Can I Give My Dog Baby Aspirin?

Can I Give My Dog Baby Aspirin?Lots of people take baby aspirin for preventative reasons. Many believe it to be very heart healthy. This line of thinking doesn’t make much sense for dogs and we’ll explain why.

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Baby aspirin is fairly powerful. It can cause bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract and even the brain. The name is misleading which creates a potentially dangerous scenario for your dog.

That said, this type of aspirin can be given for temporary pet pain. It’s acceptable, but the risks are higher for dogs. Baby aspirin, for the short-term, is okay. Regular use is questionable.

Can I Give My Dog Baby Aspirin? Answer: Only to treat pain, not long term

Don’t put Fido on this medicine as a type of preventative heart health supplement.

Using baby aspirin in this popular way, for pets, isn’t a good idea. Dogs don’t live nearly as long as people do. Their hearts don’t need supplementation for the long haul. Regularly providing baby aspirin presents more of a health hazard to your dog. In fact, too much could harm their cartilage.

So long term use of this popular aspirin will not help your dog, is unnecessary and could be dangerous.

Much Better Alternatives

Perhaps you’re seeking an appropriate solution for your dog’s long term pain problems. Consider getting an Apoquel prescription, or high quality pain tablets designed specifically for dogs.

With options like this, we aren’t so keen on potentially harmful human over-the-counter medications. Keep reading for more information about the use of baby aspirin for dogs.

Valid Baby Aspirin Uses

We’ve ruled out baby aspirin as a sort of statin for dogs. You can, however, give low dose aspirin to reduce short-term pain. If your dog has a bruise, or some swelling, baby aspirin is often appropriate.

Giving it is okay for dogs between 10 and 30 pounds or so. Even that isn’t without some risk. Puppies, in particular, have kidneys and livers which aren’t fully matured. Consult with a vet to be safe.

We’d like to emphasize, once more, that baby aspirin will not improve your dog’s heart health!

Regular vs Baby Aspirin

Read about NSAIDs and regular aspirin. Regarding the so-called baby variety, it’s smaller and less potent. The enteric pills, made by Bayer, are 81 milligrams compared to what’s normally a 325mg dose.

Logically, if you’re considering a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug for a dog’s pain, baby aspirin is a more conservative and relatively safer approach than a higher dose.

Dosing & Important Info

So yes, baby aspirin can treat temporary pet pain. It’s better dosed for small dogs. By the same token, puppies and tiny dogs are susceptible to toxicity. All meds, including baby aspirin, require caution.

Half a baby aspirin, taken twice daily for dogs weighing approximately 10 pounds, is appropriate. You can give an entire pill, twice per day, to an 18-22 pound dog. Speak with a professional for piece of mind.

Never provide aspirin to a pregnant pup! Also, do not combine with other pain medications.

Conclusion on Baby Aspirin

You can give a dog baby aspirin for pain. Only humans, however, should take this low-dose NSAID on a routine basis. Otherwise, it could do more harm than good. We aren’t fans of pain killers, though baby aspirin has a good track record for treating pet pain. Do not regularly administer baby aspirin to your dog.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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