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Can I Get My Dog Eyeglasses?

Can Dogs Wear Eyeglasses?

Eyeglasses serve an important purpose for lots of people but not for dogs. The thought of a dog wearing glasses can be ridiculous even though K9s have less than perfect eyesight […]

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Can I Give My Dog a Vaccination at Home?

Vaccinating a Dog at Home

Thinking of giving your dog a vaccination at home? Read on! Immunizations for dogs is such an important topic for all canine owners. Recently there has been a reevaluation of […]

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Can I Clean My Dog’s Teeth?

Tips on cleaning a dog's teeth

You came here because you want to avoid unnecessary tooth decay, plague buildup and gum disease by taking preventative steps concerning your dog’s teeth. That’s great because these issues inevitably lead […]

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Can I Clean My Dog’s Ears?

Preventative Tips and Treatment Info for Your Dog's Ears

Awhile back we covered whether you could give your dog ear drops. Today I’d like to expand on that information a bit. People need good advice not just about diet […]

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Can I Get My Dog GPS Tracking?

GPS Tracking Device for your dog!

If you’re thinking of becoming a high tech dog owner now is a great time to do so with GPS. Let’s be honest, people absolutely love their electronic devices. What’s great […]

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Can I Get Health Insurance For My Dog?

Health Insurance for a dog?

Health Insurance is a topic that is fresh on the minds of so many Americans these days. Medical coverage and the peace of mind that comes with it is something highly […]

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