Read This Before Giving Your Dog Bayer (Dosing Info Included)!

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Is your dog in pain? Are you wondering if Bayer is an option?

Here’s the truth:

Though there is some potential for harm, this branded aspirin can be carefully given to dogs.

Can I Give My Dog Bayer?

It’s all about minimizing risks. Correct dosing is obviously essential, but you also cannot overly rely on this pain reliever.

Be careful and conservative with Bayer!

For your dog’s sake, let’s take a closer look at this acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) medication.

In Low Doses, Bayer is Safe Enough For Dogs

This form of aspirin can be used as a temporary pain reliever.

On the other hand…

Do not give your dog Bayer as a way to prevent heart attacks and strokes. Such a well-intentioned idea doesn’t make much sense and will unnecessarily put your pet at risk.

Ironically though, Bayer’s low-dose 81mg AKA “Baby Aspirin” can be given to ease pain.

And Bayer’s chewable, flavored versions are also more suited for dogs based on the lower standard dose.

Aspirin Acceptable For Animals

Vets have long prescribed regular generic aspirin.

Still, play it safe! Consult with your vet.

The truth is your dog may or may not be a good candidate for Bayer. An entirely different non-steroidal anti-inflammatory could be what’s needed for their pain.

At the very least, get an expert’s recommendation in regards to dosing.

How Much Should I Give My Dog?

Keep in mind that weight is just one factor to take into consideration.

Age, overall health, breed and medical history should go into determining an appropriate amount for your dog.

In any case, here is a general rule of thumb for Bayer as well as generic aspirin:

Never exceed 10mg per pound of your dog’s body weight over a 12 hour period.

5mg (per lbs) is a reasonable starting point. It is likely you’ll need to breakup the medication.

325mg, the standard dose, is fairly dangerous for a good majority of dogs! Worse yet, Bayer’s Extra Strength formula (500mg) must be properly dissected to avoid harm.

Warning: Never give Bayer to a puppy or a small adult breed. It is too risky for their liver and kidneys!

An Important Aspirin Warning 

It cannot be stressed enough:

Do not rely on Bayer, or any type of conventional aspirin, for ongoing pain. 

The reason is simple.

Among other problems, aspirin will eventually damage your dog’s cartilage! You really must limit it to short-term use only.


Avoid using Ecotrin or Bayer’s coated caplets because the polymer substance may linger in the stomach causing ill effects.

What is Better Than Bayer?

Nowadays excellent pain killer alternatives exist. Organic pet hemp oil is one example.

Yup, that’s right!

Many dog owners swear by the above plant product for joint pain, hip dysplasia, arthritis and other conditions common to canines.

The Bottom Line

Dogs can take Bayer, but it should be on a short-term basis only.

Aspirin generally works well for all sorts of pain. And it does have a good track record.

Nevertheless, be sure to stick to a low dose.

So important:

Avoid giving Bayer to your dog over an extended period of time.

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3 thoughts on “Read This Before Giving Your Dog Bayer (Dosing Info Included)!”

  1. Can I give my 11 year old, 80 pound dog a low-dose aspirin if she’s also taking Glucosamine and Gclucosomine and Chondroitin?

  2. I am under the understanding that dogs cannot digest the coating on Bayer or other coated aspirins. I give my dog uncoated aspirin that I crush and add to wet, ground dog food so the aspirin cannot cause a stomach ulcer.

  3. Can I give my dog 1/2 of a Bayer aspirin for her arthritis? She is 13 years old and has some difficulty in walking lately. I have had a lot of people tell me they give their older dogs 1/2 per day and it has helped.

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