Can I Give My Dog Beans?

Can I Give My Dog Beans?When we think of a dog eating some beans, regardless of the nutritional value, it seems like a pretty bad idea. Though this food is rich in protein and fiber, let’s be honest and say that most pet dogs are gassy enough!

Everyone knows that beans increase flatulence or gas, which would obviously apply to dogs as well. But if you aren’t concerned about that, you’ve come to the right place to learn more. Basically the biggest factors in feeding beans to Fido will depend on which kind you serve and how often.

So you can feed your dog some, when cooked. They aren’t toxic for canines. However, with so many different varieties, choosing one can be confusing. Green beans, black beans, white beans, chili beans and other several other kinds are all available. It’s a broad topic, let’s take a bite out of it.

Can I Give My Dog Beans? Answer: Yes, in moderation

Serving some with, for example, a rice recipe is safe and nutritious. Just avoid providing them raw and limit portions.

Certain kinds of raw beans may be harmful. In particular, avoid the raw Red Kidney variety since they contain a bad toxin. While healthy in general, keep in mind that beans can’t replace meat proteins which your dog absolutely requires. So don’t overly depend on this human food which is why moderation is important. Even though dogs are considered omnivores by some, they definitely require most of their protein to come from meat sources.

A good compromise is to get a quality dog food that contains green beans as an ingredient.

The Benefits of Beans

Other excellent health benefits are the antioxidant properties within beans which may lower your dog’s cholesterol levels just as it can for people. This type of vegetable also may prevent constipation and other bowel issues by helping to maintain their colon. The fiber found in beans can help regulate sugar levels in the blood. This is particularly helpful for dogs suffering from diabetes.

Green & Black Beans

Green beans and black beans among others are good sources of fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. They offer high levels of vitamin C, vitamin K and manganese to name a few. These high amounts of nutrients can boost your dog’s immune system. In theory, their system will have more strength to fight certain types of diseases over the course of their lifetime.

Canned Beans & Chili

Avoid feeding your dog any human foods that are canned and preserved. Canned is popular but it’s loaded with preservatives and your pets can’t tolerate those nasty chemicals. We hear about how some dogs favor chili beans mixed in with their regular dog food, but we feel that would be bad for canine health. Any heavily spiced foods can cause stomach problems. The build-up from those spices can even be toxic for dogs. Remember that some basic ingredients in human food, such as onions, are very harmful to dogs.

Some Other Considerations

At least in theory your pet dog can benefit from the high protein, fiber content and overall nutritional value of beans. So this type of food is possibly a good supplement but one drawback to beans, besides the obvious gas issue, is it’s moist texture characteristic. If you don’t maintain their oral hygiene, your pet dog will be more prone to developing cavities and other gum problems over the long term. Keep that in mind when you serve some.

Conclusion on Beans

Yes, you can occasionally feed your dog some beans. Just limit their portions and only serve them cooked. Generally, raw vegetables are more difficult to digest. Your dog may experience stomach problems, in addition to terrible gas, because of the way it’s served. Whether you feed beans or not, focus on your dog’s health by providing the best canine-formulated diet which offers balanced nutrition. High quality dog food is very important. Beans, on their own, just aren’t going to cut it even though they are healthy.

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