Can I Give My Dog Beans?

Can I Give My Dog Beans?Many owners would say that a dog eating beans is a bad, even stinky, idea. The thinking is pets are gassy enough, despite this food being rich in protein and fiber.

Beans cause flatulence for sure, but there’s also much nutrition to be had. Kudos for wanting to share. Feeding some to your dog is safe, even smart. We’ll offer a few helpful tips here.

First off, all beans need to be cooked before they are fed to dogs. Actually, you should soak them too. As far as choosing a variety, it’s a huge topic! Let’s get started…

Can I Give My Dog Beans? Answer: Yes, in moderation

They are nutritious. Just limit a pet’s portions and never serve raw.

In particular, we recommend that you avoid feeding your dog raw red kidney beans. They contain a potentially harmful toxin, a lectin called Phytohemagglutinin (that’s a mouthful). In general though, beans and lentils are healthy and can provide a dog with valuable nutrition including lots of protein. Nevertheless, beans aren’t a replacement for meat.

This food group is best for complementing canine chow. A top quality wet dog food that contains green beans (for small breeds) strikes an excellent balance.

Bountiful Benefits of Beans

Beans have so many benefits, one being antioxidant properties. They can also prevent canine constipation, although diarrhea is possibility which is why moderation is a must.

The fiber in beans assists with regulation of blood sugar levels. This is particularly helpful for diabetic dogs. Chickpeas, Pinto, Black-Eyed, Lima, Garbanzo are a few that are fantastic.

The nutrients in beans are absolutely awesome. Your dog’s immune system will be strengthened and they’ll be less likely to suffer from diseases over the course of their lifetime.

Canned Beans and Chili

Buying beans dried is the way to go. You’ll avoid the extra sodium and also get a great deal. Besides, canned beans often contain unknown nasty chemicals (preservatives) in addition to salt.

Some owners like to mix chili beans in with regular dog food. We aren’t crazy about that idea. Spiced foods can cause stomach problems.

Keep in mind that certain ingredients that go with beans, such as onions, are off limits.

Which Kinds are the Best

Soybeans, edamame and Lupin beans are especially high in protein. Green and black beans are also decent choices for feeding to dogs.

You don’t actually need to be so choosy. There are so many bean varieties that we can’t cover them all. None are known to be harmful for pets, when cooked.

Many folks don’t realize that pretty much all beans are packed with vitamin C, vitamin K and manganese to name a few vitamins and minerals.

A Few Downsides for Dogs

Your pet dog can certainly benefit from whatever type of beans you have on hand. Obviously, not coffee beans!

One drawback, besides the obvious gas issue, is the moist texture characteristic. Be sure to maintain your dog’s dental health to prevent cavities and gum problems.

Conclusion on Beans

You can feed your dog appropriately portioned cooked beans. Mixing this vegetable in with regular dog food makes sense. They are healthy, but some preparation is required. Soak your beans and cook them prior to Fido’s feeding time. The resulting gas is normal and, hopefully, not a dog deal breaker.

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