Read This Before Feeding Your Dog Pepperoni!

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Are you wondering if there’s any harm in giving your dog pepperoni?

While this type of salami is derived from meat, that doesn’t necessarily make it a good treat.

Here’s the deal:

Can I Give My Dog Pepperoni?Your dog could get sick from eating a bunch of cured dry sausage. That said, a couple pieces of pepperoni is no big deal.

Strict moderation is a must, but quite honestly it’s best to…

Avoid Feeding Your Dog Pepperoni

This food is unhealthy for four-legged friends too.

Though not exactly toxic, pepperoni simply isn’t a great choice for any dog.

Take a look at the nutritional data:

Pepperoni Contains Too Much Sodium For Dogs
The above is a breakdown of pepperoni’s nutrition. As you can see, there’s a strong case against feeding your dog this processed meat. Take a look at the sodium content! The protein does not outweigh all the reasons to avoid feeding this food.

If you do share, feed only small amounts as an occasional treat. Avoid making it something your buddy begins to expect.

The thing is pepperoni is prepared in such a way that makes it a bad idea for rewarding a pet dog.

Basically, it’s a highly processed cured combo of pork and beef.

Careful feeding your canine this concoction of questionable ingredients!

No Pepperoni Please

Also consider that pepperoni has an inherently spicy flavor which may cause your dog to get an stomach upset.

You could be dealing with diarrhea and/or vomiting (especially if a lot was eaten).

Pepperoni is typically made with:

  • Fennel seeds
  • Mustard seeds
  • Black pepper
  • Garlic powder
  • Paprika (sometimes)

Yup! This popular pizza topping is often seasoned to the max. Gastric issues are not uncommon.

It’s Also Very Fatty

Pepperoni is a seriously fatty meat.

Think twice before sharing slices (particularly if your dog is already overweight).

But that’s not all…

This cured treat is also extremely high in low-quality calories.

It cannot be stressed enough:

Too much pepperoni will eventually contribute to obesity and diabetes. Your dog may also become sluggish.

Turkey Pepperoni?

There are different types of pepperoni.

You can get it made with turkey instead of pork. But this is also bad for dogs!

In fact, turkey pepperoni contains even more sodium than the regular stuff.

Your dog certainly doesn’t need all that extra salt in their diet.

Pancreatitis is Possible

Inflammation of the pancreas is yet another serious concern and a telltale sign of this condition is bloody diarrhea.

Young smallish dogs, or puppies, tend to be at an elevated risk of pancreatitis as a result of being fed unhealthy foods.

But older dogs are just as susceptible!

Many animals cannot handle all that sodium as well as the greasy, oily, high caloric nature of pepperoni.

It should be viewed as a mystery meat for man only.

It’s really best to avoid giving even a single slice of pepperoni sausage. Your dog may love the smell, but play it safe!

The Bottom Line

Your dog can have a taste of pepperoni, but not on a regular basis.

This cured meat is made of heavily processed ingredients. Combine that with multiple spices and excessive salt and you have a recipe for doggie disaster!

But seriously…

Disruption to your dog’s digestion would not be surprising.

More pepperoni for you!

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8 thoughts on “Read This Before Feeding Your Dog Pepperoni!”

  1. My dog almost died from eating pepperoni.

  2. My 4 month old Border Collie just ate half of a 16-inch double pepperoni pizza. What can I do for him?

  3. When I give my dog too much she farts!

  4. You can give your dog pepperoni. Just don’t give them a ton of it.

  5. I give my dogs pepperoni and they haven’t died yet. It must not be that bad for them.

    1. Hi Molli. Your line of reasoning is very simplistic. I hope your dog continues to be healthy, but I wouldn’t be surprised otherwise.

  6. Can Cajun style Andouille smoked sausage hurt my 6.5 pound Chihuahua? 1 piece fell and I could not get it out of her month! She ate it and I am so worried that it will hurt her.

  7. I’m having problems with my 3.5 pound Chihuahua. She’s been really lazy and usually meets me at the door everyday when I come home from work. Yesterday she just slept and won’t eat or drink.

    I noticed she had gotten into pepperonis and ate two of them before I caught her. She also has kennel cough. The vets are treating her for it with antibiotics, but it hasn’t gone away. Is there anything I can do for her?

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