Is Arrowroot Safe For Dogs? What You Must Know!

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Arrowroot comes in handy for bowel issues, but what about for dogs?

First the good news: This powdery substance is not known to be dangerous for pets.

Can I Give My Dog Arrowroot?Whether you are interested in arrowroot as an ingredient in treats or as a natural remedy, moderate amounts can be given to your dog.

This nearly tasteless starch alleviates diarrhea, constipation and upset stomach. However, these bowel benefits haven’t been proven in regards to animals.

Your Dog Can Have Arrowroot

Derived from roots of tropical plants, it is still fairly popular in the UK where it’s mostly used as a thickening agent.

When it comes to people and their dogs…

At least for cooking purposes, arrowroot is an excellent alternative to cornstarch or genetically-engineered flours!

Arrowroot Biscuits Okay?

Perhaps you’d like give your pet dog a few arrowroot biscuits?

There are actually lots of tasty treats that contain this particular ingredient.

Rest assured, you can share a bit!

The only problem is there could be too much sugar in those cookies. So be sure to check the label.

Healthy And Gluten-Free

Have a dog that is allergic to gluten?

Recipes that incorporate arrowroot could make sense! After all, it is gluten-free.

And this food is also fat-free as well as low in calories. At the same time, arrowroot is pretty high in vitamin B6 and potassium.

Those kinds of attributes can be positives for a pet pooch too!

Effective Natural Remedy?

Arrowroot has been evaluated for certain medicinal uses (although not specifically for dogs).

For example, Leicester General Hospital’s Department of Gastroenterologist conducted a study that found arrowroot to be an effective treatment for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Please Note: To our knowledge, no studies have been conducted on canines.

Nevertheless, Maranta arundinacea (the scientific name for arrowroot ) does generally aid digestion and diarrhea symptoms in particular.

Many people swear by it as a mild laxative.

There tends to be a soothing effect and there are few, if any, known side effects!

Diarrhea And K9 Constipation

Since arrowroot isn’t toxic, there is an argument to be made that giving it to your dog is worth a shot!

Of course, the judgement call is yours. There are many options for doggie diarrhea including Kaopectate and similar over-the-counter meds.

Arrowroot Amount For Pets

Dosing arrowroot, as a digestive remedy, is pretty easy.

Give your dog between 1 to 2 teaspoons.

Be sure to mix that amount with water. You can put the concoction in Fido’s drink bowl.

Smaller dogs should get closer to 1 tsp. Larger breeds could use 2 tsps (perhaps a little more).

The Bottom Line

Arrowroot is not poisonous for dogs. On the contrary, it could be beneficial.

You can provide some to your four-legged friend.

Your dog can partake whether it is used as a diarrhea or constipation remedy or simply an occasional arrowroot treat.

Just go easy as there could be other ingredients that require scrutiny.

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9 thoughts on “Is Arrowroot Safe For Dogs? What You Must Know!”

  1. I use arrowroot instead of commercial ear powder to give grip when gently plucking my doodle’s very hairy ears. She cooperates with me if I let her eat what I pull. Yes, gross and creepy to us, but dogs lick shedding hair all the time! I was so glad to find out that this was not harmful before I started using it!

  2. Since most baked goods call for baking soda or powder, which is not to be given to dogs, I wonder if arrowroot biscuits are safe.

  3. I’m trying to get some Arrowroot powder to see if it helps with my dog’s prolonged diarrhea. I just need price and quantity details so I can order.

    1. Many owners swear that rice water (the liquid remaining after you make white rice) is a significant help for dogs with diarrhea.

  4. Are baby arrowroot cookies OK to give to a dog as a treat? It has less sugars than most other brands. Thanks!

  5. Have a seriously ill dog with blood in his urine. The only thing he wants to eat is rich tea biscuits which contain arrowroot.

    I’m wondering if it could be an indication of what’s wrong with him. So far we don’t know. He’s been at the vet for 3 days now on a drip and steroids.

  6. I wanted to know if I could use it for dog treats.

    1. That’s what I want to know too.

      1. Arrowroot isn’t a cure all for any person or animal. 60 years ago, as a child, mum gave us arrowroot biscuits to help with the runs. It does help.

        After three weeks, as per the vet, on gentle tinned foods my Beagle pup is no better. Two arrowroot biscuits have given the pup stiff muck.

        Use them with care and see for yourself. Your vet won’t agree because they won’t earn nearly as much from a packet of biscuits.

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