereal.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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