Read This Before Letting Your Dog Have Your Milkshake!

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Milkshakes sure are delicious!

Are you wondering if this type of dessert is safe to share with a precious pet dog?

Here’s the deal:

With the obvious exception of chocolate, milkshakes aren’t dangerous. There is no toxicity.

Can I Give My Dog a Milkshake?With that being said, it’s also a poor choice for your dog considering the fat content, sugar and the fact that you’d be introducing dairy.

Don’t Let Your Dog Have a Milkshake

It would not be surprising if this sweet treat caused stomach upset.

Still want to provide your pooch with a taste?

You can, but it could turn into the beginning of a poor feeding habit.

The thing is once your dog starts expecting such desserts, you may have a very difficult behavioral habit to break.

Why not keep it simple?

Consider having a strict policy of not sharing your milkshakes. Quite honestly it’s just an overall bad idea.

A Homemade Milkshake?

Home-made (using ice cream and milk) gives you control over milkshake ingredients.

But even these higher quality concoctions aren’t recommended. Dogs should not be eating ice cream.

A good majority of canines are actually lactose intolerant which makes milk off limits.

Play it safe. You should assume that your typical milkshake won’t sit well with your dog’s digestive system.

Chocolate a Bad Ingredient

Certain types of shakes should send up serious warning signs!

Chocolate is always off limits for dogs. Combine that with milk and it’s a definite no-no!

On the bright side…

Such milkshakes likely won’t be toxic for your dog as there probably won’t be enough dark chocolate.

While that is a relief, you should still avoid giving any dairy products.

Fatty Fast Food Shakes

The ingredients that go into milkshakes, from popular fast food places such as McDonald’s, are certainly questionable for a beloved dog.

Mickey D’s shakes contain low fat vanilla ice cream, cream, sugar, corn syrup, and a bunch of other additives.

The point is there’s a lot of junk in there!

Are you are craving one?

Leave your dog out of it. You won’t be doing them any favors!

Dogs And Dairy Pitfalls

It is true that some dogs can handle dairy, but plenty of pets can’t (much like people).

Some exhibit the same signs of lactose intolerance that humans do which is no surprise.

Do you know if your best buddy can handle dairy?

It’s important to know (especially before giving them anything that’s dairy). This is yet another reason to withhold milkshakes entirely. This way you don’t have to worry.

Besides, milkshakes are unnatural for animals to be consuming.

The Bottom Line

No matter how delicious, do not give your dog part of your milkshake.

It is certainly not healthy to do so. Besides, most dogs have trouble with lactose.

Chocolate shakes present a particularly worrisome danger. Even without incident, bad feeding habits can develop.

Avoid sharing your milkshake.

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