Read This Before Feeding Your Dog Marshmallows!

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Marshmallows may seem like a great bite-sized treat for a pet dog.

But, quite honestly, they should be off limits.

Can I Give My Dog Marshmallows?Let’s be real! Feeding your dog sugar-laden marshmallows is an unhealthy habit to get into.

A one-off treat is fine.

Just don’t share this junk food on a regular basis.

You Can Tactfully Provide Your Dog With a Marshmallow or Two

For example, this treat can be used to hide medications. But otherwise sharing makes no sense!

Did you come here because your dog got into a bag of marshmallows?

You can expect diarrhea and perhaps some vomiting. Fido may not be able to process all that sugar.

Processed Marshmallows

Marshmallows consist of sugar, more sugar, gelatin, and some artificial flavors and colors.

There is nothing natural about them.

It’s been refined and is more chemical than natural ingredient anymore. This means it is definitely not something your dog would encounter out on their own if they weren’t living with you.

Their bodies are used to getting meat, and they wouldn’t be known to consume mass quantities of sugar, especially not in a potent form like this.

That’s why it’s best to go easy on the marshmallows if you do decide to give them to your dog.

For Pill Popping

A lot of dog owners hide pills in marshmallows.

Don’t use a whole marshmallow for this task, especially if you’re talking about the jumbo sized.

A tiny marshmallow is a better choice, and the jumbo sized ones could pose a choking hazard for some dogs, especially the smaller breeds.

They’re Not Healthy

Most owners know that this isn’t a treat that is going to do their dog any favors.

You have to take into consideration your dog’s health every time they eat, whether it’s a treat, or it’s their meal.

Bad habits have a way of sneaking up on you, and if you start getting into the habit of tossing them foods that you’re eating, it could lead to health complications later in life.

It’s best to feed them a daily diet of high quality dog food, supplemented every now and then with a formulated dog treat that gives them even more nutrients.

Better Treat Ideas

You can get Greenies treats so that your dog is getting a bit of nutrition along with their special snack.

They also make treats specifically for the purpose of hiding pills in them, so you might want to consider those as well.

Many dog treats out there also act to freshen breath, or scrape their teeth so they don’t get tartar build up.

These all represent better options than a sugary filled snack for your dog like marshmallows.

The Bottom Line

Decide for yourself what foods you’re going to give your dog.

Some owners are very strict, and others very lax. Only giving your dog foods that they’re able to digest well, and that serve some benefit to their overall health and well-being.

Consider your breed of dog, their age, and their medical history when thinking of what’s okay to give them and what isn’t.

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4 thoughts on “Read This Before Feeding Your Dog Marshmallows!”

  1. Because of a lot of allergies, my vet suggested that I give my dog marshmallow fluff and squeeze cheese.

    1. I cannot imagine why this would be recommended.

      1. My vet also advised me to use marshmallow as well as a treat along with sweet potatoes. My dog has major food allergies. Squeeze cheese, on the other hand, is a mystery to me too.

  2. I just fed Mille a marshmallow and she likes them.

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