Read This Before Sharing Fried Foods With Your Dog!

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Fried foods are obviously unhealthy and your dog shouldn’t chow down.

That is the key takeaway from this article.

Make no mistake: Fried cooking will eventually catch up to your canine.

Can I Give My Dog Fried Foods?Even very physically active dogs can’t simply burn off these bad quality calories.

Some pet owners will claim that feeding fried foods is fine since animals don’t live that long anyway. What a ridiculous assertion!

Dogs Should Not Have Fried Food

Despite being delicious, this popular cooking method is high-risk for humans and hounds alike.

Do not share and be strict about it. Never mind your dog’s begging when you indulge in a deep-fried meal.

Whatever you may have fed Fido in the past is irrelevant — avoid continuing to do so going forward.

Warning: Smaller breeds are especially at risk, but all dogs are prone to the eventual consequences that come with regularly eating fried foods.

One-Time Sharing Slip Ups

Here is the good news:

Your dog will likely be OK if they got into a bit of fried food.

It isn’t the end of the world if you slip up and provide this junky stuff. Of course, you may notice a bout of diarrhea later on.

Closely observe your dog.

And let them outside after eating fried food especially if they look like they’re having a tough time with it.

Pets Are Prone To Pancreatitis

If you feed your dog too much animal fat or fried foods they could eventually end up with pancreatitis.

This condition is basically inflammation of the pancreas — it’s quite serious!

Symptoms can include:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Stomachache
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Fever
  • Irregular heartbeat

These signs may require medical attention.

Just Keep The Diet Simple!

Stick to healthy choices including quality daily dog food, and a few select others. Do that and you won’t have to worry so much.

It’s very simple:

Fried or greasy foods are bad for your dog.

Sadly, many owners give foods that are unhealthy because they don’t observe any visible effects.

Don’t kid yourself! There is no doubt that fried food is bad for your dog.

Fried Food is Foreign

Some owners will toss their dogs french fries, or pieces of fried chicken, but these and many others are not only inappropriate but also a bad feeding habit.

A premium dog food will replicate what they need from an evolutionary standpoint.

In fact, today’s domesticated breeds are used to eating their commercial chow.

The Bottom Line

Do not give your dog any fried foods.

Instead, feed a good dog food and stick to it. Be consistent by providing your animal with their required nutrients each and every day.

There is no need to wonder about what a pet pooch will or won’t enjoy. Avoiding fried foods will keep your dog healthy and you’ll also save big time on vet costs.

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  1. Can boiling meat be harmful for a dog?

  2. My dog has eaten chicken once or twice, but it was air-fried instead of deep-fried. Does this make a difference?

  3. Can I give my dog poor quality meat (27% fat) providing that it is cooked and the excess grease decanted off. Would the residual grease remaining be harmful?

  4. I give my dog McDonald’s french fries every now and then. Should I cut that from his diet completely?

    1. I would cut it completely. Come up with a better idea for a snack. Anything else would be relatively healthier!

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