Can I Give My Dog Beans?

Can I give my dog beans?Beans are recommended to be included in a person’s diet because of their high nutritional value. This type of vegetable is rich in protein and fiber, so it can clean the body’s system of toxic waste materials too.

But if you are planning to also include this type of vegetable into your dog’s regular meals, you should investigate the matter first. There are known cases of people foods which are toxic for dogs. Carelessly feeding your pet certain food groups intended for humans can sometimes expose your canine friend to all sorts of problems.

In general, you can feed your dog beans because this type of vegetable is not toxic to the canine species. However, there are different types of beans available today. There are green beans, black beans, white beans, and even canned and chili beans. The issue of feeding raw and cooked beans should also be carefully looked into.

Can I Give My Dog Beans? Answer: Yes

Feeding your dog the typical beans and rice recipe is considered to be safe. However, you should know that this is not the proper food for your pet, as it is not a balanced diet. Dogs are now considered to be omnivores (meat and plant eaters) but they still require most of their protein needs from meat sources. Depending on vegetables and beans is therefore not enough to provide dogs with the energy requirement that they need.

The Pros and Cons of Feeding Beans to Your Pet
Your pet dog will surely benefit from the high protein content of beans, so this type of food makes for a good supplementary diet to your dog. However, because of its moist characteristic, beans are not really that good for a dog’s oral health.

If you are not able to maintain regular oral hygiene, your pet dog can be prone to having cavities and other gum problems. The bean texture is also not easily digestible, so your dog can also experience gas problems when constantly fed with this type of vegetable.

General Benefits of Beans
Because of the antioxidant properties of beans, it can lower the bad cholesterol in the body’s system (this applies to both humans and dogs). This type of vegetable also helps in the proper maintenance of the colon, so as to prevent constipation and other bowel issues.

In fact, the fiber contents of beans is also a great help in regulating the sugar levels in the blood, and this is particularly helpful to dogs suffering from diabetes. So as long as you feed your dog cooked beans, it will be helpful to your pet and it will not be that hard to digest too.

Yes to Green Beans and Black Beans
Green beans and black beans are both good sources of fiber and other vitamins and minerals as well. This type of vegetable contains high amounts of vitamin C, Vitamin K, and manganese just to name a few.

Because of its high levels of protein and other essential vitamins and minerals, it can boost your dog’s immune system so that the body will have the strength to fight certain types of diseases.

No to Canned Beans and Chili Beans
You shouldn’t feed your dog any human food that are canned and preserved. Foods like this are loaded with preservatives, and your pets can’t tolerate chemicals like these in their diet. Likewise, you shouldn’t feed them chili beans too. Some dogs like the flavor of chili in their dog food, but it’s really bad for their health.

Heavily spiced food can cause stomach problems, and the build-up from spices can even be toxic to dogs. Note that the basic ingredients in people food like onion and garlic are actually very harmful to dogs.

Providing the Proper Nutrition for your Dog
You are securing your dog’s overall health by always providing for the right and balanced nutrition. The best source for balanced diet is a high quality dog food and you can easily obtain this from reputable pet supply stores.

If you insist on feeding your dog human food like beans, then you should make sure that you only serve them cooked. Raw vegetables are hard to digest, and your dog can experience stomach problems because of this.

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tori April 15, 2014

Thank you. The information I got from your website was very helpful.


clinton obhielo February 15, 2014

I give my dog cooked beans and indomie mixed with grinded fish. Is it good enough.


Anna November 13, 2012

Beans give dogs and humans gas.


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